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I bought a nokia 6233 handset two months (April/07) back from a priority dealer in bangalore it suddenly got switched off after one month since the phone is in warranty period i went to nokia care rt nagar bangalore they replaced my handset but it was also having problem and was not working properly then i went to nokia care regional office at kormangla bangalore they gave me an old set with a grey cover which was also not working properly while my original hand set was with white color cover when i shouted at the nokia care personnel then they told me to replace my set after few days and gave me an old black handset but now they are not replying when i am calling them i dont know whether they will replace my set or not but you better stay away!


  • Ra
    RAGHU Jan 27, 2009

    aware of S P road service center Bangalore. They wil take ur original and replce old one

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  • Ra
    RAGHU Jan 27, 2009

    Dont go to S P ROAD for mobile service. All are cheaters their. I went to replace microphone which was blocked by feviquick by mistake. he told 175rs. but after 20 min he told iic gone then he changed my original display LCD unit with old one which has defect. i argued that it was not mine. but he and his friends scoleded badly, I request dont go to any service centers specially SP Road

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  • Am
    Amit Gangwar Nov 14, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I purchased a Nokia N95 8 GB Handset from the following nokia store on 17.11.2007.
    CONCEPS INC. #LG-3, "THE PAVILION", #62&63, M.G Road, (Entrance from Church Street), Bangalore-560001, Phone : [protected], [protected] Email : [email protected] Date of Purchase : 17/11/2007 Invoice Number : SI/9351 Price : Rs.31500

    But after few months of use of handset it started creating problems.The handset switch off after charging 1-2 hrs and do not switch on.For the repair i went to the following Nokia's authorized service center : Samvaradhi Technologies A/4, KHB colony, Near Airtel Office, 5th block, Kormanagala, Bangalore 560095 Phone : 080-[protected] ASC :285_343506 Email : [email protected]

    They temporarily repaired the handset and handed it to me, after 2 days the same problem started, so i again submitted the handset to the same nokia service center.They asked me to purchase a new battery, so i purchased a new battery .But even after 5-6 repairs, Nokia care center is not able to reapair the phone, every time they fix the phone temporarily.i asked them for the replacement of the defected phone but nokia care asked me to submit the handset to them. From last 4 moths i have not used my phone as most of the times it was in Nokia Care center .It has been more then one month i have submitted the handset to nokia care but they have not made any replacement till now.
    On enquiring on phone 4-5 times they just answer that your phone has been sent to head office.I have visited nokia care center more than 15 times which is 25 kms from my home.

    I cant understand that why these people are not replacing the handset as they have already done 5-6 repairs and that too in their head office and it has been proved that the phone is not repairable completely.

    The warranty on the handset is ending by 17.11.2008.I want replacement of the handset not the temporary repair as the warranty is ending on 17.11.2008 and it will be impossible for me to get the handset repaired if the same problem comes again after 17.11.2008. I feel Nokia people are not in a mood of replacing my phone, they just want my warranty period to be expired and after that they will not entertain any of my repair request or replacemnt.This is how the Nokia care center works cheating the customers.

    Nokia care center

    The details of service jobsheet numbers are:
    Job Sheet Number : [protected]/081011/109 (Mobile Phone submitted under this Job sheet number) Previous job Sheet numbers at the same Nokia Care center :
    a)[protected]/080614/40 (Temporary Repair)
    b)[protected]/080913/113 (Temporary Repair)
    c)[protected]/080920/101 (Temporary Repair)



    Amit Gangwar

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  • Su
    sunil sagar Oct 27, 2008
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    Verified customer



    MODEL NOKIA 7610 JOB SHEET NO. [protected]/081020/77 DT.20-10-2008

    I have submitted my nokia handset model 7610 on 14-10-2008 for the blank display problem at care centre malleshwarm bangalure-3
    it has been repaired and delivered to me on 18-10-2008 against the payment 350/- being the services charges. i checked the handset and it was working. very next again the blank display problem started and i resubmitted the handset on 20-10-2008 at the same care centre . after 4 days i was told by care centre person some component is required for the repair and a sum of Rs. 1500 +tax has to be paid for the repair . at the time of last repair the person told me there is one month warranty period for the repair and the same is incorporated on the receipt .
    the in charge person refused to repair without component charges and i refused to take delivery of the handset with out repair and my hand set retained at care centre.
    i will bring to your notice that the handset how repaired without component and why now required . now i am unable to pay the component charges bec it was earlier repaired with out component and since it is one month warranty for the repair ( for the same problem)

    hence kindly make arrage to issue instruction to above care centre to repair the handset without compnent charges . iam facing lot of inconvenient with out hand set . i feel it is an harrassment to me and there is no proper response from the person in charge. i am pensioner and passing my days with hard ship in respect of finance i hope you will do the need ful without further correspondence.

    yours faithfully

    sunil sagar mobile [protected] and 080 -[protected]

    dt.27-10-2008 Bangalure

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  • Ja
    jagadeesh patil Jul 29, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally hate nokia sets because they do not support to their products, if we buy the set then we will buy a headache and their will be loss of mental peace along with the set because there is no quality in the products of nokia. There logo nokia connecting people--means --- we need to connect on and often to the service center and go to service wether the phone has been repaired, actually their logo says this. I am really frustated by their attitude towards customer support. They do not communicate at all in the nokia support.--Caution Do not buy the nokia sets, save your time, money, earn mental peace, this is my view by not buying nokia mobile handsets.

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  • Ja
    jagadeesh patil Jul 26, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally hate nokia sets for they are not being support to their products, if we by the set then we will by a headache and loss of mental peace along with the set because there is no quality in the products of nokia-there logo okia connecting people--means --- we need to connect on and often the service center and go to service whwether the phone has been repaired, actually thids logo says this. I am really frustated by their attitude towards customer support. they do not communicate at all in the nokia support.--Caution Do not buy the nokia sets, save your time, money, earn mental peace, this is my view.

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  • Ra
    rajeev ranjan Jul 25, 2008
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    I baught nokia N70 from Hot spot RT Nagar Bangalore on 10th july 2008, after taking phon to home I came ti know that its not getting charged but showing charging next day I return it to HOT SPOT they sended the cell to nokia care. Job sheet number: [protected]/080712/46. on 22nd I got my phon back but problem not rectify and solve. so next day again I give it back to nkia care... Job sheet no:[protected]/080723/51
    So I am very un happy with your service.
    and its a manufacturing problem so REPLACE my phon soon its allready 15 day over...

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  • Ba
    basanta dhakal Apr 14, 2008
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    Verified customer

    i want to see a mobile hardware tips with potoes

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  • Dh
    Dhana Mar 31, 2008
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    My handset Nokia 6500, purchased in december 2007, suddenly comes to a halt and stops working. on investigation with the nokia care center in koramangala, they refersh the software and hand me the phone. i seemed quite happy with the prompt service and took in the phone only to find out that it had stopped functioning well again. the memory card was not being recognized, the display was turning black every 5 to 10 mins and the worst is, it gets restarted each time i start doing something.

    after this, i humbly went back to the nokia care center and gave in the handset, after an ordeal or 5 hours, again the fellow hands me the mobile asking me to check it, i find the problem hasnt been recctified and ask him to repair it. for which he has a genuine look on his face and says, oh is it, then it will take about 10 to 15 days to repair it.

    what kind of a service center doesnt know whether the handset needs repairs or not. is it based on the customer's wish.

    my phone is lying with them for the past 4 days and still no hope of getting a workign phone from them...

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  • Sr
    Sreelakshmi Jan 15, 2008
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    My mobile Nokia 6085 has been given for repair nearly a month ago at Nokia Care. They have been giving false hopes that the mobile will be repaired in 15 days time etc/ I am unable to get a right answer and feel cheated.

    What is the procedure for lodging a consumer complaint? They have not provided the necessary id too?


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  • Sa
    sachin chawla Jan 07, 2008
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    I had buy N72 , but there is problem in network... i had given to nokia care R T NAGAR. Now they told me u have to pay service charge + component charge although tht is in warranty than why service charge???

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  • El
    Elvis Fernandes Sep 29, 2007
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    Verified customer

    Respected Sir,

    This is with referance to your present Job Sheet No. [protected]/070920/46 dated 20/Sept/2007.

    The Problem is as follows.

    I Mr. Elvis Fernandes purchased a new Mobile cell on 12/03/2007.
    Make : Nokia GSM
    Model : 6085.
    Tax Invoice No. : 1013
    ESN No :- [protected].
    Cost : Rs. 6750/-

    Exactly After 3 Months the display of my cell went OFF.
    On 14/Jun/2007 I showed it at your L3 branch at Ghatkopar east.
    After Inspecting it. They said that they can't solve the problem at their end
    so the cell will have to be sent to the Head Office (L2). I was told that the cell will
    be back after 8 to 10 days after necessary repairs. Having no other option and the cell being
    under warranty i submitted it.

    The Trouble begins.

    Can you imagine the no off follow-ups i had to make since the Tel. No. which are provided
    on the the job sheet are always busy. I had to literaly to take 4 Half day leaves for the follow-up.
    I eve had a talk to the Bangalore office, where they told me that i should ahve got my cell within 15 days.
    what soever the problem might be.
    My last follw-up was on the 24/Aug/2007. Where i was given another in replacement cell
    saying that my original cell (6085) is not repairable. I excepted this cell.
    Exchange Note - Job no : MUMO163777
    Make : Nokis GSM
    Model : 5200
    Present Cost : Apprix. Rs. 5650/-
    ESN No :- [protected]

    Unfortunetly i had lost my old battery (BL-5c). Therefore i had to buy a new battery (BL-5b) for this cell.
    Again can u imagine the frustration i went through when when on 09/10/2007 i put a new sim with a new battery.
    I came to know after some incoming call, that the out going audio of this cell is faulty.
    actually i was planing to approach the consumer forum for the difficulties i have faced and for the loss of my leaves.
    But i cancelled that idea and again approched the L2 office at Ghatkopar. where again i was told the it have to be
    send to the haed Office (L3). I asked for the time period and the reply was that they can't garrantee.
    Then i decided that let me appraoch the L3 office myself. Since i was badly in need of a cell immediatly.
    Because my my contacts were blank foe so many months due to your delay.
    I had approached the L3 office keeping in mind that i could explain my Problem to a Proper concerned person.
    My request was to give me a new cell of the same model immediatly since this cell alos being a new one.
    As told by the L2 office was also a faulty one. I requested at the reception of the L3 office that i would like to
    meet any of your Branch in- charge or so. But she said that we don't have any of that sort which is very radiculous
    to know about this reputed firm. Again they were telling me to submit my cell and keep following up.
    Which i was fade-up of. Keep in mind that again for this work i had to a Half day leave. and the again to collect it take another
    laeve. Is this fare on your part. What if this cell again troubles in futre after repairing. Am i to keep on taking leave.

    Therefore I have submitted my cell (5200) to the L2 office at Ghatkopar and i have requested them to plaese give another
    New OK cell of the same model (5200) I have also submitted my previous hands free of 6085 for the replacement.
    Job Sheet No : [protected]/070920/46 dated 20/09/2007. I have told them that i will not accept this cell after reapairing to avoid
    future problems and to take some drastic steps.

    Respected Sir,

    It is my kind request that i be given a new fresh cell of the same model (5200) with its hands free.
    And please do some analysis has to what is going on regarding u r Customer Service end.

    Thanking u in Advance.

    Elvis Fernandes.

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