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Complaints & Reviews

fraudulant charges

NTTA is a private company that is out to only to take your money. You can pay your bill and not get posted. These ridiculous fee's have got out of hand. Its Fraud, to post that it cost .75 to drive and send you a bill for ten times the amount and then if you don't get the bill it will go up 50 times the amount. This needs to be stopped. I have paid my bill and today it has gone up to over 4000%. Lets do something about it.

  • St
    Stoprippingoffpeople Sep 27, 2012

    They are a joke. Worse yet they are theives. They charged me full picking up my son (Should have been $3) for a full day $14 because their equipment malfunctioned and did not registared my entry but registared my exit. They were informed 2 months ago that their charge was unauthorzed and they refused to return the money. I simply collected my money another way. They are so stupid to think they can rip people off.

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I received a bill in October 2010 for $15. Paid it. Less than a month later, I received ANOTHER BILL for $19. Paid it. Yesterday, I received 3 invoices in the mail (Dec 6, 2011), all CONSECUTIVE INVOICE NUMBERS, for over $100. When I checked the dates of these tolls, they were from [protected], WITH TODAY'S RATE CHARGES ($1.62, $1.78, $.91)!!! As of November 2010 I had a ZERO BALANCE with the NTTA. When I called about the obviously WRONG charges, the supervisor was very rude and was no help to me at all. She let me know that these particular invoices "were lost in the shuffle" and are JUST NOW being billed, and it wasn't her problem. She also stated that there were LOTS of bills that went out like that. When asked "Why are we being billed for 4 years ago, when we had a zero balance?" She let us know again that we were billed late and she's "sorry" but failure to pay these tolls would result in a citation from the DPS office. This is a total scam!! So pay the bill or else? Each invoice is over $30, and all of them are from the years [protected]! Please explain to me HOW this is legal--and WHO AUDITS THE NTTA?? I will never use the tollways again. Someone needs to invesitgate this company. $2.50 late fee, $6.60 fee PER TOLL if not paid by due date, court fees, admin fees, and a DPS citation if necessary. Word to the wise---STAY OFF THE TOLLWAYS!!

admin charges

After a friend used my bike 2 years ago on toll road, an original toll total of $11 became $200. I received no bills untill August 2011 when I got final demamnd from collection agency. Costs were now added, an admin charge of $25 for each of the 9 entries. I did not know it was even legal to charge fines of over 18 times more than the original charge. Have never experienced anything like this before. And no, I will not be driving on any NTTA toll roads again. Thought in America we had rights and protection by the laws. Not so sure of that statement anymore.

  • Ni
    Nikki Mc Jun 15, 2012

    I am 100% in agreement with you! I had a similar situation and had $500 turned over to collections when the original tolls were around $50 for 3 violations. It is rediculous that they can charge this to the consumer and get away with it. I have made several calls and talked to several supervisors and they don't care. No one is listening or trying to cooperation with me in making the original toll payments. I've been a toll tag customer for 10 years and this is how they treat customers. I am all for paying the toll because it is a nice highway but I am just at a loss of what to do. Any suggestions?

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change made booths on gwb???

What is up with building the change made booths on GWB (190) tollway?Did the state just have extra money laying around in the budget for all the added materials to make these booths...but not utilize them? or is this a ploy to get you to take the tollway thinking you can throw change in it and when actually getting to the booth it says "Don't worry, we'll bill you." but then it's to late to turn around and take an alternate route. What the what!!! If they would just give people the jobs to make change, collect the money to carry to the NTTA office and many other assorted jobs this would create, instead of charging outrageous administrative fees for things that everyone knows is computer generated. The computer programs of today do not need a person to actually enter the info of each car that goes thur the booth. The camera at the booths, the computer program and the TXDMV database (which is collected when you pay your auto registration every year) all work together, No human input needed because it was already there thanks to the database (which is used for hundreds of other things). How stupid does NTTA think the Texas people are??? NTTA would have more people paying their tolls if the person were given the opportunity to pay at the time they use the toll road. Instead, NTTA waste the time of police officers, constables or sheriffs office, court clerks, judges...(I could go on but whats the use) trying to collect a fee that starts as a mere .43 and now that it's reached the court system has balloon to a whooping $1, 100. And if NTTA has went as far as to prosecute you and a warrant is issued, now a 68 year old confused woman is under arrest and has a police record all because she was not given the opportunity to throw her .43 cents in at the time she entered GWB. And may I also add it clearly says something that YOU can read at the beginning of the entrance ramp up by the booths...CHANGE MADE...what you can not easily read until you are at the booths is...WE'LL BILL YOU...A case of fraud...I think so, because I and no other person I've talked with has ever seen a single human being working in the change made booth. Another Texas Job Opportunity Lost in this corrupt system!!!

over charge

NTTA Texas is ridiculous with its penalities. I received a toll notice #33.63 due August (I admit) was late, next notice I received was for $833.63. Never received any other notices for being late, only original notice then violation invoice. Original notice does say a $2.50 late fee will be assesssed if not received by due date. Per their notice (on the back) here is how it should go. 30day invoice--cost of tolls only. 15 days late notice--cost of tolls plus addtl $2.50 late fee. 30 days violation---cost of tolls, plus $8.25 admin fee per toll. 180 days collections--cost of tolls, plus $25.00 admin fee per toll. DPS citation--cost of tolls plus $25.00 admin fee per toll. 200 days JP court--cost of tolls, $25.00 admin fee per toll, penalties & court cost. Well, I received a notice from an attorney office stating I owe $2, 077.46 as of October 8th. Now, I am no mathmatcian but I do know that from Aug-Oct its only 60 days, so why am I being assessed $25.oo admin fee and it has not been 180 days? Received this notice today 10/18/2011. Will give you an update after speaking to NTTA & attorneys.

  • Bu
    Burningupmad Jan 04, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Someone needs to take over NTTA I'm so sick of dealing with them!!! Just when I thought I had everything cleared up here we go again UGH!! They did the same thing to me a couple of times sent me bills for ridiculous amounts said they had been trying to reach me but didn't have my correct address, Humm you found me when the bill got up to(your admin fees) 600.00 Really? So after that I kept calling back just to make sure I was current and they kept the correct address on file, I don't move around. So low and behold what did I get today in the mail 4 invoices 4! all the way back 2010 even tho I just called and paid my bill and was told that was all I owed it was like 5.& some odd cents not much cause like I said I kept it caught up sooo there were no problems now she telling me yes they were in a oce file or something idk, and that it was good because it kept me from getting charged admin fees and I can pay it out, are you serious so then I requested to speak to someone else and got ANGLE JAQUESS the call center supervisor, said if I don't pay this fee there will be an additional 6.60 PER TRANSACTION And it gets better she seeing another 53 dollars that have been sent out yet, lol here's your bill but not all of it, well bill you when it gets up to an amount you can't pay so we can tac on the ridiculous admin fees! Thank you very much! And for the record I was told I could have till the middle of Feb to pay it, snh probably have fees added in lets see, but yeah someone else needs to take that over! This don't stop here...

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  • Sp
    SparkyMike Jul 27, 2012

    Buy a tollway blocking license plate cover from BravoMikes for 30 bucks. I had $260 dollars worth of fees for a $14 toll bill.

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  • Nt
    NTTAannoyed Sep 24, 2013

    Received a bill for $23.27 but says they if I had a tolltag I would have saved $7.99. BUT I DO HAVE A TOLLTAG! However they will not give me the tolltae price and charge me MORE because they claim that my account needs updates. I called to update months ago! They are crooks are try to steal money from people, every chance they get!

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  • Nt
    NTTAannoyed Sep 24, 2013

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never receiving bills

I am sick and tired of paying late/administrative fees on tolls that I never knew existed! I have given this company so much money to avoid collections on bills I never received in the first place. They are scammers! I even bought a toll tag, yet tolls summons from 6-8 months ago still trickle in! Please help! Get your crap together NTTA.

  • Do
    domer74 Sep 04, 2011

    I just received a "bill" from Southwest Credit for over $500! NEVER have I had a notice from NTTA. I have two cars with perfectly good toll tags. Not only am I suspicious about the credibility or Southwest Credit, I'm getting even more suspicious of a coordinated scam between NTTA and the credit collecting gestapo. Far too many of these cases for them to be considered "rare and unfortunate occurrences".

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  • Be
    belva May 23, 2012

    Got an invoice for 6.62 in tolls invoice to be paid 3/26/2012
    Sent check stub to NTTA showing the car was sold on 1/25/2011 for junk since it was wrecked on 7/14/2010. Got another invoice for $39.62 in May 2012 for same vehicle. Called the people who the car was sold to and they said there were no plates on the car when they got it. Called NTTA back and asked how they took a picture of a wrecked car in feb of 2012. The lady I talked to looked up the transactions and the last three transactions did not belong to our car. The transaction was a V when ours was a Y. How many people are paying for someone elses bill without knowing it. If you ever go to court over a toll invoice ask them to produce every single transaction with the picture. I will get a refund but have to wait 30 days to put in for it. Cute huh.

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not notifying

I am very happy to pay my tolls. However, I need the bill in order to pay it. I only use the tollway about 2-3 times per year. Last week I received a call from a debt collector saying I owed $157. for using the tollway in August of 2017. This was the FIRST I had heard of June of 2017. I believe It was an on/off single occurrence.

I always pay my bills on time and was flabbergasted that the caller was telling me that a bill and follow-up were sent. I never received anything. I acknowledge using the tollway that week to take my daughter to college, but I DEFINIITELY would have paid the bill immediately. I believe this is probably some sort of a scam by the NTTA. I will say that the customer rep (Stan) was couteous and helpful. But, the whole thing left a bad taste in my stomach. I couldn't even sleep that night because (prior to calling) I feared someone must have stolen my identity or something - because I knew of no debt.

Another bill for another toll use came last week...which of course, as I always do, I paid immediately. Upon closer inspection, I noticed a $2.80 late charge. For what? This is my first notice.

What I have learned: IF I ever take a tollway again, I will write down the date/time and immediately call them and REQUEST a bill. Of course, I will try to avoid them solely because of this event.

I am so sorry for the other people who have found themselves in a worse situation than myself.

  • Cf
    cfcitizen Jun 06, 2012

    I had a active TollTag account at the time of charges. I receive a ZipCash bill for a hugely inflated bill. NTTA refused to reduce my bill to the discounted rate EVEN though I had a TollTag account at the time of the Transactions! THIS IS A SCAM. Someone needs to get control of this Organization for their unethical business practices!!!

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  • Me
    MEY26 Dec 05, 2012

    I bought a new truck in September. Put my toll tag from old truck in new one till my new tags arrived for new truck. Then I get the Zip -pay invoices for all tolls incurred. NTTA says I owe inflated rate because- even though the tag registered, it did not match tag on truck on account. My position is that payments were tendered. They could easily haved charged to the account. I paid NTTA over $1, 000 in tolls for 2017 and they insist on making the additional funds from tag rate to Zip rate. Basically double.
    NTTA is a private, for profit, organization! They should not have this kind of Usery, abusive power!
    When is action going to be taken against this abusive organization?

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  • Ou
    Outragously Mad Apr 28, 2015

    Did you pay that outragous bill that they did not bill you before hand?

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charged for someone else's vehicle

I traded in my vehicle and purchased a new one in December 2010. I took my tolltag out of the old car and put...

texas toll fees

North Texas Transit Authority how rediculess can this be? I am being charged $25.00 per month for every month I do not pay a $1.70 toll fee. Now keep in mind I never had a problem when I could simply drop my money in the toll both. We have now put hundreds of people out of work. We are not paying any salaries and these people are probably in the unemployment lines, as I have been for 1yr 10mons and three wks, but we can generate a fee of $25.00 for something that we did not need in the first place. I just do not understand all of this.

  • Ti
    Tieu Nguyen Jan 24, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got charge for some one else vehicles

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  • Ti
    Tieu Nguyen Jan 24, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got the bill sent to me charge for the vehicles belong to somebody else

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paid amount (as per NTTA policy). (10.26) NTTA billed to a bogus account number, leaving our commitment...

over charged

I'm worried about my toll turning to a warrant as well as the other people who have been arrested without receiving a notice in the mail. I received my usual toll bill in the mail and tried to pay it. I sent a money order and they sent it back saying they had sent it to collections because it was late. It was not late. The bill was for, for some reason, two months worth of toll's. Total dollar amount, $68.00. Then the collections agency say's it's now $500.00. Now it is over $1500.00. The return date on the letter of the returned money order is still before the due date on the original first payment. Their billing center issued a statement on the news a few months ago saying that there IS a problem in that department. How can they get away with arresting people when they have admitted their billing system is flawed?It has been 6 months now and I haven't received any other letters from anyone. I recently was laid off from my job and I am taking care of my mother who is a heart patient here at my house. If I get arrested for this, and go to jail and lose my kids and mother for the NTTA having a flawed billing system, I will be out of luck. They are the only family I have and they can't get me out of jail. How can the NTTA get away with price gouging people with the economy the way it is?

Thank You
Jerry England

Read more:

  • Im
    I'm Mike D Jul 30, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    NTTA unable to keep proper records.
    I have been using my vehicle for the past two years on the toll ways and have the massive amount of credit card debits to prove it, yet this month I get a bill saying I ran a toll and they sent me a bill for $2.60 + $10.00 late fee. Puzzled because my credit card is being billed, I call and they have no record of my current vehicle on file.
    I call and ask to speak to a supervisor. (the young customer service lady that answered was nice) but when forwarded to the supervisor, he/she never picks up and I get disconnected without solution.
    Not happy!

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dfw toll gates

I've had a tolltag for several years now, but it looks like the tollway authority here in DFW is doing away with gates in most places and you just drive through and they send you a bill. At the airport though, you cannot get through unless the arm goes up. I shuttle people to the airport about once a month, and lately on two occasions I've had the extremely stressful experience of being stuck behind a gate that won't lift, and a line of irate people behind you who won't back up. The first time this happened was because my credit card was stolen and I had to cancel the account, but I needed to go through the airport before I could update my tolltage with the new card number. And then it happened again because the date on my credit card expired. I'm sure there are a lot of people who will say this was my fault and just leave it that, and I agree I should have stayed on top of it. But I think it's incredible that the NTTA doesn't do anything to notify you when there's a problem with your account, and as a result you're stuck at a crowded toll plaza behind a gate that won't go up. It is a very unsafe and stressful situation to be in, and I can't be the only person this has happened to. As a result, I'm cancelling my tolltag account ASAP. If there's a problem with your credit card, and you're able to update it online, the NTTA should also be able to send you an email saying there's a problem and your account has been suspended, so you need to take care of it. This is standard procedure for many other companies (Netflix, ebay, etc.) who use credit card accounts for recurring fees.

  • Su
    SusanF12 Nov 03, 2013

    Irving, TX is issue toll tickets to anyone that doesn't have a toll tag. They don't even have the toll booths open and they issue 7.95 tickets randomly. I just go another one the other day and it wasn't even my car. Mesquite, TX also does this with their red light camera tickets. It doesn't matt er if you are standing still at the red light, or have the right to turn on red they issue the ticket anyway and then hit you with three times the amount of the ticket for next three years as surcharge fees.

    Department of Public Safety is now issuing old and resolved tickets from expired licenses sothey can keep your license suspended and you in debt on surcharge fees and license reactivation fees. At what point does the public shutdown Municipal Service Bureau and Department of Public Safety for falsifying records so they steal thousands of dollars from the "Public?"

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charging me for someone else vehicle


MY TOLL TAG IS [protected]


  • Un
    UnhpyCstmr Aug 05, 2014

    I too have been charged for a vehicle not belonging to me. I purchased a vehicle a few months ago, registered the temporary plate to my account, and during the time the plate was legally registered to our vehicle, another vehicle with the same temporary plate has been running through tolls in Austin (I live in DFW and do not travel to Austin). The tolls have been continually hitting my account. After calling to dispute, NTTA, TxTag and Municipal Services Bureau all claim there is nothing they can do. When given the plate number, their system shows no instances of violation, therefore they cannot review the tolls or find video evidence. Isn't there a burden of proof on the tolling authorities? How can they bill me for tolls I did not drive through without anything other than a plate number someone could have easily typo'd, or written on the back of their car with a sharpie? Video would clearly demonstrate that the vehicle in question does not fit the make and model the temporary plate is legally registered to.

    Additionally, it is not my responsibility to track down the problem. If they cannot provide video proof of the tolls, I should be immediately refunded the money and it should fall on them to discuss the issue between the different authorities. This whole system is a joke.

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zip cash

Marc Gunderson Apparently from May of '09 to Nov.'09 I racked up about 40 bucks worth of toll...

unscrupulous business practices

I received a letter from SouthwestCredit saying that I owed the North Texas Tollway Authority $206.93. Funny thing: I don't live in North Texas. I live in San Antonio. So, unless the NTTA is now collecting tolls in South Texas, I find in surprising that they are accusing me of a violation, and secondly have reported me to a collection agency to handle this purported violation having never contacted me directly. I realize that the economy is tough nowadays, but that doesn't give me the right, as a business owner or governmental agency, to file false charges. The last time I checked, this was still America, and as such had the right to face our accusers and know of our charges.

Or, perhaps, Dallas' NTTA has decided to secede from the Union. Either way, I wish someone would let me know. However, since I can't get either NTTA or SouthwestCredit to return any of my communique, I suppose I'm left with my only recourse being something that will make my high school English teacher smile and quote Shakespeare: A PLAGUE ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES!

civil rights

Amendment 8 - Cruel and Unusual Punishment. Ratified 12/15/1791. "Excessive bail shall not be required, nor...


I received a letter from Southwest Credit saying I owe the Tollway Authority $187. I never got a bill in the...


My bill to the NTTA of $19.65 was (I admit) late. I then sent in my payment and they returned to me saying it...

over billing

NTTA billed me $11 for use of the 121 toll road which I am happy to pay. However, 20 days after I recieved...