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problem battery backup

I given my new noika 6300 which was bought 25th of march 2007 and the battery back up was so bad that it not even giving for more than 5hrs. I given the mobile to service center hcl infinet ltd, bangalore. The bad service center I ever saw. Very poor response, they won't provide any information, bad response.

They kept the mobile for 3 days and they said no problem with the device and problem might with the battery, so, I asked them to replace the battery bl-4c (no: [protected]). They said that they don't have any stock of batteries and used to ask me to come after 1 week and I visited more than 5 times to this care center still they are saying the same answer, met the manager he said he can't do any thing.

So, I am planning to put a case in consumer court on this.

Note: I went to noika set because of battery backup my old mob also nokia it was very good.

An unsatisfied customer,

  • Go
    gopal Jul 08, 2007

    Two days back I bought 6300 nokia phone. It looks very good but battery backup was very very bad. Even with out using radio and other communication media i am not able to see battery one day. This is the first ever Nokia phone I saw not even having battery backup at least one day.

    Any ideas how to proceed with this. Shall I go to customer care and ask them to replace Battery?

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  • Br
    Brijendra Kumar Singh Nov 19, 2007

    I am facing battery backup performance.

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  • Sr
    sriprince007 May 26, 2009

    poor battery backup...

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cellphone is not working

I purchased mobile from Dubai duty free, my phone is not working . I went to Nokia care they only charge me money and return me back without repairing. I send lot of emails to Nokia in this regard but they could not solve problem. Never buy Nokia!

abnormally long repair time of 20 days old cell phone 3110c

I had purchased nokia cell 3110c on 26/05/2007 for rs.6800/ from nokia priority (akash agencies sec 35 chandigarh,india).on 16/06/2007, its display suddenly went off.i went to the nokia priority from whom i purchased the hand set, they sent us to an another nokia care in sec 44, chandigarh and this nokia care of sec 44, chandigarh had sent us to another nokia care in sec 22, shop no 2453, chandigarh and this nokia care of sector 22 took our mobile vide their job card no [protected] and asked us to enquire a day after. When we inquired on 18/06/2007 they told us that it will take another 15 days as it is detained for some hard ware problem. We inquired as the set is new (just 20 days old) can it be replaced on this they told that it can only be repaired and can not be replaced. I have again inquired today about till what period the set will be given to us after repairs, they told i will have to wait for a minimum of a week more. The phone nos of nokia care shop where our cell is laying is [protected] and of the agency from where we purchased the set i.e. Akash agencies is [protected]. I am feeling cheated as i had very high views about a company like nokia that they care for its customers genuine complaints but i may have to rethink about it.

  • Ju
    judy carroll Jul 12, 2007

    My phone has been with the communication people in Nenagh Rd Thurles Co Tipperary over the last 3 weeks. My phone has been repair so many times its gone beyond a joke.

    - phone will not turn on
    - tones are faulty
    - cuts out when on a call
    - goes on silent when not touched and cant get it off silent

    Now I don't want the same phone back I want a new phone in a box. A different model.



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poor service!

I bought a nokia 3250 on 22/8/2006. I worked nicely and during feb 2007, its display had a mega pixel...

nokia disconnecting people

A recent incident at nokia care centre andheri m. naka.

A month earlier my Nokia 5300 was in such a condition that the Xpress music was such people used to get irritated by even the ringtone and would tell me to keep it on silent. The 1.3 megapixel camera had a result worst then a vga camera of the same company to be specific Nokia 3220.When i brought this to the notice of a nokia priority dealer he told me to go to andheri marol naka which i supposedly the main centre... There i was being told to submit the piece for reparation and that i would get it back on the third day. jobsheet no.[protected]. On repeatedly calling the place i would always get the same answer that the job is pending and would reqire a few more days sometimes the secretary was even rude... And when asked for a specific date they had no answer.On 26th that is a span of 19 days i got my handset back with both the problems solved but this time the camera key in the component that they changed went missing and the component was not supporting the sim card due to which my picec wasn't catching the network when it was in full network zones too and it was no fault of the service as the sim card was working in other handsets on bringing this to their notice the head of the department mr. imraan and asking him for the replacement of the piece he replied a clear NO and at the end when i warned him that i would take legal actions and would go to the consumer court his reply was,'sure ma'am'. Further on askin him to email or fax me the copy of the jobsheet he said he doesn't have any facilities as such being the head of the center of nokia priority dealer.

I have submitted my the cellphone again wid the nokia people jobsheet no.[protected] which according to the tradition is again kept lying there with no clue to the people about when is it getting repaired.

  • In
    indu budhiraja Sep 24, 2007

    hi,i indu budhiraja is sending this email to make u know about the unsatisfied service of nokia. i have purchased n-91 0n 20th aug. till 30th aug. it was not working and hard-drive was demanding for formatting due to which i have to give this handset to nokia care. the expected date of return was 2nd sept. bt till now there is no sufficient response. i purchased a new handset of worth rs13,100 to enjoy not to gift it to nokia care that from last 1 month and 5 days i m just in a problem. i have heared a lot about nokia, but the experience is really worst. can u plz tell me is this the service of the leading company. i hope for immidiate action otherwise unfortunately i have to knock on to either media or consumer court which i dont want.
    jobsheet no-1200197137
    imei no 352769010177263

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non availability of original spares!

Never in your life time buy a nokia handset, nokia believes in only selling new products by the day but never wants to produce any kind of spare parts for the phone. It wants the customer to put in a lot of money in buying it's product and in return if you need spares the only answer is buy a new phone the nokia care center number [protected] is just a eyewash for the customer they can never guarantee you whether the product is available or not by this they are letting way to spurious parts suppliers to run their chain in india.

I wanted one panel cover for 6610 but none of the care or priority dealers had it and not only that even the concept store in bangalore even did not have it. They are cheating the indian public by only selling new handsets. Today even if you buy a 30 years old fiat car I know that you can get parts but to get parts of a 6th month old nokia handset there is no one to even give you information about it.

Moral of the story : - nokia is taking unto advantage of the unaware public and it's customers. U willed be fooled if you buy a nokia.

  • Sr
    Srabani Jun 27, 2009

    Its not only NOKIA but all other manufacturers as well, everyone is interested in profit making and not oriented to service of the products sold.Buy a phone today and u wont get the battery or panel cover in a next couple of months they are obsolete, rather buy a new phone.The money earned and spent was perhaps sponsored by the mobile cos I suppose!!! Hope all would agree to it.

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bad service at nokia care bangalore

I bought a nokia 6233 handset two months (April/07) back from a priority dealer in bangalore it suddenly got...

software problems

Dear Mr. Jha,

Thank you for emailing Nokia Careline.

I thank you for your feedback.

In addressing your concerns, Nokia assesses each situation on equal standing and it is dedicated to finding reasonable and fair solutions to any issues that Nokia customers may experience with their Nokia products. Nokia will honour any Nokia mobile phone as long it is within the warranty guideline.

I assure you that the Nokia Care Center is looking into your concerns and will revert to you once the mentioned patch is received.

Please take note that replacements are at the discretion of the Nokia Care Center's technicians and phones are only replaced with the same model in the event that the Nokia Care Center are not able to repair the phone.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience in this matter.

You may like to visit our website at for more information and support for your Nokia device. If you have further enquiries, please write to us again or contact Nokia Careline at [protected]. We operate between the hours of 7.30am and 10.00pm, seven days a week.

Please help us improve our services by completing the Nokia E-mail Satisfaction Survey from the following link:

Kind regards,

Yogeeta G.
Nokia Careline

Do you know you can now update your phone software at your own convenience? Visit to check if your phone model is supported and download the "Nokia Software Updater".


----Original Message-----

From: [protected]
Sent: 28/05/2007 15:03:20
To: [protected]
Subject: Nokia - Vinay Jha - Customer Feedback

Dear Selvaraj,

Thanks for the prompt reply after 5 days.

As per the below mail from your side you say that "Nokia does take all precautionary measures to ensure that phones are fully repaired prior to being released from the Nokia Care Center (NCC)", but how can such a thing happen. You should understand that when a person like me who have spent so much big amount on Mobil phone and if he is getting any problem from the beginning itself, what will be going to be in future.

How can I suggest any one for the Nokia Handset if the things are like this happen?

You say that I have to give to the NCC and they will help me to solve the problem. This I had already done before. But still they have not find out the solution for the problem and asking me to wait wait wait,
they have already reported the problem to Jakarta office and will received the patch soon. Why should I wait such a long time, when I have already made the payment for the set and not able to use it properly?

I suggested them it is better you replace me the phone with some other model in which there is no bug. But they tell that they don’t have any facility like that.

I am really feeling sorry, why I believe so much on Nokia Handset.

I have already visited twice in the NCC, but still wait wait wait, and they will inform me as soon as they receive the updated software.

Henceforth how can I spend such a big amount of silly handset from Nokia. So I once again request you to please replace my old N80 set with some other model which is not having such bugs.

Awaiting for a positive reply from your side.

Please feel free to say the truth.

Thanking you,
Yours truly,

Vinay Jha
PT Sai Apparel Industries
Jl. Brigjend Sudiarto, KM 11

----- Original Message -----

From: <[protected]>
To: <[protected]>
Sent: Monday, May 28, 2007 12:30 PM
Subject: Nokia - Vinay Jha - Customer Feedback[THREAD ID:2-2TJVWD]

> Dear Mr. Jha,
> Thank you for emailing Nokia Careline.
> I thank you for your feedback and allow me to assure you that Nokia
take all precautionary measures to ensure that phones are fully repaired
prior to being released from the Nokia Care Center (NCC). The experience
that you have encountered is not typical of Nokia's level of product
quality, customer service and reliability. Please note that I have
your concerns today and your case reference number with the Nokia
is SR2-[protected].
> Nokia assesses each situation on equal standing and it is dedicated to
finding reasonable and fair solutions to any issues that Nokia customers
experience with their Nokia products. Nokia will honour any Nokia mobile
phone as long it is within the warranty guideline.
> Pertaining to your Nokia N80 issue, it needs to be assessed once again
Nokia Care Centre (NCC). I understand that this may not be an ideal
for you; nevertheless, I am confident that the NCC will be able to
your phone issue as soon as possible. I suggest contacting the Nokia NCC
advise them of your arrival and arrange a convenient time to have your
sent in. This will ensure that you are not made to wait for a long
period of
> I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused and greatly
your understanding and patience in this matter.
> You may like to visit our website at for more
and support for your Nokia device. If you have further enquiries, please
write to us again or contact Nokia Careline at [protected]. We operate
between the hours of 7.30am and 10.00pm, seven days a week.
> Please help us improve our services by completing the Nokia E-mail
Satisfaction Survey from the following link:
> Kind regards,
> Pat Selvaraj
> Nokia Careline
> Do you know you can now update your phone software at your own
convenience? Visit to check if your phone model
supported and download the "Nokia Software Updater".
> -----Original Message-----
> From: [protected]
> Sent: 23/05/2007 09:32:54
> To: [protected]
> Subject: subject.
> [Salutations:Mr.]
> [FirstName:vinay]
> [LastName:jha]
> [DOB:07-02-1979]
> [Gender:M]
> [Email:[protected]]
> [CountryCode:+62]
> [Country:Indonesia]
> [MobilePhone:+[protected]]
> [Model:Nokia_N80]
> [Imei:[protected]]
> [State:semarang / indonesia]
> [Postal:50194]
> [Feedback:Dear Sir / Madam,
> I have purchased one hand phone N - 80 on 03 / 05 / 07 ( 3rd of may
from Sinar Mas Selluler, Ciputra Mall,Simpaglima, Semarang, Indonesia.
> IMEI No. ---- [protected]
> S / N No. ---- 0540859 ( APAIDY074828232 )
> KRC No. ---- SEJ 678637
> When I was making a call and the mean time recording also then phone
automatic turned off and turned on and obviousely couldn't complete my
> I immidiately complain to Nokia Care,Jl Pemuda no. 139 in Semarang
(repair order SMG: G No. 011579), They installed that software as there
software problem.
> Now after software update (ver 4.07) that problem,one new problem
I can not use the function *555# for cheking my account (Mentari).
> Person of Nokia Care is telling that again software problem and when
will receive that software then only I will get repaired that hand
> Really I don't understand that if there is software problem,why u r
selling that item?????????????
> Why should I wait for the so called new software????????????????
> If there is software problem like this I don't want this phone and
not wait for your software as this is not my mistake.
> Henceforth better replace this hand phone with other set or other
> Please reply me soon.
> Thnking you,
> Vinay]

  • St
    STwino Dec 02, 2010

    The same problems I have received with my Nokia phone and the same rubbish I have been receiving from Nikia Customer Service dept over the months

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  • Ra
    rajesh pdy Jul 13, 2012

    Dear sir,
    I am rajesh menon from pondicherry, india. i have NOKIA n900 purchased from dammam u.a.e. here nokia care persons and nokia head office persons not helping me for softwere re-installation, its not under warranty, its a pay service .problem is i have the version 21.2011.38 in my mobile and the same version is available here in pondicherry nokia care but they refuse to do that . a gentle ma mr.sujin from customer care told me that nokia care or head office ll not respond if it will dead while do softwere reinstallation, also told me (WITH OUT KNOWING) that nokia care ll have lower version than i have in my mobile( the softwere in nokia suit also ll have the same version ), but when i get this problem itself i enquired nokia care mr.john (service eng) that they have the same version 21.2011.38 but the will send the mobile to head office, if it is not possible at there they ll replace the mobile ( even though its a paid service ) . when i went there they refuse to do so coz it purchased not from india . my mobile is in brand new condition, i am not claiming warranty,

    Following are the conversations that i made with nokia through mail

    1. From me 26 July 2012

    got one N900, problem is when any call missed its popup shows that you have one missed call but when i wana see its say no recent calls, its not saving any log of calls what ever dialed, received or missed 2ndly when any msg/text comes to mobile its show that msg and i can read it but after back to menu where that msg gone i don't know, even i can't see sms option in mobile to read msgs !! i did update to latest ver, by nokia update but mobile still save problem, please tell me if you have any solution it will really great help
    Thanks in advance
    rajesh menon

    From nokia

    Thank you for e-mailing Nokia Care.

    The Service Request No. is 1-12763634807

    This e-mail is in reference to the concern which your facing with your Nokia N900.

    We know how important this is for you and we look forward to provide you with the necessary assistance.

    As one of our valued customers, your satisfaction is one of our primary objectives. We request you to kindly revert with the below mentioned details so that we can escalate your case to our concerned department and assist you in the best possible way.

    * Nokia Care Centre Name and contact number(where you have visited).
    * Your alternate mobile phone number.

    We apologize once again for the inconvenience caused to you and assure you of continuous support.


    Dimple Tharwani
    E-mail Specialist - Nokia Care India

    2. From me 29 July 2012

    a mail send you earlier (The Service Request No. is 1-12763634807). it purchased in saudi Arabia, but not in warranty . i req care person for software re- instillation against paid service basis but they refuse it . what can i do then, pls give ma a solution . we(indians) believed nokia so that we purchase our brand even though we go any country.
    Note : i called customer care 080-30303838 june 22 nd and 25 th regarding this they told they ll get back but no one do so still, this is pathetic.


    Thank you for e-mailing Nokia Care.

    The Service Request No. is 1-12763634807

    This email is in reference to the concern regarding service provision of Nokia care centre.

    We value the importance of the information that you are seeking and we are happy to assist you.

    We regret the inconvenience caused. Please be assured that the matter would be looked into on a priority basis. To look into your concern further and assist you in the best possible way, we require below mentioned details so that we could look into the matter.

    1. Nokia Care Centre address and contact number
    2. Your alternate contact number

    We apologize once again for the inconvenience caused to you and assure you of continuous support.


    Mukesh Kumar
    E-mail Specialist - Nokia Care India

    3. From me 2 july 2012

    Dear sir,
    initially over the phone i asked nokia care in Pondicherry about my mobile problems the manager connect to software engineer and that eng asked some “kurl” and “code” i gave all details displayed backside of battery and he told that he have the same version that my mobile have i.e-21.2011.38 and it didn’t work. Also they are sending particularly n900 to head office only, and if it is not possible in head office itself they ll replace some other device.
    Nokia care pondicherry - 0413 3194000
    also enquired in tiruvannamalai there they have the lower version (20.2010.36.2) but in my mobile its 21.2011.38, so they refuse to reinstall and told me that if they do the device may dead .
    Nokia care tiruvannamalai - 04175 227337, 9444758292, 9600300045

    From nokia

    Dear Rajesh,

    Thank you for e-mailing Nokia Care.

    The Service Request No. is 1-12763634807

    This email is in reference to the concern regarding service provision of Nokia care centre.

    We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused. Please be assured that the matter would be looked into on a priority basis.

    We acknowledge, the information received from you and have forwarded the same to the concerned department. Kindly be assured that the concerned team would contact you in the next 48 working hours.

    You may kindly note that the our higher department would decide to service the phone or swap it with a working unit depending on the nature of concern in the phone and the level of servicing required.

    We apologize once again for the inconvenience caused to you and assure you of continuous support.


    Mukesh Kumar
    E-mail Specialist - Nokia Care India

    4. FROM ME

    Dear sir,

    Aprox 30 days over when i got this problem and start approach to nokia, while i contact nokia customer care they would not response, latter then i contact this mail thing to convey my difficulty. for your kind reference .. nobody contact me till now, kindly do some thing to a deep faith on nokia by a indian.


    Thank you for e-mailing Nokia Care.

    The Service Request No. is 1-12763634807.

    This e-mail is in reference to the service provision of your Nokia N900 device.

    We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused. Please be assured that the matter would be looked into on a priority basis.

    In response to your e-mail, we would like to inform you that we have already escalated your case to our concern department and we assure you, one of our senior executive will be contacting you at the earliest and they are working on the same. We seek your patience and further solicit your co-operation.

    We apologize once again for the inconvenience caused to you and assure you of continuous support.


    Aniket Singh
    E-mail Specialist - Nokia Care India




    Thank you for e-mailing Nokia Care.

    The Service Request No. is 1-12763634807.

    This e-mail is in reference to the service provision of your Nokia N900 device.

    We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused. Please be assured that the matter would be looked into on a priority basis.

    In response to your email, we would like to update you that your case has already been escalated to our concerned department and its been looked into on a priority basis. Kindly be assured that a representative from our relevant department will contact you at the earliest to assist you further.

    We apologize once again for the inconvenience caused to you and assure you of continuous support.


    Aakriti Saxena
    E-mail Specialist - Nokia Care India

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  • Ra
    rajesh pdy Jul 13, 2012

    Normally Nokia n900 does not have software support from meamo, also it is problematic like n97, its their fault . normally Nokia swap the mobile and offer some other hand set if you purchase here in india, even if it is not in warranty. Nokia know the problems and also know how to avoid their losses through these kind of cheep policy's and conditions purchased in abrod or water log or physical damage... but in this case yours is in brand new condition so only tool they have is... purchased in dammam.. abroad... if you are claiming warranty its OK.. but you are not, which means it cant serviceable like china mobile.

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  • Ra
    rajesh pdy Jul 23, 2012

    Thank you soooo kind of you
    Whatever has happened, has happened Good
    Whatever is happening, is happening Good
    Whatever will happen in the future, will happen Good
    What did you loose?
    Why do you cry?
    What did you bring to loose?
    What did you create to go as waste?
    Whatever you took, you took it from here
    Whatever you gave, you gave it here
    Whatever is yours today will be someone else's tomorrow
    Another day it will be somebody else's
    This is the rule of the World

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ringer problem

Nokia 5200 is a third class handset i had purchased this handset 8 months ago. After 4 months i faced a problem with the ringer. The company replaced the ringer after 21 days. But now after 2 months i am again facing the same problem i think there is manufacturing defect in this handset and the company should look out to solve this problem or else stop manufacturing this handset.

Nokia priority dealers are not ready to co-operate as they say this problem is on national level & we cant do anything.

  • Ga
    GAURAV Oct 22, 2007

    Im facing big problem with this nokia 5200 customer care doesn't changing my ringer all time they says :- Ringers are not in stock!

    They are saying this from three months and I am using this cell without ringer!

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replacement of battery from nokia care centre

Complaint for:

1. Planet shoppe, rajakamal sqr. Amravati
2. Nokia care centre, near rajapeth police station, badnera road, amravati, maharashtra, india.

I am mr. Sanjay isad, [system admin] belong to amravati [m. S.] , india. I have purchased nokia 6072 model from yours district dealer mobile shop "planet".

When I reached to your dealer for the complaint regarding the battery charging, I faced a very rudely treatment by your nokia dealer and i've experienced badly when I shocked to see that my mobile battery has been charged by the dealer instead of clearing the problem.

When I got it replaced by an old and used battery, I made complaint to your authorized nokia care centre who explained me very properly how that battery has been changed by the earlier dealer named "planet mobile shop", rajkamal sqr. , amravati. When I reported once again to the nokia care they insist me to purchase a new battery. Ok. I have purchased due to my inconvenience, but still the new battery they sold me with the same problem of not charging properly. When the next day of purchasing I reported them regarding the problem, they replied very rudely and asked me to keep it for repairing.

When I asked them to make complaint regarding this uncultured behavior they were agree to make it replaced with new battery. If your are really very serious about your customer services please do take interest to get feedback of your authorized dealers and nokia care centre proprietors, specifically from dist. Amravati state : maharashtra.

I want to make a complaint of such worst treating customer care centre from amravati who rudely handles the problem of customers and uses worst and uncultured words for the customers after the purchase of nokia handsets.

  • Sa
    Satish Deshmukh Sep 08, 2009

    My experience at the Nokia care centre namely Nokia Care, Bakul Mobile World at Gulshan Plaza Rajapeth is very bad.
    I had there to repair my dameged joystick of the unused mobile 6600 .The owner of the centre told me that it will cost me 500 rs.I agree that but after he told me that there is a virus and 750 rs will be the expenditure to repair it.After my refusal he gave me my running mobile with new fault saying it is hanged .When I said him that it was not hanged before showing to him but he was adamant on his say.
    In the mean time of 1 hour 3 costomers came there with displeasure about their mobile repairy.In the same way like me he cheated them.
    People go to the Nokia Care on the name of NOKIA but the Bania Nokia Care owner does not maintain the name of NOKIA .
    It is for your information and necessary action.

    Satish Deshmukh
    [email protected]

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unlimited issues

I have bought a phone from nokia on 9th december 2007. Model number: 5300. This phone has been giving...

phone not repaired

I have bought a Nokia 5300 handset on 21 jan.2017.after one month i ave some problem with display so i submit the phone to Nokia care center in noida. But after one weak when i get pick the phone from nokia care center. But i have same problem with the set then i have submit the set again to nokia center on 24/02/2017 under jobsheet No.-[protected]. And the set is replaced after one month. But the replaced set is also not working good it has some problem audio keys, and key pad not working properly and set is poorly fit. So i have submit the set again to nokia care on 17/05/2017 under jobsheet number [protected]. And received the set on 23/052007. But set is not working properly and also i have some problem with memory card (not inserted and out properly) so i submit the set again for repaired on 23/05/2017 under jobsheet number-[protected]. And after one weak when i picked the set then problem is i did not pick the phone from Nokia center.

I talked with branch manager but they told me w can not do anything about that you consult with Nokia. I have also complained in Nokia (complain id-2-1wdt15) but problem is still remain.

I have spend 11000 Rs. for the phone and in four month period set is submitted to nokia for 4 times but problem is still remain.Very poor mobile and service!

  • Gu
    gurvinder singh Jul 23, 2007

    The speaker phone of the mobile not working properly. On complaining at customer care center of nokia at Phase-5 Mohali Chandigarh, the agreed to change the speaker of the mobile but they say that speaker is not in there stock and i have to come again after 3-4 days. But even after 10 days the speakers are not in there stock. They says that there is a shortage of speakers an we can't change that at that time. I am not satisfied with there service.

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  • Ki
    Kim Wyzykowski Aug 15, 2007

    Bought the phone early this year, within a month the screen went out. Tmobile would not warranty (charged me 100.00 to replace) said it was our fault, the phone was not damaged in anyway by us. the replacement sent to us lasted about 3 weeks and then you could not be heard when you made a call, replacement sent to us, now 1` month later, you cannot be heard or hear on any calls. This phone has major issues, I don't think it is made very sturdy.

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  • Ca
    callistus joseph Jan 10, 2008

    i bought a nokia 5300 on june and i have been to nokia center for 4 times and every time my phone was messed up now i have many complaints against the phone, the employees at the center, broken glass, soft ware etc. looking for a replacement and i can't afford a new one. My life has come to a stand still.....
    please reply soon
    callistus joseph

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  • Pa
    pavan Apr 11, 2008

    recently i bought nokia 5300...
    folders r hidden automatically in the phone and i m unable to unhide them ...plz help me!!! and give a possible solution for it

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  • Vi
    Vincent Apr 23, 2008

    Hi. I was given a Nokia 5300 for xmas 2017 with 1 years ensurance, and for a while i thought it was a great phone. Shortly after this, the spring in the sliding mecaanism came slightly loose and began scratching the buttons underneath it. I did'nt think of this being a major problem so a carried on using the phone, but after that, the audio began to act a little strange. I decided that i should take it back and get it replaced but recently, the screen completely stopped working. All i get is a couple of random lines and a big black splodge. Ive phoned the shop i bought it from but they don't replace the phone, they just provide you with vouchers to pay for the phone. Looking at the comments, ive decided that im going to get the vouchers and put them towards a different phone, unless anyone here has a different solution?

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  • Ol
    olimomma88 Dec 06, 2008

    This is the worst phone ever!
    I bought it and had a two year contract with tmobile, and both put me through hell.
    I signed up for the insurance, but they just took my money and didn't put it down on the paperwork. Then my phone completely fell apart in 4 months.
    The screen froze, the phone turned off randomly, I couldn't hang up some phone calls which led to my bill being as of now $845 (which I am not going to pay until they fix the problem), my speaker is completely blown so my music sounds like ### (that's the whole point I got this phone), the battery either shocked me or burned my hand the other day so im not going to even touch it anymore. The screen is loose, the back is impossible to get off without hurting my fingers, i've broken part of the back trying to get it off, it will send random texts to anybody so you have to be carefull on what you write. It would randomly call people in my phone book, even if the phone was locked.

    The only good thing about this phone is the camera and memory.
    The pictures are amazing and it holds however much you want. (I've had around 400 pics in it, and 300 songs. )

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  • Se
    Session Jun 02, 2009

    Nokia 5300 has been a nightmare. Since I purchased this phone in 2017 it has been nothing but trouble. I've had it replaced twice. Each phone the cover that is over the speaker has fallen off... never to get it to stay on...this last time it fell off...can't find it. I thought it great a phone because it offered so much. It started out with I could not hear on the phone very well... No matter what I did people just couldn't be heard not even with the bluetooth. I sent it back... Then came the next one... It would not allow me to hang up calls...everything would freeze. No matter how many times I cut it off take the battery out...just didn't work. Now again... the speaker doesn't work...I can only answer calls with my bluetooth. Without it the speakers sound as if busted. I can't download any music... It will only take me downloading pictures... It's ridiculous... A phone so expensive but so unreliable.

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  • Hy
    Hypermad Jun 11, 2009

    I bought this phone last July, 2017 for the primary reason - music player. Well, it worked fine anyway for the first weeks. However, since I am a sure music lover, I filled its 2GB memory card with audio files. What happened? the music player software stopped responding and working properly. I' ve tryin' to search for a replacement music player software but nothing could control the music keys on the phone. I really regret buying this phone!

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phone replacement problem

I have given my mobile nokia cdma -6265 for swap problem to nokia care center mumbai - m/s bright point on...

worst service at hyderabad

Re: Nokia

Hello nokia care team,

Am raja from hyderabad, purchased nokia 3230 from m/s sangeetha electronics hyderabad on 29-9-06, within a week i found that the battery life is low and went to nokia care centre at venkat plaza panjagutta, where they replaced the battery with new one... After 6 months same problem occurred and i again bought a new battery... This became a routine (to buy battery) in every 2 months...

I had been to nokia care centre for two times and with case sheet number [protected], the service provided is poor, customers have to wait for 2 hours for their turn to speak to a customer care executive... Is this called nokia care?... After waiting for long time i have submitted the handset and after two days they told that the problem was rectified and returned my handset, to my surprise the fully charged battery drains in 8 t o10 hours (when kept in idle condition)...

Same procedure repeated again but no reason or remedy for the draining battery... I am sick with the care, am sick with the product, am sick with nokia...

  • Le
    leelakrishna Feb 15, 2008

    the nokia service center is very worst service center

    their waiting lots of time and poor servicing .

    0 Votes
  • Su
    subbarao Jul 17, 2008

    It's true
    Nokia service center provide very worst service.
    I also face the same problem

    0 Votes
  • Da
    das Aug 28, 2008

    hi i have given ma head set for replacement under warranty at the paradise centre unit and they said that i will be getting it in 3 weeks i gave it on 30th of june and bloody hell i didn't get it till date they say they do not have the stock, , , , , , man they suck... and ma phone's also giving me a lot of trouble... i suggest hong-kong bazaar or jagdish market than the nokia care, , , , , they atleast do da work if we pay money., ..., , nokia sucks...

    0 Votes
  • Ud
    uday Sep 28, 2008

    where is the nokia 6288, problem is when opens slide the phone is terminating please give me the solution

    0 Votes
  • Kp
    kpavitra Nov 19, 2008

    i have nokia N70 with me. Now the problem is that the screen not displayed nothind is visible at screen. Incoming calls n outgoing calls are working properly.
    Please help me out .

    0 Votes
  • Sh
    Shaik Zaheer Aug 18, 2009

    Dear Sir,
    I am Shaik Zaheer, I had Purchase a Mobile Of model N73(M) of cost 13100/- in the month of 7th july 2008. And my mobile No :9966137744 .but in the month of 14th August 2009, it has been lossed. i.e;thefted by the unknown person while i am passing from charminar, the details of my mobile is as follows IMEI No:353548023531644
    Battery No:0670505393213p191121036532; Charger No: 409049815889020628190675606.
    I had already complained in cmnr Police station, I kindly request you sir to go through the detls and return my mobile as earlly as possible.
    Thanking You,

    0 Votes
  • Sr
    sriharsha2 Aug 26, 2009

    i also agree for that complaint on nokia no one take response

    0 Votes
  • Ka
    kasireddy aparna Aug 21, 2011

    hi i am aparna i bought nokia x3-00 B.silver IMEI:354865044215745 before 10 months but buy now it got spoiled the pone is geeting switch off it is not even geeting chargedif i keep from moring to evining but still it is switching off please solve my problem.

    0 Votes

nokia care doesn't care!

I bought my brand new Nokia phone (6270) on 9th july 2006. It has a one year warranty. Within six months of...

very poor sound of fm in loudspeaker mode

I have purchased a new nokia n95 the set is good in every thing but the only wrong thing is that the sound of fm in loud speaker mode is so weak that it is hardly hearable. I make a complaint to the dealer for replacement of the set, they checked the set and compare with another new set and told me that the sound of fm in loudspeaker mode is same in other set. Now my question is that by purchasing such a premium set if company can't provide the perfect sound then it is worth purchasing. I have also used nokia n73 which has better sound than nokia n95 in loudspeaker mode. If the standard of fm sound in loudspeaker mode is such company should stop manufacturing such set.

  • Au
    A.umesh Dec 30, 2007

    Hi.. am Umesh.. my cousin is workin in dubai.. he's returning by January or Feb ending.. I said him to bring Nokia N95 8GB or N73 Music Edition.. he agreed.. rite now am using 7710.. in order to upgrade its firmware, i gave it to the HCL concern ppl.. there i saw a customer requesting the tech support to repair his N81.. those crew ppl said that the mobile's not under warranty.. but the customer argued that its under warranty, and its only 3 months since he bought that mobile, from DUBAI, it was a gift to him.. those ppl said him that you need to acquire INTERNATIONAL WARRANTY, in order to repair the mobile under warranty.. actually,what my doubt is, If i get a mobile from outside india, i cant acquire warranty a?a nd what should i do in order to get international warranty? reply me soon.. am waiting for your reply, NOKIA, THANKS! :)

    0 Votes

in order to replace the handset and memory card

This is to bring your attention that I bought a Nokia 73 Music edition on 18th march 2007 referring IMEI No...

software problem

I bought new 6300, got problem in theme changing. This problem was occurred in the second day of my purchase...

poor nokia 9500 cover replacement

In the month of january 07 I was made to change the cover of my nokia 9500. I sent the mobile to the store I purchased it from because they are nokia dealers. They demanded a sum of rs 3100 = $ 70 to replace the cover which I agreed because of my mistake in dropping the phone on the floor. I have since regretted why I did not go in for a new nokia instead of replacing the cover. My misgivings start from the very next day because the cover was not locking and would open with the slightest of movement of mt hand. I i complained to the nokia dealer and got a reply to send bach the instrument so that they can tighten the locking mechanism. Since then I have been facing the same problem but was unable to understand why did the nokia service centre do such a bad job. Now my problems do not end there as the cover has cracked once again at the spot where the locking device locks. I am sure that this time the fault is entirely the nokia service centre "s fault as the problem has never been solved by them. I sent back the 9500 to the same centre today but they have washed their hands off their responsibility by telling me that there is no guarantee for the covers and I have to pay $ 70 once again. May I ask if this is fair for a die hard user of nokia communicator instruments for the last 10 years.

  • Ng
    nguyen son hung May 15, 2007

    My nokia have the same fault like you. it's cover have broken down and I do not know where replace a new one. Now I wrap it by pvc plate for continue using. Poor my nokia 9500

    0 Votes

continuous problems with 3230 model

Till date I am facing big problem (S) in the 3230 mobile from the month I bought. Dead slow, hanging, restart these are the major problems I got faced. Two times I had given my mobile for servicing and they advised me not to use memory card as such I haven’t use memory card but still the problem is not rectified. Third time I gave to service on april 11, 2007. The service peoples telling that they will do their best!! But I heard the same dialogue twice when I gave earlier to service!!!

My warranty period get over in couple of months.

My query is, if the problem continues! What shall I do??? In future, definitely service people will say they going to charge for non-warranty mobiles so they want me to keep on pay every 2 or 3 months!!

Today (April 26, 2007) I faced one problem i. E. , without my knowledge! Blank messages are sending to others from my mobile!!!

  • Ga
    Gandharv Tongia May 04, 2007

    I agree with 3230 complaints. I'm also facing similar problem in this handset. Within a year of purchase, it is giving all sort of problems. Even after getting it serviced by Nokia authorized centre it is not working. These centres are useless and meant for only money making at the cost of customers.

    It appears that slowly and gradually, Nokia is loosing its creditworthiness and goodwill.

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