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Nokia / nokia promotion prize

1 2 Queen Annes gatelondon, England, Greater London, United Kingdom
Contact information:
Phone: +44 704 575 7280

I have received email saying that I have won 110000gbp in there yearly mobile promotion along with n95 mobile and they will be sending the parcel by ups courrier for which they asked
For 300gbp and also 790gbp since I am not a british national.
Now they are also demanding 4500gbp as payment towards
Anti terrorist tax I have already paid 1000gbp but now I feel
Something fishy about this, so I need to confrm whether this is
True or a scammer
Please do reply

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    Nokia - cell phones messages
    United States

    Please accept this complaint as documentation for future changes and enhancements to (Nokia cell phone 1101 Model) and all other models. The complaint is; when using the phone and you receive a message. You are unable to delete the message unless you view the contents of the message. Messages in general could have obsene words or language. So you are forced to read the message irrespective if the message contents from any source weather its from the service company provider which includes advertisments or bills ... etc. on the network or from another subscriber or customer in the network who is sending obsene messages or simply messages you do not want to read. This is our right to delete any message from any source prior of reading it and after reading it. So please take this matter into seriously because this might lead into responsibility on your behalf as a phone manufacturer (Nokia). which does not include the feature of deleting messages of any kind to protect the mobile owner or the person who is using Nokia's product or any other phones which is similar to this default in manufacturing and software.

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    Nokia - demand of rs.800 / - by nokia care centre, meerut u. p. for repairing nokia 6600 under warranty

    I am Vijay Kumar from Meerut U.P. India. I purchased a Nokia 6600 Mobile Phone on 05/1/2017 from M/s. Cosmo Electronics, 91, Sadar Bazar, Meerut Cantt for Rs. 9700/-. I was told about one year warranty. The serial no. of phone is 35664008877824 Nokia 6600 Black. On 19/8/2017 I went to Nokia Care Center, Vidya Laksmi Comples, Sadar Bazar, Meerut with following complaints: (a) Joy stick was not working properly (b) Out going sound volume was not in order (c) Automatic switching off some times (d) other keys/buttons were not working properly.
    I was asked by the person ( lady) there to take the set duly repaired next day. But after 2-3 hours I was informed on my mobile that there is ample water in the set and an amount of Rs. 800/- will be
    charged if I am interested in repairing. I refused to pay Rs.800/- for repair because the mobile set was in warranty period and I have purchased this set looking the goodwill and image of mobile company.
    The care center concern wants to make me fool saying that there was ample water in the set. If there was water then why it did not short circuited. As per warranty Nokia Company must replace my set by newone and the care center must be questioned for trying to make the customers fool.

    Sir I was not given email address of Nokia by any dealer of nokia and now through internet I have been abled to lodge my complaint.

    If no action is taken by the company I will be compelled to knock the doors of consumer court for justice to a non technical customer.

    Vijay Kumar
    234/13, Purwa Sheikh Lal
    Main Road Subhash Nagar, Meerut (U.P.) India
    Phone No. Res: 0121-2661341
    Mobile No. 09837032998
    Mobile No. 09412101314

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    It has been a very DISSATISFYING experience with the NOKIA support in the last one and half month. I had purchased a NOKIA N73- Music Edition phone for Rs.24157.12 on the 22nd of Dec 2017.
    After 2 days i started having issues on the phone where it will freeze or shut down on its own accord.
    I was advised by NOKIA CARE on 30303838 to give it to a nearby NOKIA CARE centre, i had given the phone on 7th Jan 2017 to the NOKIA CARE CENTRE at Mohali- The Address is EIKO INFOSYS PVT LTD
    The proprietor name is Mr. Malhotra-9872281714, he handed over my phone to his colleague Mr.Sunil, who said thet he had to update the software and then after he said to collect after 3 days.
    When i received the phone to my utter dismay it was DEGRADED from N73 Music Edition to N73 ORIGINAL EDITION. Hence my phone lost all the features of N73 Music Edition and was DEGRADED to an older version of phone which is available for 20000 in the market.
    I was asked by Fatima in NOKIA CARE to give it back to them and the NOKIA CARE will fix the problem and if not give me a NEW N73MUSIC EDITION phone which i had bought. The JOB SHEET no# is 074343506/070123/14. I was told by Farukh(in Nokia Care) on the 23rd Jan 2017 that he is raising a complain for the same that my phone has been degraded and the NOKIA CARE has done the damage to the phone and the complain no#2-1,T9,755. He said that i will receive the phone on the 5th Feb 2017 , and if the problem could not be fixed i will get a new phone.
    On the 29th Jan i spoke to ROKHIYA(NOKIA CARE) and she said that they have the NOKIA N73 Music Edition software and they will fix it and give me on the 5th Feb 2017, and she apologised on behalf of Fatima and Farukh that the N73ME software was not available thats why the company had put the OLDER SOFTWARE on the phone of mine.
    On the 5th Feb 2017, when i went to the NOKIA CARE CENTRE in MOHALI to collect my phone ,Mr. Malhotra the manager there said that they had received my N73ME phone in the degraded condition on the 2nd Feb'07 and hence they had not received it and sent it back to the company.
    When i asked why the new phone cannot be given they say to talk to NOKIA CARE on 30303838.
    I again called up NOKIA CARE and i spoke to FIRDAUS and she was very RUDE to me and said they need more time to check the same and that it will be escalated to higher department and i have to check after 48 hours.She said that KIRAN(NOKIA CARE) was working on my case and when i asked her to let me talk to him or any manager she REFUSED.
    As a customer i have been cheated as i am asked to keep a degraded phone and nothing is working out for me , and NOKIA CARE is also not coming up with solution for me.
    Till date i still do not have a PHONE to work on , i was not give any phone from the NOKIA CARE CENTRE as well.
    I feel i am being too CO OPERATIVE and i am not getting the proper reply from the NOKIA PEOPLE, i want this email of mine to reach to higher authority so that if the problem on my phone cannot be fixed i need my N73 MUSIC EDITION new phone from the NOKIA COMPANY as its not my fault , and its the NOKIA COMPANy who had degraded my N73 phone.
    If i do not get my phone soon i will have to approach the court and file a suit in the CONSUMER COURT on the HARRASSMENT and CHEATING which has been done with me and the way i am being treated by the NOKIA people.
    The DETAILS of my phone are:
    Model : NOKIA N73 Music Edition
    IMEI No:351851017865784.
    My Name is Ritesh Gupta,
    Address:House #2573, Sec 70,

    Last but not the least as a Customer i am not going to take all the crap which is being give to me by the Service Centre people and the NOKIA CARE and on the whole by the NOKIA company.I will be going to take this matter to higher authority till my voice is heard and i get my phone back in the condition as i had bought it.

    Ritesh Gupta

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    Nokia - poor customer service!

    I had a complaint with my cell Nokia 6020 and I went to Nokia customer care in Rajat square in Kanpur city.I reached the service center by 6:45PM. The service center staff said to me that it is not possible to accept your complaint as the time is almost 7.00PM which is our closing time.Since I am a student of IIT Kanpur which is located 16 Kms from the city and I have classes till 5:30PM in the evening it is possible for me to reach the city only by 6:45 at the max.

    I would like to inform all of those who are reading this that though NOKIA set maybe cool their customer service is the worst you can find on earth. As long as you dont have a problem with your mobile it is good. But once there is a complaint with your set it is better to throw it away than spend all your time in the customer care.

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    I submitted my Nokia phone which is under warranty to Janka Puri District Centre office on 7th March 2017. But still wandering there is no response from the company. It is very shameful from such bug NOKIA brand.

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    I gave my NOKIA-3230 handset for repairs (screen blank) to M/S HCL INFINET LTD, Andheri(E), Mumbai as per details below. Job sheet no. dt.of submission dt on which given back after repairs

    5300124848 17-03-2017 24-03-2017
    5300125500 24-03-2017 29-03-2017

    on both occasion the handset was returned after a week without repairing the problem after informing me that problem has been repaired. I paid the repair charges of Rs. 505/= on 24-03-2017 but within hours the same problem reoccurred and I am very sure care center despite taking so much of time for repairs has not done anything.

    Such care center's are either not competent or not paying any attention to customers complaints and are bringing disrepute to a such a reputed brand"NOKIA".

    I hope someone at NOKIA INDIA look into the matter and take urgent action for repair of above handset.

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    Nokia - defective bluetooth handfree

    A copy of email to Nokia:

    I will get your email address, from one of my reference. Sir/madam I facing one problem from last 2 month, that I purchase one bluetooth handfree from nokia agency on 10/feb/2017 on the cost of 2048/-Rs. and its get dead by manufacturing defects on 07/mar/2017 the item that I purchase is on under warranty, and I give him to service center but after 2 months period, I am not get my bluetooth handfree back from service center and when I ask about my item the service center person are giving me abuse and making illegal behavior. Now you can tell me in this position what can I do. I go to consumer forum but that consumer form person tell me that after your complaint there is response will come from big MNC that they says to me that you are wasting your affords and time. From trying all I get your email id for 1 hope please do something if possible coz I am so tired by running from last 2 months.

    And one more thing that when I use that Nokia bluetooth handfree I face some hearing problem I lose my hearing sensitivity in my left ear due to that handfree I lose near about 70% hearing lose in my left ear. It’s happening some manufacturing defect for these entire things the nokia person is not providing my item. And I have my medical proof of my problem if you say to me I can give you all the scan copy of prescription and diagnosis report.

    Note: In nokia care service center ( Sapna Enterprises Jabalpur ) my job sheet no. is 8917 and chalan no. 514. THANKS

    Your Sincerely,
    Aditya Saraf

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    I had a complaint with my cell Nokia 3230 which is under warranty period in march I had taken the mobile and from 23rd may it is with nokia care center and I went to Nokia customer care 'Skylink' in Chinchwad in Pune city. I reached the service center and The service center staff said to me that it is keypad problem because the keypad of the mobile was not working after 10 days they returned my mobile and again the audio problem started so I gave my mobile to them from 3rd may 2017. in between I used to call them and also I went to service center around 10 to 15 times and also their phone numbers were not working they didn’t informed us about that. when I went there they told that that phones are working, and next time they told that its not working. and every time they are telling that call on Tuesday or Friday. now I am teaching in school and after that a am going there also I am not able to give time for my exam also this Sunday my marriage is there and instead of preparing for marriage I am sitting on net and writing my complaint to you. I am very tired with nokia service center. Every time when I go there they just say that come after one week or call after one week. What should I do with my simcard. The simcard will also stop working after some days do nokia is going to pay for that. In between I had got one Job chance but because of my mobile I had rejected it.

    Now nokia have to repair free of cost as earlier as possible otherwise they have to replaced it. Action - will go to consumer court.

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    Nokia - poor product!

    I have bought 6300 2 days back. I have been a long time Nokia user. Unfortunately, I am disappointed to see the battery life of this model. It doesn’t even last 1 day. My usage is not very high and I haven’t even used camera, bluetooth or even changed original factory settings. Still, since 2 consecutive days since I bought this model, it doesn’t even last 10 hours.

    I have seen internet forums all are complaining about battery problem.

    I don’t know what to do, can Nokia help? I am already regretting my decision of not going in for Motorola Rokr E6 and changing my mind last moment to buy 6300.


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    Nokia - care repeated problem

    I have a Nokia N72 phone which was worked fine for 6-7 months and suddenly I am facing the problem of phone keypad hanging. My phone is under warranty.

    I submitted the phone to Nokia Care center (So called) at Vashi, Navi Mumbai around 7th Aug’07, for repairs. First of all the attitude and behavior of the staff is pathetic. Their attitude I will not be able to put in words. After 2 days I got a call that the phone has some hardware problem and it needs to be send to nokia care level 3. He obliged me and did a great favour by accepting the phone for repair. I asked for standby handset which he agreed to provide after 2 days also with a promise that the phone may take 7/14/30/60 days for repair.

    Around 17th Aug’07 when I call the CARE, they told that the phone has come and I can collect it. When I started using the phone, THE PROBLEM WAS STILL THERE and phone keypad got hang. Again I underwent the same harassment and surrender the phone on 24th Aug’07. This time the CARE refused to give me the standby handset. I had no choice but to give my phone.

    Today (31st Aug’07) I got a call that fortunately my phone has come back after repair and I sent my wife to collect it.

    For the joy of everyone, the problem is still there.

    The care center no is 022-27898188 and it is very difficult to get thorough and if at all you get the line the executive will say call after 10 min as my SIR has gone out. I asked him about the nokia customer care manager’s contact detail and he said they don’t know.

    Through this forum I request a great brand like Nokia to really provide a care to the customers.

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    Nokia - nokia n72 battery problem & nokia customer service useless

    Hi there,
    I bought nokia n72 cell phone on 15th oct 07, which is just 15 days old as of today. I experience battery drying problem in it. Nokia service center needs 25 days to get it repaired from chennai. Sudhir kulkarni and deepa singh from 30303838 (Customer service) can't help me in replacing my mobile and were very rude. Now all that I have to get is a repaired piece after 25 days for paying 9000 / - which I dont agree for. Disgusting nokia products and disgusting nokia services.

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    i lost my nokia 6020 hand set so please help me how to freeze/block my hand set.

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    Nokia - scam and cheating!
    Phone: 00965-4716992

    Yesterday I've got a text message from Nokia UK saying that I won 117,000 pounds from the Nokia Mobile Promo. I've send them an e mail which is ( and to call at +447035900591) and got a reply at once but i did not tried to call yet as I was worried that this might not be true. They send me an e mail and telling to fill up the form most is personal details though there is no bank account mention still I am worried that it's another scam. I have a bit doubt too because the sender is really NOkia company. Usually if it a scam there will always a number that shows but because it came from Nokia itself that's why I feel like it's true but of course with the technology now a days there are lots of smart people that using their brain in wrong doing to others. But after reading some complaints I am now in doubt!

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    Yesterday I've got a text message from Nokia UK saying that I won 117,000 pounds from the Nokia Mobile Promo. I've send them an e mail which is ( and to call at +447035900591) and got a reply at once but i did not tried to call yet as I was worried that this might...

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    Yesterday I've got a text message from Nokia UK saying that I won 182,000 pounds from the Nokia Mobile and to call at +447035900591). Now what shell i do?

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    Nokia - mike problem

    Dear concern,

    Pls do the needful
    I goin to nokia care and said I have problem in joy stick and mike and they accept my handset and they said come back after 2 days. afer that am going to nokia care and they said your body problem in yor set. your body pannel is cracked from I side. i said your side cracked my body. but they never acceptence. they never care about my word. they said I cant accept yor hand set. ur responsible for my body pannel and nt take care my hand set. why harash cust. why the acceptence first time. this is not well in company. if u will nt take action against hcl I will complain against u in consumer court after 1 week. I want my body changed ur side.

    My no. 9417971416

    My sr. no. - 351851016011729

    Nokia care address

    Nokia care hcl jalandhar
    Near court

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    i recevid the same message from uk.NOKIA,i want to now is tru or not?

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    Dear Sir,

    We are dissatified with the services rendered to us by M/s. Bright Point (authorised Service station of Nokia) to whom we have handed our Nokia E-90 before a month. Bright Point has replaced our handset with another swapped handset which we have refused to take since it was not in a proper condition. Bright Point have taken back the handset and have informed us to come on 5th March 2017 to get other handset we have visited and have seen that handset was not to our satisfaction but still they have forced us to accept the handset and have informed us that if we are not satisfied then we should visit Nokia.

    We have acepted the piece on 5th March and after using the piece we came to know that piece was having same network problem for which we have submitted our original handset. We regret to say that we were getting used handset which was in a worst condition so again they are going to give us swapped handset. We shall accept the handset and will check whether it is in a working condition and to our satisfaction or else shall file a complaint in Consumer redresal forum.

    Amit Bhanushali
    +91 9820863456

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    Nokia - custom service

    Two weeks ago, exactly monday april 14th 4:30 pm, I had my new phone (nokia 6300) and I went to the nearest nokia care center for me to transfer the data from my old phone memory card (nokia 6600) to the new one.
    After asking the manager I was told the cost. after paying, I got both my phones. as the new one wasn't charged I charged it. when I opened it.. what was in the memory card... nothing!!
    I tried everything looking for the data and nothing except for some names was there.
    The 2 gegas memory card has 1.9 free space!!!

    Thursday, april 17th5:00 pm, I went back explaining what happened. I was told " no! we only transfer contacts and calender!" he said.. so I replied " why wasn't I told that in advance"
    As rude as he can be, I was explained that this is just it!!
    So I told him I even don't have the calender.. again!, after asking the manager, I was told transferring the calender will take 2 hours!!!

    Couple of days ago I discovered that my memory card is empty and even the contacts appearing are the ones saved on the sim card!!!

    I asked both times to speak with the manager or anyone of his back up and I was told he's busy
    Both times the custom service agents were rude and aggressive

    This is totally unacceptable. I am dealing with a hight respectable place - supposedly - here and I expect nothing but respect.

    I went to nokia care center
    In egypt, cairo, makram ebied st.

    Eman hashim
    Reporter, writer and part time editor

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    I received an sms on my mobile that i have won this year's nokia promo of amount 275, 150euro and for claim i have to call on +34664697029 and email on i dont know but i find that this sms is not genuine.
    kindly help me to find out more about this sms whether is it a scam or no and if it is a scam than Nokia has to really take some serious action to stop this at once. People need to be guide about these scams.

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