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Brought my car to have a flat tire repaired because I have road hazard coverage. Was called that car was ready. When my wife went to pick up car NTB wanted to charge $58.00 for installing a new tire. The object causing the flat was in a fixable spot. My wife called me and I spoke to the manager in charge, when I questioned why I wasn't called about a new tire he said it could not be repaired because it was a STAPLE and it was 2 holes to close together to patch. I asked again about not being called and he said we can take care of it, we can put the old one back on. I said do it. They said ok it will be about 30 minutes. 2 hours later I called back because I had not heard from them. The car was ready. My wife picked up the car and brought it to another tire place who pulled a KEY out of the tire not a staple. There was only one hole not two and it was easily repaired. Since I had purchased road hazard with NTB and they did what they did I believe I should be able to get my road hazard refunded. I paid $17.50 for the tire to be repaired when I should have gotten it repaired free with the road hazard coverage.

NTB / National Tire & Battery
NTB / National Tire & Battery

Oct 05, 2019

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