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G May 21, 2019

Please excuse the "all caps", my computer keyboard is broken/locked.

Invoice # [protected] - i received a bill from zip cash on in april 2019, bill was due on 5/3/19. I paid it through my bank on april 19th. I have the check going through well fargo bank way before 5/3/19. The bill was $18.09, i made the check for 20.00 (i was at work and couldn't remember the exact amount, so i over paid). For some reason, ntta got the check and applied it to my toll tag account(closed by ntta 3 years earlier, i got a letter telling me they were having trouble with the credit card). So this week i got a failure to pay 1st notice. I thought this would be a real easy problem to resolve, seeing as though i paid before it was due, and over the amount due.

Called this evening, had an operator, angel, she would not give me her last name. When i asked for her last name, because maybe there might be more than one angel working in the office and when the supervisor called i would like to know who i was speaking about. Started off well, but then she said they had not gotten a check from me, luckily i had the check, front and back, from my bank on my computer, then she changed and said they applied the check to the closed toll tag account ( 3 years closed). No, she said you didn't close the account. I told her that ntta sent a letter closing the account. No, it wasn't closed. I said that ntta messed up, she said, we didn't mess up.

I asked to speak with a manager, timed it on my computer, 4 minutes. She comes back and says they have no supervisors available at this time, seriously, 4 minutes to figure out you don't have a supervisor available. Then, she said the supervisor would call me back in 3-5 business days to resolve the problem, which would make the 1st non payment notice late, leading to a 2nd notice, the way this thing is going. I had no choice to resolve it today, but asked for a supervisor to still call me, she had a horrible attitude the whole call. I know we all have bad days, but if my customer service was this bad in my line of work, education, i wouldn't have a job for long. I told her i needed to resolve this today, she took my credit card number for 5 more dollars on the toll tag, and cancelled the toll tag account.

Somehow, me paying early and over the amount ended up costing me $28.09 and how they managed to find the closed toll tag account, i don't even have the old tag on my car, and charge it, instead of when i pointed it out they didn't just shift the 20.00 to the zip cash account, is beyond me. If i hadn't noticed, i would have paid 46.18.

I was very unhappy with the service i got, and will await the supervisor's call.

Thank you for your attention with this matter,

mary anne grafflin

North Texas Tollway Authority [NTTA]
North Texas Tollway Authority [NTTA]

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