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Resolved job offer and fees

Sir/madam, i applied for a job in nokia mobile company london, and they responded with a positive result, they give me a contract and a promising career, and asked me a payment of 498gbp for my visa, after the payment they asked me again for the payment of the endorsement and shipping of the visa which cost 1020 gbp, then they gave me a copy of a work permit, just to convince me that it is legal, even though it is prohibited to divulge such document like this. i think it is fake because the spelling of my country Philippines lacked the other "P" and it spelled this way PHILIPINES, which somehow raise my suspicion, they asked me again for a 970 gbp for the paymet of Overseas worker health cover ( OWHC) for the release of my work visa. I really dont know sir if i will continue this application, since they asking too much payment, but if this is true, i will continue to look for the other source to make this payment possible and land a job there. please advise me sir/ madam. and by the way sir, do you have an employees by the name of Dr. Andrew Peterson and Ms. Maureen Bricks, i do have a good relationship with them, they helped me with this application same as through with their so-called agent Mr. Morgan Slam. but i have to make sure sir/ madam if this really true or just another scam, because if this is true i will definitely continue my application. please help me. God bless.


  • Mo
    mob Mar 04, 2010

    this in regard to my letter of complaint dated march 4, 2017, regarding my application in nokia mobile company in london, i made such a terrible mistake by publishing my complaints in a web, and mentioned some names. I should make some consultation before making such actions. I was terribly wrong why i did it to the public, maybe im just overly suspicious regarding my application that sometimes leads into such a terrible mistake, i would like to say sorry for the people i had mentioned and offended, and hope that you will accept my humble apologies. Once again im so sorry. God bless

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Resolved nokia job contract letter. doc


I got a job offer letter from the adress

Noki company uk address: uk reg no:[protected] address :nokia house, summit avenue, south wood, farnborough, hampshire, gu14 ong. Uk. And 100, new bridge street, and, 265, sir matt brut trod avenue, holland park, tube, london, united tel—+[protected], fax — +[protected]

So I want to know understand this is correct or incorrect. Pls inform me fast as soon as possible. Aslo I got a letter from there agent.

Contract letter:

nokia mobile company
Noki company uk address: uk reg no:[protected] address :nokia house, summit avenue, south wood, farnborough, hampshire, gu14 ong. Uk. And 100, new bridge street, and, 265, sir matt brut trod avenue, holland park, tube, london, united tel—+[protected], fax — +[protected].



Dear. Yoonus kallumatakal,
I am very pleased to offer you a permanent term position as a sales controller, in our sales department, nokia mobile company, based on the following terms and conditions:

1. Position:

You are appointed to the position of sales controller, and in this capacity, you will report directly to wyne divide. This is a permanent term position, and as discussed and agreed with you, your start date in the position will be 20th of april 2009. This position is in-scope of the aspa bargaining unit.

In this assignment of sales controller, your key responsibilities will be. Providing all your best for this company and also you will be giving a 3 months training

2. Remuneration:

Your base salary 3200pounds per month & 38000pounds per year (Less statutorily required deductions). Your salary is payable once a month at month end in accordance with the company’s standard payroll practices. Your position is in sales dept. The current salary range for this phase is same.

Your hours of work are based on the normal operating hours of the company and are expected to be from 8:30 a. M. To 4:30 p. M. , monday to friday, with a one-half hour unpaid lunch break, amounting to 37.5 hours per week. Please refer to the provisions of article 9.2.1 regarding the development of work plans and determination of hours of work.

3. Benefits and pension:

As a permanent employee, you will be eligible to participate in nokia mobile group benefit plans for employee’s in-scope of aspa, according to the terms of the plans. You are also eligible to participate in the nokia mobile company’s money purchase pension plan in accordance with the plan requirements. Please refer to the human resources for benefits and pension information specific to your appointment. A snapshot of benefit eligibility may be found in table 12 of the collective agreement with aspa, also found on the human resources website.

4. Vacation:

You will receive 4 weeks of vacation per vacation year (June 18 to july 18) , pro-rated for the current vacation year, according to the terms of article 19.2 annual vacation. Vacations are to be taken at such time or times as are mutually convenient to you and the sales department please note that carry over of unused vacation is not encouraged, and should be discussed with your supervisor.

5. Professional allowance:

In addition, you are eligible to receive an annual accountable professional development account in the amount of 6000pounds (Prorated for the current year) , per article 12.4, to support your on-going career development needs.

6. Assessment period:

For appointments to permanent & seasonal positions: consistent with article 8 probationary period for permanent appointments, the first 5months of your appointment to this position is a probationary period. We will review your progress in the position on a regular basis and provide you with regular feedback. We will be in a position to confirm continued employment upon successful completion of the probationary period.

For appointments to term positions: consistent with article 8.2, for term appointments, we will review your progress in the position on a regular basis and provide you with regular feedback.

7. Effective

The terms of this offer shall come into effect on your first day of employment with the sales department, nokia mobile company.

If applicable, add the following section on confidentiality:
By accepting this offer, you also acknowledge and agree that you shall abide by the following terms and conditions, and that such terms and conditions are reasonable:
Confidentiality: during the course of your employment with the sales department, nokia mobile company, you will be entrusted with confidential and proprietary information. You agree that such information will not be released or divulged, whether directly or indirectly, unless authorized by company policy, required by law, or through the express written consent of the nokia mobile company given under the hand of the proper officer with authority to give such consent.

I would ask that you review the contents of this offer carefully. If the terms of employment as set out in this agreement are acceptable to you, please sign and date one (1) copy and return a fully signed copy to my attention by due date.

Yoonus kallumatakal,
I wish to convey my sincere enthusiasm about the possibility of you joining the sales department. I hope that you find the terms of this offer reasonable and attractive.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at [protected]

Mr. Richards cole

i agree to accept the conditions of employment indicated above, this

_______________day of _______________20____________.

(Employee name)


Note: please ensure that you forward a copy of the accepted letter within 2 days (Per article 7.4) :

Noki company uk address: uk reg no:[protected] address :nokia house, summit avenue, south wood, farnborough, hampshire, gu14 ong. Uk. And 100, new bridge street, and, 265, sir matt brut trod avenue, holland park, tube, london, united tel—+[protected], fax — +[protected].

agent letter:

hello mr yoonus,
How are you doing and your family?I got your e mail.
However, I hope what you supplied was no fake because it might ruin your chances of getting a visa if found to be fake, but I do beleive you are a honest client due to the fact that your character reference (Miss anita green) is a very honest and dedicated lady, and every of her person I have worked with always prove to be a good client like her, and I hope you will be no exemption.

This is what you are to pay for your visa and working permit processing expencies

1. Visa processing fee... 150uk pounds
2. Tax fee.. .120uk pounds
3. Endorsements fee.. .80uk pounds
4. Personner fee.. .90ukpouns
Grand total—440 uk pounds

please I wil like you to make this payment as soon as posible now to enable me get your processing started, and will be held if I do not receive your payment before 8th of febraury on monday.

Consequently, after making this payment, your visa will be ready in 2-3weeks time, and please also keep this reference numbers safe is your valid number here in the agency.

I wish you the best of luck as you embark on coming to the uk.

Good luck and hope to see you in uk.
Reference number.. .2254

File number.. .0024

congratulations once more for your appointment with nokia uk.

Please note that the money should be paid with these details.

Name - chris atom
Location - london / united kingdom.
The payment should be made through western union money transfer. Note that as soon as the payment is made, you should send back the details of the transfer to me. The m. T. C. N (Money transfer control number)

i would get back to you with details as soon as I have a confermation of the amount paid by you.

Agent chris atom.

  • Yo
    yoonus145 Mar 03, 2010


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  • Yo
    yoonus145 Mar 03, 2010


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  • Ba
    balisang May 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i would like to verify the email i received from this company based in uk, how true is this. attached are the documents sent to me. thank you for your help.

    (Nokia Company UK Address:UK Reg no:02212202 Address :Nokia House, Summit
    Avenue, Southwood, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 ONG.UK.And 100, New Bridge
    Street, And, 265, Sir Matt Bruttrod Avenue, Holland Park, Tube, Manchester,
    United Kingdom.)

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  • Ge
    gelan Aug 12, 2010

    i received the same letter and have been scrutinizing it for a couple of hours...I have done my personal research and found out that it is fake...

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Hi i'm from malta and i'm 23 years old, just to say to people to be aware, because I received a message on my mobile that I won the nokia mobile lottery of 500, ooo pounds ! I contacted them by email and told me that I should go to the uk to get the prize or pay courier services ! I knew it was a fraud : imagine if I went to the uk, they would use me for human trafficking for sure ! This is what they sent me when I replied :

2nd march, 2010.

Congratulations, this is to inform you that the verification and validation of your personal information was successful. You have been approved by the nokia mobile promotion board to claim your prize. Please note that you will be required to come to the united kingdom personally to claim your prize from our headquarters or you will have to employ the services of one of the international courier companies below to deliver your prize which consist of a certified bank cheque of & pound;500, 000.00 (Five hundred thousand pounds) issued out in your name.

If you cannot afford to come to the united kingdom in two working days time, you will be required to employ the service of one of the courier companies below and please be informed that you will be required to pay for the cost of delivery.
Note: that you are advised to choose the option that you can afford to pay for.

Delivery options
Please indicate the courier service convenient for you


24 hours delivery
Mailing fee 500gbp


48 hours delivery
Mailing fee 400gbp


72 hours delivery
Mailing fee 300gbp

Please get back to me with the courier company that you have chosen and I will inform you on how to go about making the required payment for the option you have chosen.


Mr. Williams moris
Phone : +[protected]
Email: [protected]
Email: [protected]@admin.In. Th
Copyright & copy;2010 nokia. All rights reserved.

  • Sh
    Shelley Donald Aug 05, 2009

    I was lucky enough to get a text from these people, but before parting with my money, did a search online. Beware people they are at it again!!!

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  • No
    Noel Z Mar 16, 2010

    Hi there,

    Even I received, this morning the 16th of March. Same message. Obviously I would really like to have 500, 000, but usually you can't find these growing on trees :-D

    I'm in Malta too, so there might be other Maltese who received it too. Too bad if they decide to use the courier!
    With 500GBP you could get a 40 foot container from England right to your door step, not a piece of paper!

    Watch out Maltese People!


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Resolved scam

I recieved an sms saying that i have won R90000 courtacy of nokia london/fifa 2010 promotion. for claims contact [protected]. when i called them i spoke to Jeff Morris and l was told to buy vodacom air time for R900.the money will be immidiatly transfrred to my account number. all i want to know is if this is true or not. please vodacom and nokia should you respond to me on this email address [protected]

I was provided wth the following address where i was informed that i could collect my prize
Address : 22 Mariam Makheba Drive
Nokia Building
Port Elizarbeth

Concerned Citizen

  • Ed
    eddyr Mar 16, 2010

    I received the same sms. : you have won R110000 courtesy iNET telecom uk/fifa 2010 promo: CALL 0732012269, Ref NOXXXXX--sponsor--- The it say visit

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  • Co
    Concerned angel Apr 17, 2010

    Watch out for these people it is a scam a very well planed scam!! The I-net Fifa sms seems so real but after the airtime vouchers you have to pay a nother R6750. to get your payment and if you don't want to pay it they have a miss Nash phone you from the U.k and she tells you that she will pay out R6750 extra on the amount! I here decided that these people are busy scaming me! I lost the R1100.00 on the voucher because they used it. Mr Jeff Morris probably sold it to someone. I am not Upset about it and I bless them because I know God will catch up with them. I just want to warn unsuspecting victims. Be carefull these people will take your money without hesistation!!!

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  • Be
    Belinda Duncan Aug 31, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received an sms late last night 30/09/2011 from an 0729754766 cell number, informing me that I have won R900 000 rands in the FIFA YEARLY PROMO UK.Ref no: EE900 and that I must contact their SA claims centre on 0734858039. Surely if this is an ongoing Scam something should be done about it, how many more people are they going to scam and loose a great deal of money to before this scam is stopped and the culprits put in jail?

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Dear sir: I recieve a message today in my celular phone like this congratulations your cell phone has won 500.000pounds in the ongoing nokia uk prom for claims email:coordinator. Nokiaprom. [protected] I want to know if this is true.

  • Sp
    spartak Jun 06, 2010

    hi im spartak spahi from ALBANIA i i recieve a message last night in meed night that say...congratulation you cell phone has won 500.000 pounds in the ongoing noika uk prom for claims email:[email protected] i wont to know if is that true... thx

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  • Vi
    vilson Jul 26, 2010

    hi im vilson from albania .in my celular recived a mesage sayed that i won 500.000 paund .haw can i get this money.

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  • Sy

    dear sir: i recieve a message today in my celular phone like this congratulations your cell phone has won 750.000pounds in the ongoing nokia uk prom for claims email:coordinator .nokiaprom [email protected] i want to know if this is true.
    [email protected]

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  • Sy


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  • Na
    Nardi nardi Apr 14, 2012

    hi im Nardi from albania .in my celular recived a mesage sayed that i won 500.000 paund .i wanna know if this is true?.

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  • Ni
    Nivin Benny Jul 17, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hi im spartak spahi from NIVIN i i recieve a message last night in meed night that say...congratulation you cell phone has won 500.000 pounds in the ongoing noika uk prom for claims email:[email protected] i wont to know if is that true... thx

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  • Ku
    kumar jee kumar Nov 08, 2014

    Dear sir I'm Kumar Jee Kumar my mobile No +919560865717
    My no is SMS 850000 pounds SMS date 28 -10-14
    SMS is congrat your nobile no have won 850000 pounds in
    Ongoing Nokia promo 2014 to claim your name add to email [email protected]
    I'm send mail call back this no+919654575405
    Wi requirements 85000 thousands rjitaition charges

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  • Sp
    spam investigator Nov 08, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes indeed your a WINNER in every sense of thd word my gullible friend . Keep up the good work. Lol

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Resolved how to claim the price

Hi, On the 11th Feb 2010 I have received an sms from the following number: +44 [protected] saying...

Resolved not working

Sir I purchased my nokia 2323c phone on 02-09-09 in priority mobiles 507, arvindh towers, d. b. road, r. s. puram, coimbatore-641002. within 20 days I had a problem with my set and gave it for service on 23 sept 2009. even after that my set was getting switched off very often (atleast once a week) even if the battery is full. and after an hour it will start working again. now again by first week of feb 2010 my mobile stopped working completely and so I gave it for service. they returned me after 2 days. on 27-02-2010 once again my mobile stopped working. this is the fourth time i'm giving it for service within 5 months of purchase. I have never used such a worse set in my life.
Imei no. of my mobile: [protected]

Resolved lottery

I received an e-mail containing:
ATTN: Winner,

I am Dr Mason Graham your claims officer, I wish to Congratulate you, you are a lucky person to have won this lottery.

This is a promotional draw which officially launches the new system. With funds accrued exclusively from previous draws, payouts to all winners are guaranteed and will be transferred in record time..

This correspondence officially confirms that we are in receipt of instructions relating to the payment of your lottery winnings Please complete the form below with correct information and email back to us with a return email .



The options to receive your winnings are:

1. CASH PICK UP: You can come down in person to collect your funds here in the UK (CASH). You will be required to present a valid International Passport as proof of Identification amongst other documentation which will be required if you choose this option.

2. CASHIERS CHEQUE: This is In consonance with our policy in this regard, be advised that if you option for the cashiers cheque, you are to notify this office that we may give you the modalities to deliver your winning cheque to your place of residence.
OPTION: Whereby a Courier Delivery Service Worldwide is going to deliver your winning cheque to you containing your winning amount and also the Five(5) units of the Brand New Nokia N Series Model Mobile Phones.

You are also required to state your Delivery Option, you would prefer.


Yours Faithfully, Dr Dr. Mason Graham.
Phone Number :+[protected]
Fiduciary Agent for NOKIA 2009 ONGOING PROMOTION
Sweepstakes International Program

Dr Mason Graham

Is this mail true or a lie?
They want me to pay some money for delivery.
Are there any lotterys by Nokia?
What should i do?

  • Mi
    michelina79 May 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ho ricevuto la stessa e-mail anchio che devo fare ??????????

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Resolved nokia anniversary draws

I am mary edison from kuwait, I am selected the winner of $210000 nokia 145 anniversary draw. They send this message through my e-mail. If it is true then why should they asking me for the courier charges. I want to know that this is a fake message or what? My email id [email protected] Waiting for ur replay.

  • Df
    dfkjgasdhf Feb 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i am Vivek Saxena from Delhi, i am selected the winner of Commonwealth & Nokia Mobile
    Draw Promo Worldwide
    Nokia 2-6 Boundary
    Row SE1 8HP London
    United Kingdom anniversary draw. they send this message through my mobile .if it is true then why should they asking me for the custum clearance tax charges 14.000 INR. i want to know that this is a fake message or what? my email id [email protected] waiting for ur replay. urgently.

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Resolved promotion

Congratulations! you've won 500 thousand rands in the nokia promo. to claim email [protected] telephone number [protected] and the sms number is [protected]. got an email asking for details. later got a call telling me that an affidavit was given in at the johannesburg high court and that i must pay r2200 to claim the price. after that i've send a email to them saying that i did not have r2200 but they can deduct it from my winnings. this was on 17 febraury 2010 @ 15:41.
Today 19 february 2010 @ 07:18 i got another sms saying again congratulations your cell phone number won 500 thousands pounds in the nokia promo. claim code nkukp. send email to [protected] this came from an sms-web.

Hope you can help with this.



  • Ju
    Juan Smit Feb 19, 2010

    Yes and I got one from [email protected] stating the same ammount of pounds 500 000.
    Any news on scam or not?

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  • Ph
    Phoebe Botha Feb 21, 2010

    Just a few e-mails I've received, added to give you more infor about these guys.

    Dear Phoebe Botha,

    Thanks for your prompts response, and i need you to send to us your passport copy or driver’s license or any other form of identification.

    However, An application has been submitted on your behalf in the Johannesburg high court hopefully before the end of today the application will be approved.

    I will get back to you once I get a word from them.

    Mr Anderson.

    Dear Phoebe Botha,

    The affidavit of claim has been approved by the court this morning and you are expected to pay a required fee of R2, 200 (Two thousand two hundred rand).

    I have noted your account information, but do know here that you are expected to pay for this affidavit of claim.

    It is this same affidavit that I will present to the bank before your winning can be transferred into your nominated Bank account.

    Enclosed is the account information where you have to make the deposit.



    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 9194542842.

    Kindly make the deposit and send to me the deposit slip immediately within 48hurs of receiving this money your winnings will be transferred.

    Do respond to this e-mail immediately.

    Thank you,
    Mr Anderson.J. Maxwell.
    Tel:+27 732 889 683.


    Hotmail: Trusted email with Microsoft's powerful SPAM protection. Sign up now. <>

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Resolved nokia'n' series promotion

I received hp message then I sent email to confirm. Here are the reply.

Congratulations, we the staffs of nokia congratulate you as one of our lucky winners.

Good to hear from you regarding the nokia mobile promo. My names are mr terry stephen I am the nokia cash officer assigned to winners on the mobile sweepstake.

In line with the commemorating event marking our 42nd anniversary we rolled out over & pound;16, 000.000.00 (Sixtheen million great britain pounds) for our 42nd anniversary draws. All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn form 25, 000 company mobile numbers, and 30, 000, 000 individual mobile numbers from the 45 mobile networks from australia, new zealand, north america, south america, europe, asia and africa as part of international promotions program, which is conducted annually in britain, london.

This promo is approved by the british gaming board and also licensed by the international association of gaming regulators (Iagr). This promo is the 1st of its kind and we intend to sensitize the public.

This promo is a bid to increase our market share in the fast growing mobile telecommunication industry. Nokia have a teeming population of customers spread all over the world, and the promo is targeted at promoting our brand, and creating awareness amongst none customers.

Your mobile number have won you the sum of & pound;1, 000, 000.00 gbp (One million pounds) and all information concerning the facilitation of your claims will commence as soon as you ticked and submit the mean of collecting your winning cheque via our affliated courier companie.

Note: your mobile number tagged to your winning verification number falls under the mobile network category in london.

Verification no: cn-[protected]

All processes regarding the delivery of your cheque through your selected courier service will be carried out at your payment center.

Mode of delivering

1. You are require to choose an option in the below on how you are to receive your winning cheque.

Delivery option. (Pick one of the option below)...

Package contents: cheque, winning certificate and security documents.

Delivery time :... (time of recipient's availability).

Option: 1

Ics express delivery (24 hours)
Mailing & pound;200.00

Insurance & pound;210.00

Vat (5%) & pound;90.34

Total & pound;500.00 $760.34usd

Option: 2

Ics premium service (2 working days)
Mailing & pound;190.00

Insurance & pound;160.00

Vat (5%) & pound;70.95

Total & pound;420.00 $640.95 usd

Option: 3

Ics regular service (3 working days)
Mailing & pound;170.00

Insurance & pound;150.00

Vat (5%) & pound;50.00

Total & pound;370.00 $560.12 usd

Any option ticked by beneficiary, the beneficiary is compel to pay the require fee to the courier company before delivery. Reconfirm your full name, address, country and most important your phone number.

Rules and regulations

1. Winners are required to send a copy of either their driverʼs license or international passport for identification purposes.

2. Winners must know that the money won is very huge and as such should try as much as possible to keep their wins strictly confidential until the said funds has been received. This is to avoid impersonation or double claims which we have experienced in previous draws.

Once again on behalf of members of staff, we say congratulations as you spend your great fortune.

I wish on behalf of all members and staff of nokia uk congratulate you on your won prize and wish you the best of luck as you spend your good fortune

Thank you for being part of our commemorative 42nd anniversary draws.

Yours faithfully,
Mr terry stephen

nokia'n' series promotion
nokia'n' series promotion

  • Fi
    fini Feb 18, 2010

    Dear Sir,

    I have received a similar mail from the above person and i spoke to him on the mobile
    no given and he told me to accept a courier from fed express paying GB Pounds.472 where
    the claim cheque of 172000 GBP is enclosed.

    I suggest this man must be refered to UK security personnel and to Interpol.

    Also I wonder how reputed courier company like FEDEX, DHL and UPS can be of their
    service in doing such criminal activities.

    Please do the needful at the earliest by NOKIA and the concerned authorities, otherwise
    innocent people will become victim of such crook.

    Thank you,
    Regards Thomas.

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  • Sc
    schweata Apr 08, 2010

    i agree completely with them as i did received such message too

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Resolved regarding mobile set

Myself ajay sharma now I am very much disturbed & frustrated with your service.In dec. 2009 I purchased a nokia 7210 mobile set from meerut cost rs. 4700 / - and from first day I faced the battery backup problem normaly in this set battery backup should be 36 hours but in my set only 12 or 13 hours not only this battery should be charged in one & half hour but in my set it charged in 3 hours when I went to nokia care centre situted in meerut they told me that you left it to us we send it to company for checking otherwise we will replace it with in 15 days. After 15 days I went to nokia care centre they returned my nokia 7210 mobile set but there is no improvement battery backup is same & a another problem is there now the mobile set is dead. Its not working. Now tell me what should I do ? I am a working in army & now my posting is in lens down. I don't have so much time to spend thsi kind of work. I am using nokia's mobile set last 5 or 6 year then why this is happening ? I am facing many problem without my mobile.In nokia care centre no one giving me any satisfactary answer. I want your kind co-operate.
Please solve my issue as soon as possible otherwise give my full payment back.
Ajay sharma

Resolved nokia

I have received a SMS from +[protected] stating your cell number has won 610000 pounds in the NOKIA Promo in UK, for claims call + [protected] and email; [protected]

Is this for real or a scam?

If it is fake please take action

Kindly contact me back on my e-mail: [protected]

Resolved mobile sms

I have received sms, congratulations... your mobile number has won 350, 000 pounds in theongoing uk nokia...

Resolved arrival of special delivery diplomat with your consignment

(registration 0201gfrm-7).
>> amount won: & pound;1, 000, 000.00 pounds
>> order number: snt/[protected]
>> arrival of special delivery diplomat with your consignment
>> dear winner,
>> having considered all possible measures to convey your cash prize with
>> nokia n97, we resolve to use a special delivery courier company under
>> diplomatic umbrella. we have made all necessary arrangement to convey
>> your
>> winning prize direct to your doorstep. your name, phone number and
>> address
>> has been received. let it be known to you that all taxes has been paid by
>> nokia promotion department, therefore, you will only be required to pay
>> for
>> the clearing charges which is unknwon to me for now for the clearing of
>> your
>> consignment from the custom duties in india and any local v. a. t that may
>> arise in india before he proceed to your house.
>> the diplomat will personally present to you all the relevant documents to
>> guide you against any india government queries. you are advice to make
>> the
>> required charge available to the diplomat in india immediately he
>> instructs
>> you to do so, before you receive your prize of (£1, 000, 000.00 pounds) and
>> your nokia n97 from the nokia promotion to enable him clear your prize
>> from
>> the custom. please you must keep secret of your winning until it arrives
>> your door step for security reasons.
>> the delivery of your prize is currently on the way as it is passing
>> through
>> the british security screening. we realize recently that such procedures
>> have been adopted on your consignment leaving uk for asia.
>> diplomat jeff luwis will arrives india on the 1st of february 2010.
>> send your full details to diplomat jeff luwis
>> diplomat jeff luwis contact information:
>> ===========================
>> name: diplomat jeff luwis
>> email id: diplomat_jeff. [protected]
>> ===========================
>> name... prasanth
>> mobile number.. .[protected]..
>> address... pl22 vijaya aprtment, ponninagar, mathanathapuram, pour
>> sex... male
>> age.. .30...
>> occupation private job
>> email id... fly. [protected]
>> due to the urgency needed in this delivery we are informing you that
>> diplomat jeff luwis, special chief diplomat will be leaving for india to
>> make delivery of your cash award prize and nokia n97 through british
>> airways.
>> departure time febuary 15th 2010 4:50:00 pm
>> arrival time february 16th 2010 8.30am
>> please ensure that you co-operate with him and follow his instructions
>> and
>> directives to avoid any delay in handling over your cash award prize to
>> you
>> as he has very limited time to spend in india. please make available to
>> him
>> the clearing charges immediately he call and provide you with the account
>> details of the custom duties for you to deposit the clearance charges for
>> the clearance of your consignment.
>> he will call you immediately he arrives india and will instruct you on
>> how
>> to pay the clearance charges available to enable him clear your
>> consignment
>> from the custom and proceed to your address to make 100% safe delivery to
>> you after your payment is been confirmed and receipted by the india
>> customs.
>> you are to keep us updated with your readiness in receiving the special
>> diplomat along with your award cash prize and nokia n97.
>> upon your agreement to this mail above, please keep us informed.
>> we await your reply to this mail.
>> yours sincerely,
>> esq barry smith

  • Ks
    k santhosh kumar reddy Jul 23, 2010

    when i am going to college some body stolen my cell in RTC bus.

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  • Rb
    rbofannin Jul 24, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That is terrible...maybe you should tie it around your neck - make sure it's super tight...

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  • Su
    suresh.a Jul 24, 2010

    when iam going to college i lost my cell in rtc bus

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  • Hi
    Hikmat ullah Nov 15, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi. I have lost my mobile phone Nokia N97 on 11-11-2012 in Quetta airport.

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  • Hi
    Hikmat ullah Nov 15, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi. I have lost my mobile phone Nokia N97 on 11-11-2012 in Quetta airport.Cotact no 00971508594352. Any who found it I want to buy it

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Resolved blank screen

Blank screen very often appears on my Nokia N95 1GB since it was under guarantee with Rawat Sales Agent. The phone also emits heat when the screen is blank. Several times brought to Rawat for repair without any satisfaction until guarantee expires. Lately I brought to another company who said that the flexi-cable must be changed which I did and paid nearly about USD28/-. After three or four days, same problem. After switch-on, it is again o.k. This problem is infact intermittent. And I am fed up with such problem.

My name is Raffick Khodabux of 107 Sir A.R.Mohamed Street, Port-Louis, Mauritius. Tel. [protected] - E-mail: [protected]

Resolved promotion

I have received a sms on 12 february, 2010 as my mobile no has won 250000 pounds as in nokia ongoing uk...

Resolved messages

i recieve a message today in my celular phone like this: Congratulation, your cell phone has won 500000...

Resolved poor customer service

On the 9th February 2010, at 930pm I went to the Nokia Service Centre located in One Utama (New Wing) to get my handphone repaired. There was the running number machine, so after taking my number I was waiting for my turn to be served.

There was only 3 customers there at the point of time and to my disappointment, the customer service executive (RICKY YOO JEY VEN) in charge, not only had showed me the "counter is closed" sign, he had served the person who came 10mins after me.

What the point of nokia service centre placing a running number machine for us to take, if you don, t get your employees to check the tickets? I questioned why didn't he go after running number which he has rudely told me to wait..
I find this irritating and ignorant on the part of customer service.

Not only he was rude, he didn't even appologize for the mistake he did even after fellow executive told him to. Its ridiculous how such CUSTOMER Service Executive are trained!

I hope Nokia Service Centre in One Utama will look into this matter to ensure such event won't occur again to another customer as this could tarnish the good name of Nokia Service Centre.

Thank You.


  • Na
    nathanandy Mar 27, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think nowadays most of the service centres employ some useless staff which are not suitable to sit at the front desks... last Friday i have called Amcorp Malls Nokia service centre to check if they are working on Saturdays... an idiot told me that they operate from 9 to 5... So on Saturday (the next day)...I went there all the way from Puchong and it was closed... the board shows that they only only operate on weeek days!!!
    Then i went to the shop where i bought the phone (Giant - Bandar Puteri)
    That guy said he can only reformat the phone all the data will be gone... I asked him about the back up that I have made... how to use that or how that can be helpful. He said he doesnt know he can only reformat (what a very helpful info) !!! What a knowledgeable and dedicated person!!! and what a wonderfull service!!! Then i showed him my earphone that has spoiled (the pressing button was broken.. i just bought the phone last Nov 2010) ... he said someone purposely spoiled it... I asked him if anyone will purposely spoil their things and bring it back for repair (maybe he likes to do that i guess.. spoil is own thing and travel all the way to repair and get back the same device again)..i was not done with him yet but he just left me and attended the new customers who were looking aound for phones (for him that is important since they can get money from new sales)...when selling the phone they are very nice... but after that .. nothing much to talk about these plain ****** i guess

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  • Yi
    Yiah Apr 22, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i just sent my phone Nokia C6-01 to One Utama Nokia Service Center to change the LCD Screen and upgrade the software before once i bought the phone, the phone keep hang and i need to take out the battery and restart it ! After few days i received a call from One Utama Nokia Service Center, someone told me that my phone is ready to collect. The third day only i go to collect my phone. And once i turn on my phone is quite hang also, and that service guy who served me said it's because of some software still haven't complete yet and he ask me don't put in my memory card for 1 day. By the way, I want to complaint the service person because his service attitude was very poor !! He seemed reluctant to answer my question, I have been perfunctory!!
    The next day, i put the memory card into the phone, and i found that my phone keep no line, i unable to call out, receive call and message also ! It's happened few days already, and i don't know what they doing to my phone while repairing my phone! This matter quite bother me ! I hope you can give me a satisfactory answer ! Otherwise, i will take back my Nokia C6-01 to the Service Center and ask for a new phone to me ! Please give me an answer right way, this is my last limits of endurance!
    Senny Lim

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  • Am
    Aman Bhadraja May 23, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i m toataly disapointed wid dis nokia and its service

    i purchased my phone on 12 jan 2011

    and aftr 1 month it is creating problem

    hanging, reboot automatically restart etc.

    i already submited my phone in (nigdi nokia care pune)

    5 times they will take 10 - 10 days each and evry time

    and they said to me ur phone is going for replacing

    but they will repair my phone & gived back 2 me in 10 10 days

    who is d responsible for dis??

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  • Ch
    charlie5365 Feb 09, 2012
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    Verified customer

    they do not have trained personnels nokia care centre in amcorp mall.
    my phone is still under warranty.
    i took my phone there 7 times they could not rectify the problem.
    i have all the w/o numbers.
    last they changed the motherboard, still the phone hangs.
    i do not know what to do,
    change a new phone.

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Resolved switch off automatic

my phone is not geting start
i was updating my phone, while updating it disconnected and my phone got switch of ...
i also spend 2500 Rs. for repair it but service center has said that it is manufacturing problem.

  • shashank_spb1 Sep 08, 2009
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    Verified customer

    Your name:Shashank P Birhade
    Address:107 Eknath Nagar Osmanpura Aurangabad Maharashtra 431001
    Phone model:Nokia 6233
    Make:Nokia Black Colour
    Last used No.:
    E-mail for communication:[email protected]
    Missed date:
    IMEI No.: 352915023091344

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