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On 12/18/2023, I arrived at my appointment for my would-be final adjustment on my upper and bottom implant. One staff member came out and greeted me and took me to take x-ray and photos. One in the back for photos she had me go through the motion saying the camera does not work all the time, and instead of getting some to check the camera she proceed to take pictures only to find out once we were in the room that none of the photos took. She said oh we can wait until after we remove the upper and lower and take pictures later. I said I understand what you're saying but that makes no sense to me the purpose of the photos is to see what adjustments the lab has to make. (lack of care need more training) She called another staff member in, and she decided to take me back and took the photos with the camera and IPAD for back up. Once back into the room upper and lower were removed and impressions were taken. I was sent home and asked to return at 4:00 pm to have the adjusted upper and lower implants still this is my final fitting not to have to return for a year supposedly. The staff (she) bought in the tray from the lab that made the adjustments and proceeding to place the bottom implant in my mouth and started securing it in place only to find out that one off the access holes was too big that's why the screw kept turning. She immediately went to the Dr. to let him know, then returned she said" you can go home with no teeth and have them send to back to the lab or we can just put back in your mouth and you just comeback another day you will just only have 3 screws instead of 4 screws on the bottom. The doctor came in and put the bottom in my mouth. I took off today for this final appointment not only did I waste my time /gas that I will never get back I now have to find another day to comeback and go through the whole process again. (very disappointed) My mouth is starting to hurt the teeth look as if it was placed in my mouth crooked. NO one bother to call to see what date works best for me. I will call back and see what date I can possibly take another day off from work to get these issues corrected. Very unprofessional.

Claimed loss: Time and Gas

Desired outcome: I appreciate a response and would like this issue fix Asap rather have a Dr. place the implants in my mouth instead of someone just learning.

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