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NonStopDelivery [NSD] complaints 62

NonStopDelivery [NSD] - No pickup, no service, no information

A home supply vendor assigned NSD to pick up an item for return.
The order was registered on June 29, was assigned a tracking number, and was scheduled for pickup from 7.15 to 10.15 on July 5. No one phoned or called, though we waited all day. Repeated phone calls to NSD on July 5, 6, and 7 produced each time 15 minutes on hold, then disconnect. Repeated emails to NSD were unanswered. Calls to NSD corporate office in Virginia were unanswered. NSD customer care was 'not available.' Calls to their local base in California produces similar frustration. All this time their tracking site shows 'out for pickup' on 5 July, even three days later. At no time could I reach a person to resolve the problem. NSD must mean 'No Such Delivery'.

The home supply vendor, with excellent customer service by phone, proved equally unable to contact NSD, and eventaully decided to refund by charge. When ask who would pick up the item, I was told 'consider it trash'.

NonStopDelivery [NSD] - Delivery Service and Customer Care Team

I ordered an item from Amazon Warehouse and scheduled a delivery/date and time. NSD decided to change the date and time without notifying me.
The package never arrived and I had to spend a week trying to locate it. Customer Care Team is terrible. When using the 800 number, expect to be put on hold for 15+ minutes and then not called back. If you email, the team does not get back to you. The on-line message app does not work.
Shipper/Customer beware as this company does not have a handle on shipping or customer care.

Desired outcome: I want my delivery expedited as it is a week late.

NonStopDelivery [NSD] - Shipping issues, communication with customer.

bought a portable generator (pretty big and heavy)my amazon order was due Wednesday 23rd. they initially tried to set up a delivery schedule that day via text message, (people were waiting all day here at home) that never happened hen again the next 2 days. Then they quit texting 1st july. calling NSD, no one ever calls back. hard to get any assistance. finally got through to the, local depot in Owensboro Ky, they are not calling back either. seems a lousy deal with this company, look like others are seeing the same problems we are. I dont want to mess with refunds, and anyway amazon has gone up on price if i wanted them to send another.

NonStopDelivery [NSD] - delivery

I placed an order June 5th. My order was shipped by NSSD and has been sitting in their warehouse 30 minutes from my home since June 16th.
I have made several phone calls, sent emails, and try to chat with this company to get my order. Finally after speaking with someone from Amazon, my order status changes on June 28th and 29th. NSD noted they could not make contact with me. I have no missed calls from them, no emails and no messages. And still no delivery.

Desired outcome: I would like to get my order.

NonStopDelivery [NSD] - Tool Shed lost from original order, second identical shed order over a month late

Order number [protected] p.o. [protected] REF #1:CA93542710
It was supposed to have been delivered May 21st 2021. Have called many times (10), they never answer the phone, I leave msgs, only twice they actually called back, last time they were going to have them do a 'dock check', that was beginning of last week. I Called again today put on voice mail hell where message claims they'll call me back - fat chance. This is how they seem to operate, never answer and promise to call back - all on recording. I want the shed I already paid for.
Here is their 'tracking'
June 15, 2021 2:03 PM
Order In Transit
June 15, 2021 11:00 AM
Order In Transit
June 1, 2021 12:34 AM
Order In Transit
May 27, 2021 8:00 PM
Order In Transit
May 27, 2021 4:36 AM
Order In Transit
May 23, 2021 9:14 PM
Order In Transit
May 21, 2021 5:00 PM
Order In Transit
May 21, 2021 8:25 AM
Order Registered

Desired outcome: I want my order. NSD tracking delivering order from Home Depot to me.

NonStopDelivery [NSD] - Failed delivery

This company needs to go out of business, and I'm sure they will if enough people contact Amazon and other companies and tell them not to use Nonstop Delivery. I was supposed to receive a shipment today of a large furniture item I ordered from Amazon today, June 26, 2021. They leave a three hour window for the delivery, so you're trapped at home waiting. My window was 1:30 to 4:30. Or it was. Then they notified me it would be from 1 pm to 4 pm. Well it's 4:49 now, and just a few minutes ago a lady called and said the driver had come but I wasn't home. Baloney. I was home all day watching the parking lot for them to come. Even though they texted me multiple times to tell me different arrival times, I got nothing... no text, no call, not anything. And then when I expressed frustration, the lady (who called me from [protected]) hung up on me. Luckily I got it on audio and will be reporting it to her boss (not like the boss will care, as crappy as this company is).

Now, rather than bringing me my item today while I'm here still waiting for it, they want to reschedule to another day, so I can waste another half a day of my life on them. Forget it. Horrible company. I'll be reporting them to Amazon, the Better Business Bureau, and state regulators. They don't deserve to be in business if they operate that way. If you've got someone waiting all day, you better know they aren't home before you drive off.

Update: I'm on the phone with Amazon, which apparently had no clue Nonstop Delivery is rated so poorly on Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau. If you have trouble with a delivery (and you will), be sure to call Amazon and tell them to stop using Nonstop Delivery as a carrier. They don't communicate and waste people's time, and you can't reach them with problems. And then they hang up on you and won't answer your call when you get upset that they wasted half your day!

Desired outcome: They need to be fired as an Amazon carrier

I too am having the same issues with NSD. I used their online "contact us" email, called several times only to be put on hold and then either disconnected or told someone will get back with me at the number I am calling from. Their website "Chat" gives me "site can't be reached" and is worthless for the 8 times I tried it with different browsers. There has been no communication from them at all. Issue is a large item I ordered from Amazon on June 20th. My first delivery email from NSD set a delivery date of July 14, no item. Second delivery date was set for July 17 with a window between 2-6 pm, no item. At that time, NSD's tracking showed the item as "scheduled for delivery" NOT "out for delivery". And there we are...who knows when this item will be delivered. I have contacted Amazon and was actually able to text back and forth with their customer service concerning these delays, but they don't seem too concerned. Their advice is to let us know if you haven't heard from NSD by July 21. I have never experienced this poor level of service from a shipper with no way to communicate with them. I'm very disappointed that Amazon uses them for delivery and because of this, I will never order any large item from Amazon again.

This happened to me as well with delivery of my NordicTrack treadmill. They won’t answer emails and they will not answer phone calls. If you finally get someone on the phone, they are rude and they have no problem with lying to customers. I would not have bought my treadmill from NordicTrack if I knew the shipping company was such a headache.

Im currently experiencing the same thing with Nordic Track! NO company should be using NSD!!! They are the worst!

NonStopDelivery [NSD] - Delivery Service


Now as of 6/25/21, NSD states my shipment was indeed delivered on Wednesday 6/23/21. UNFORTUNATELY NOT TO MY ADDRESS. I was home the entire day watching for the delivery because I had received the call the night before that it would be delivered that day. What a joke!!! Now 1 1/2 months after this was originally ordered, the remainder of the items to complete my new patio set is now sold out.

**Buyer Beware** HOME DEPOT uses this company to ship large items. I would steer clear of HOME DEPOT for large online deliveries as NSD is incompetent, unreliable and NOT customer friendly. As I find other major retailers that use NSD, I will update this review.

HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE DELIVERY SERVICE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! My package/s consisting of over $1000 worth of patio furniture was to arrive on 6/2/21. NSD has had my package since 5/20/21. I still have not received my delivery despite getting a phone call on Tuesday 6/22/21 saying that it would be delivered the next day. As other reviewers have said, you sit on hold and it times out after so many minutes and says they will call you back. While I have received a couple calls back, more often than not, I have not gotten a return call. And whenever I talk with a live person that says they will follow up with a call as to where my package is, they never call back. Today is 6/25/21 at 9am. The NSD website says my package was delivered 6/25/21 at 2:30pm. Obviously, I do not have my packages. This is a very incompetent, non-customer friendly shipping company that I will at all cost avoid in the future. I do purchase a lot of online bigger items. From now on I will confirm with the company I'm purchasing from what the chain of delivery will be. If it involves NSD, I will take my business elsewhere.

NonStopDelivery [NSD] - Service-Schedule a return pick up

I've been trying to get into contact with NSD to schedule a return pick up for two days straight and no one is answering my calls. The automated answering service states that they will hang up and call me back when my turns comes and they never do.

I ordered the item form Wayfair and Wayfair gave me NSD's phone number to call to set up the return pickup and a return authorization number .

Desired outcome: schedule a return pick up as soon as possible

NonStopDelivery [NSD] - Cargo Glide/ puckup bed slide out

I followed my tracking from Seattle to Riviera Florida ( South FL) which is 20 mins from the delivery piont. Then 2 days later they send it to Miami and now its been there for 3 days. Called them 2 times and they say theres nothing they can do about it. They say I have to wait till the 21st of June, 6 Days away. It was 20 mins from my house 5 days ago. So this is what i can do about it. And secondly if the package is damaged they can keep it. No shipping company can hold on a package over 2 closer to 3 weeks with out destroying it.

NonStopDelivery [NSD] - nordic track treadmill

I had a treadmill delivered. You were supposed to deliver it to our room of choice. You left it in our garage with no attempt to ring our doorbell. 3 adults were home and the front door was wide open. We were waiting for the delivery all morning. Now we have a heavy treadmill in our garage with no way to move it. We contacted NordicTrack last wednesday. they assured us they were setting up a new delivery with you. We still have heard nothing.

BOL # [protected]

Desired outcome: I'd love for someone to come out today and move it

NonStopDelivery [NSD] - bathroom vanity

I ordered a bathroom vanity from Home Depot on 5/10. I've been tracking cabinet since the beginning and the delivery date of 5/25. It showed that NSD had it on 5/14 and it was in transit. I checked today since it didn't show up, so I called Home Depot and they connected me to NSD. I gave the guy all the information. He told me that they don't know where it is. I asked him how you don't know where it is and he stated, well that's the way it is and they have no way of tracking for current location. He told me that when it gets to a local terminal that they would call. Good Luck on that! How can they call when they don't have any ideal where it is. The delay is now causing a work stopped for the contractor at my home. I'm hoping when it ever shows up that it is not damaged. You read complaints about Home Depot shipping problems. Now I've had 2 in the last month. One the sink was totally smashed to pieces and now this. I took it to the local store and bought one from Lowes that came in perfect condition, but still waiting on cabinet that nobody knows where it's at. On-line shopping from Home Depot is over, I've had nothing but issues.

Desired outcome: Get the cabinet here, like today. Undamaged

I also ordered a vanity from Home Depot on 5/14, due to be delivered by NSD. Initially ordered in April and HD canceled my order because of a “glitch” in the system. This time, I was given a 6/8 delivery date by HD and nothing arrived. After an hour dealing with customer service, I discovered that HD hasn’t even gotten the vanity to NSD for delivery, so my tracking number is worthless. Home Depot’s customer service rep was insulting and repeatedly said I need to be patient. I’ve been waiting for this order since April without complaint and now I’m inpatient and should be understanding. The rep actually said she was trying her best to make me understand. Understand what? That they’re quoting delivery times and not following through?? Ridiculously bad customer service by Home Depot and now these reviews aren’t making me feel any better about NSD.

I want to start a class action law suit against Home Depot and NSD= Non Stop Delivery logistics !
I as well ordered a vanity with top and sink, Home Depot tracking showed it delivered 5/17/2021 NSD showed that date and 5/21/ call I got through to NSD they said it was in warehouse in my city will be delivered on 5/26/2021 between 1-5pm NO SHOW, was a stall on NSD's part again !!!
Home depot refuses refund !!!
In the hands of my credit card and bank now will take 45-90 days !!!



I ordereda shower wall system from home depot, first one arrived at the store to bepicked up by my delivery person w/truck - late by weeks, broken in several places. Second one - late by weeks, they wouldn't even let us see it so damaged. At that point no longer available. Had to reach out to the manufacturer who sent us one. Also had ordered a vanity that took weeks. Currently ordered a tool shed, nsd 'lost' the first one after calling for a month, now they have 'lost' the second one. I live in a major metro area, not timbuctu. Never HD again! Add me to class action

NonStopDelivery [NSD] - Just a horrible and unprofessional company - AVOID

Avoid this company, NSD, like the plague. They are horrible, inept, unprofessional, unresponsive, and again just plain horrible. I ordered an item from Amazon and this company is for the last mile delivery and failed miserably. Trying to get a hold of a customer rep takes hours and then when you do they are arrogant and uncaring. If you have a large order from Amazon please check and ensure that NSD is not the last mile delivery. If so cancel your order immediately. I wasted 10 hours waiting for a delivery that never happened and then given lame excuses when I reach a agent - after waiting for over an hour. Expect very long wait times on the phone or chat and then a run-around you won't believe. Please heed my advice and avoid NSD.

Desired outcome: Nothing

NonStopDelivery [NSD] - Personal property taken from my house

On Tuesday May 18th, personnel from Non Stop Delivery Service (NSD) came to my house to pick up to Home Depot cabinets that need to be returned (Home Depot Order# WG35211573). These cabinets were delivered damaged by NSD.

When NSD personnel came to my house to pick up the cabinets, they also took a $300 drum case, that was boxed and delivered by FedEx and left in my courtyard by the cabinets that were to be returned. We can assume that NSD personnel picked up my drum case by accident and that there was no malicious intent on their part.

On Wednesday the 19th, I started calling and emailing the company. They never answer their phone but I did get an email from a Barbara Watkins who was going to pass on the information to the local Wherehouse. Later that day, my wife received a call from someone claiming to be with NSD and stated that they had my drum case, it was safe, and that they would deliver it back to us on Thursday May 20th. As Of today, May 24th, I have not been contacted by anyone from the company, despite constant calls and emails. I just want my drum case returned to me. I am a musician and I need that drum case for my work.

These are all the numbers that I have copied since losing my drum case: NSD-103329

Desired outcome: I just want my property returned to me

NonStopDelivery [NSD] - Outdoor Patio Dining Set

Hi, I bought Hampton Bay Riverbrook Espresso Brown 5-Piece Steel Outdoor Patio Dining Set along with other items from Home Depot. I ordered online on April 20, 2021. My order number is WJ34498586. My order is coming one by one since I purchased the items. Today is May 21, 2020, and the estimated delivery was April 27th.
I received one chair last night. Still, 3 chairs are left. The driver comes to drop the items very late at night around 11:25 pm when I am in bed. The delivery men do not wear masks which is dangerous in COVID. The boxes are heavy I need them to put in the backyard as there is no place to leave them at the front door. I live in the townhouse. In addition, I would like them to call me a day before and ahead of time meaning 30 minutes before they arrive so I can be at home. I appreciate your time and attention in resolving this matter.
Thank you, Sabrina

NonStopDelivery [NSD] - Stay on hold for an hour then it hangs up. They lie to customers

Was told that my return item would be picked up in 3 days. Tried to call the number only to be on hold for an hour and then they hang up on you. The only was to contact the company for pick up is through the chat system and you can't chat on your phone. Was told that item would be picked up on [protected] between 12-4 and now they do not have me on the route and will be contacted when they can pick up the defective item. This is the rudest and dumbest company EVER. When I asked if the representative if they just told me a time and day just to shut me up their response was "yes". This company says they will call you and they don't. This company is holding up almost $1, 000 of my money this is due to the fact that until the defective item gets picked up, I am unable to get a refund on my account. If this company does not pick up my item with the next few days, I will be filing more than a compliant.

Desired outcome: PICK UP THE DEFECTIVE ITEM AS I WAS PROMISED AND IT needs to be done quickly!!

NonStopDelivery [NSD] - Delivery of a Generator

We ordered a generator from Home Depot on May 08. It was shipped on May 10. See below: It has been sitting in Aurora, CO, very near us, since May 12th, it is now May 18th.

There is no way to get a hold of a person at NSD, to find out why it hasn't been delivered yet.

Their tracking shows it is not yet scheduled for delivery, but it also shows "estimated" delivery May 17 -May 19.

I am outraged that this product has been sitting in Aurora for a week and is still, not scheduled for delivery. Hell, at this point we'd go to Aurora to pick it up ourselves! FedEx and UPS have been out here every day delivering packages. I don't get it!

This is the last time we ever order anything from Home Depot, if this is the company they choose to use for shipping.

Zero communication!

I suggest you not make the same mistake. This is just outrageous!

TM Login

Tracking Number
Zip Code

Tracking Number:[protected]
PO #:[protected]
REF #1:450863
Service:Basic Home Delivery
Service Description:

Deliver to first available "dry" area (e.g. patio, garage, etc.)
30-minute courtesy pre-call while en route
No signature required

Origin:SPARKS, NV 89431
Destination:STRASBURG, CO 80136
Estimated Delivery:May 17, 2021 - May 19, 2021
Scheduled Delivery:Not Yet Scheduled
Shipping Soon
In Transit
At Last Mile Terminal
Scheduled for Delivery
Out For Delivery
Current Status: Order In Transit
Transit History
May 12, 2021 2:48 PM
Order In Transit
May 12, 2021 2:48 PM
Order In Transit
May 12, 2021 11:26 AM
Order In Transit
May 12, 2021 7:03 AM
Order In Transit
May 11, 2021 9:18 PM
Order In Transit
May 11, 2021 3:13 PM
Order In Transit
May 11, 2021 4:30 AM
Order In Transit
May 10, 2021 4:03 PM
Order In Transit
May 10, 2021 8:05 AM
Order Registered

Desired outcome: Deliver the Generator NOW!

NonStopDelivery [NSD] - Pickup return to Home Depot

Today is 5/6/21 and I've been trying to contact NSD for over 3 weeks to arrange a return to Home Depot no one answers the phone, when asked if you need additional assistance the phone hangs up on you. There seems to be no customer service at this I don't know what you call it, I've tried emailing, chat messages and even called Home Depot customer service and they tried several times to reach this place called nsd just to get the same response I've gotten for the last 3 weeks no answer.
I've left my RTO# several times and it says in a recording some one will contact you in 24 hrs, we'll it's been 3 weeks now. I'm local to there office in Chantilly, VA. so I going to reach out to our local news station for assistance, this is the most frustrating and time consuming ordeal I've ever had to deal with from a retailer/service provider.

Desired outcome: I want my item picked up and returned to Home Depot

I am in the same boat. I did get Home depot after 3 weeks to call and set up a return pick up with NSD... they did not show or call. I can not get anyone to answer a phone, return a call... it is days if not weeks for a return email to tell you nothing. Since Home Depot switched to this company I will no longer order anything from Home Depot just because of the service or lack of service of NSD

NonStopDelivery [NSD] - Powerstop brake kit

No sence of urgency what so ever.. my package has been sitting somewhere in my town (it's a secret location) for over two weeks.. and pushing delivery out another week(now three weeks late) .. you can literally drive across this huge metropolis in 6 minutes if the lights hold you up. 12, 000 people. No one will answer or call back or email. I just want to go pick them up myself and they are holding them hostage (at a secret location) very frustrating. Definitely need the package right NOW!! .. company vehicle is now parked without brakes losing money.. err.

Desired outcome: Just let go get my stuff and go away

NonStopDelivery [NSD] - Delivery of 72 cu ft freezer and refrigerator purchased through Home Depot

On 4/7/21, I ordered for and paid almost $8k for a 72 cu ft freezer and a 72 cu ft refrigerator. Tracking on NSD said item was received at local delivery hub in Brook Park, OH on 4/14/21. I was told to expect delivery on 4/15/21. Did not happen. Tracking on NSD updated to OUT FOR DELIVERY - AKRON on 4/19/21 to be delivered between 3:22am and 7:22 am. What!? Tried to call, never answered. Left call back number, they never called back. Tried online chat, no representative available. Called Home Depot. Was assured they were being delivered on 4/19 by 8pm. Business closes at 4pm. Had arranged for someone here until 8pm for delivery. Never came. Next day still cannot get a hold of any representative at NSD. Emailed customer care for NSD, got response that it was received and I would hear back within 24 hours. Still no response days later (it is 4/23 today). Called Home Depot, they spoke with them and were told we were getting a "big snow storm" and they would reschedule my delivery. This is Ohio. It was not a big storm. Anyway, they scheduled it for 4/22/21 between noon and 4pm. NEVER CAME. Tried to reach them again today. Could not. Called Home Depot and they spoke to them. Said NSD hub in Brook Park, OH got the items on 4/20. They did not. They RESCHEDULED them on 4/20. Home Depot asked if I would like to speak to the lady at NSD myself. YES! PLEASE! She refused to speak to me. She told me it was being delivered today. That the hub opens at 9am and they would call me with a 4 hour window and call a half hour before actual delivery. I have been told this too many times to believe it. NSD has horrible customer service. I take that back. They have NO customer service. I have read so many complaints online about them. Better Business Bureau has hundreds. Why does Home Depot deal with them?! I just want the items I paid for. I don't even want the "white glove delivery" they try to say they provide. I just want what I paid for (and not damaged). I have spent way too much time attempting to get this resolved. It is just not right.

Desired outcome: Receive my items, undamaged and TODAY

NonStopDelivery [NSD] - Delivery

We scheduled our front door delivery for 4/16/2021. It is 4/13/21 and our incredibly large package (couch) was left in our driveway sometime before 9 am. If my wife did not have to take our children...

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