North Texas Tollway Authority [NTTA]call center supervisor mark

T Aug 02, 2018

Called several times about a car that I no longer have. Explained to sup. Mark ID# 9763. I sale cars all the time. I called when I received the first bill $7.49 and informed NTTA that I do not own the car anymore. Received 2nd bill $17.00. Call again and informed NTTA that I do not own that car anymore. I went to the DMV to have the car taken out my name. Sup. Mark says he can only waive $10. Sup. Mark says another bill was just sent to me. Bill now $43.38. And he couldn't do anything with. Bill that I not received yet. I have been with NTTA for 22 years on auto pay faithfully. Had to close my acct just to pay my balance off because Sup. Mark refuse to take the funds that was already in my acct. Mark was rude no help at all. He was okay with losing a cust. NTTA do not help there cust. I had to use my money to pay someone else bill. That is not rite. It's pointless to have a toll if I have to work for others.

  • Updated by Tiffany Givens · Aug 02, 2018

    NTTA over charge there customers. NTTA charge customers bills they haven’t even received. Crooks

  • Updated by Tiffany Givens · Aug 02, 2018

    Do not get a toll tag.

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