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Reviews and Complaints

left front driver tire replacement

I really wished I videotaped the entire incident and not the last part of it because this experience was unbelievable. Hopefully, they have security cameras inside that will tell the story but I doubt it.

This place wreaked of unprofessionalism. Only reason why I went there was because I had a flat on highway. Tow truck recommended I go there and dropped me off.

Emoloyee #1- Milton
Employee #2- Patrick
Employee #3- Yves

1. At 5:45pm I enter NTB. Employee #1 eating lunch at the entrance. Only to get up a minute or two later to acknowledge that I'm there waiting (whatever)

2. Employee #1 has an attitude as if I am ruining his snack time and tells me before I can get my car serviced I need to grab my keys from the tow truck driver AND WAKE UP Employee #2 to replace my tire.

3. Employee #2, is sleeping comfortably up front on the couch as a line forms at the register.

4. I am in bind now, my car has a flat and need to go to work. I wake up Employee #2 and he says it would take 20minutes to replace my tire.

5. One hour in, 6:45pm, I ask Employee #1 how much longer will it take to service my car and that is when all hell broke loose. Keeping a professional composure as he berates me for asking. He tells me now Employee #3 is hard to work with and that he does not want to ask him because he will leave the establishment and not service any cars. He continues to say Employee #3 only has 2 days left on the job and that he does not want to be bothered. (I told him not my problem)

6. Employee #1, continues to tell me that he can't do anything, he works in sales and that I can complain all I want. He told me and two other customers to a call a 1-800 # that he was unwilling to provide. He told me to "Google it"

7. Employee #1, continues to tell me that he made an exception for the tow to drop off my car at 5:45 when they close at 7pm. I advised him this is not an "exception" and that he was not doing me any favors to replace a tire. I advised him that I am paying for a service as a customer and IF I knew what type of place this was I would have NEVER set foot here.

8. From my understanding, Employee #2 was the one that was going to fix my car, not Employee #3.

9. Employee #2, goes to the bathroom and the whole place mainly the waiting area had a concentrated smell of poo.

10. It is now ~8pm, Employee #2 FINALLY starts to replace my tire.

11. I paid $179 for the tire, mount, install, warranty with Employee #1. He was still upset that I told him he lacked customer service skills.

12. It is now 8:25pm, and I missed 4 out of my 6 promo samplings. This was a nightmare.

13. Through it all i still maintained my professional demeanor. One thing I learned is you cannot stoop down or get out of character for people that are not on the same wavelength as you. At all cost protect your energy.

14. I could potentially lose my job because of someone's lack of motivation, work ethic and costumer service skills.

15. And to make matters worse Employee #3 put 4 wheels on backwards on one of the customers truck.

Never again.