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Complaints & Reviews

158 never on time - why bother having a schedule?

As the weather gets colder, it's becoming more unbearable how late the 158 bus arrives to it's stop in the morning. I wait for the 7:18am bus (in fort lee to go to PABT) for a good 15 minutes each day... What's funny is, that means the next bus after that is likewise late... It just keeps getting worse and someone has to do something about it. Why bother having a schedule if you're not even going to be remotely close to being on it??

abusive aggressive misbehaving driver

I am a regular passenger for NJ Transit Route 158 going from Fort Lee to NY Port Authority. On Oct 31 about 8.30 am morning, along with many other passengers, I was waiting for a bus to arrive (which came in 30 mins late). On arrival, the driver hinted to us that it was a standee only bus. Since many of us were waiting for long, we all decided to get on board. On getting onboard, the driver insisted that we move back, which all of us obliged since this was a dual bus and there was standing capacity at the back that we were moving towards. After driving in slow moving traffic, the driver suddenly pulled the bus by the curb side & walked straight into the standing folks towards the rear of the bus and started misbehaving. He started using profanities such as "I am tired of taking you idiots to NY everyday" and started threatening the standee passengers in a very loud jarring voice stating "I am the final authority, when I ask you ******* to move back, you move back". His behavior was turning rouge, aggressive and he was showering profanities on to the passengers. And all this while more than half of the front side of the bus was empty & had enough space for further standees to get in. His behavior was totally unacceptable. When a few passengers indicated that his behavior was way out of the line, he said "Do you think I care about this job, about this life, go ahead complain to whoever/the authorities, my name is Chris Cummings & I am on bus number 9630". He is a tall 40 something of African American decent. And this incident occurred on NJ Transit, Bus number 9630, bus route 158 going from Fort Lee to NY Port Authority. Carrying two bus full load of passengers and half a bus load of standee passengers.

Found this behavior totally unacceptable & beyond reason - NJ Transit should take strict action on drivers such as these that make it so hard for commuters to have a peaceful journey to office. Again, it also appeared that the driver did not clearly care about his job and his life, which puts all passengers on the bus at added risk to their lives.

employee problem

I was waiting for the 6:20 bus and wound up missing it. I went inside and asked about another bus. They told...

train schedule

I was at the Rahway station today 9/4/13 and the 8:51 am train left early!! I can't tell you how annoying it is to be at the train station early only to find out that the train is gone!! Myself and many others were left stranded at the station! Furthermore, the 8:54 am express train - NEVER SHOWED UP!! The next train that came to the station was the 9:21 local train!! -- After raising the fair over 80% the least you could do is run the train schedule properly!! - too often trains are leaving early and too often others are not showing up!! - I've never filed a complaint before BUT this is getting crazy!! -EVERY DAY!! it's something new -- and someone needs to be fired!! Moreover, they need to go back and reduce the fair -- the train wasn't worth the money we were paying before, and it sure isn't worth what we're paying now!

riverline returning from concert

The ride home from the XTU Concert on June 30th was the most ridiculous thing I have ever been through. I wa...

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abusive conductor

A NJ Transit conductor on the 9:32AM train from Denver to NYC asked me for my ticket after a previous conductor took the ticket at the beginning of the ride. After he demanded my ticket, I told him to see the first conductor that took the ticket about 15 minutes prior. I told him again to see the other conductor that took my ticket. At this point he began an loud outburst and told that I shouldn't tell him what to do. After the train reached Penn I went looking for this guy. I found him and told him that I would be submitting a complaint about him for his rude and abusive treatment. At that point he exploded, as if it was his right to scream at a customer, and told me that I was a lier for not having a ticket and saying that I did have a ticket. He continued to explode at this point when I told him that the other conductor, who was now at his side, took the ticket. I told him he had big problems and that I would be making sure to report him. I also told him that NJ Transit and I am a customer, not an inmate.

worst service on the planet

What are we?? A herd of cattle? Waited 45 minutes for a bus home last night. Waited 31 minutes for a bus this morning. Where are all of the buses?? Why is it OK that buses just do not show up? Who is running this circus? We are people, not animals. Show us the respect we deserve and provide us with the service that is owed to us. We give you money, you give us service. It's more like we give you money, and you're laughing all the way to the bank with it. Where's your end of the bargain??

stopping the bus

This is just unbelievable. On October 22 2012. The bus driver of bus # 29 didn't stop her bus even me and other 2 customers waved at her. She saw us but didn't stop the bus. We had to run after the bus because that was last bus for the day from Newark to Parsippany on 6:00 pm. Even after running, she didn't bother to stop the bus. If this kept going on then I have to talk to some government official about this I swear to god.

  • Pu
    PurpleOcelot Oct 22, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yeah, I used to be a bus driver. Unfortunately, most bus drivers who have been driving for years consider thier last bus run for the day to be all "drop offs". Ive worked with a lot of drivers who would never pick up anyone on their last run.

    The bad thing is, the company doesnt care, the city doesnt care, and the government claims "no involvement".

    So, you can complain all you want, but like complaining about lazy, good for nothing police...there isnt much anybody is gonna do about it.

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bus 158

Good morning! This is SO unbelievable!!! and happening NOT a first TIME! Please, do something with your...

morning tunnel vision shall we say?

Ok this is part one of my first complaint of 455 bus cherry hill!
I pushed the stop for gloucester pike ! The driver is at the red light and goes passed the pike .
Im like wtf !! I told him to stop the bus u bypassed my requested stop!
Had to walk a block up and walk down gloucester pike towards lawnside !1!
Angered to say how do you miss a stop in front of u its 707 am and u should be alert .
It scares me how ur drivers are tunnel visioned by what is in front of them they definately dont KNOW THE BIG PICTURE IS !!! Its rediculous... then he had the nerve to say did u want that pike HEY DRIVER WAKE UP I HIT THE DAMN BUTTON YEAH I WANT THE STOP WE AINT EVEN NEAR THE WHITE HORSE PIKE YET HEEEEEEELLLLLLLLOOOOOOO WAKE UP PEOPLE or stop DRIVING !!!

bypass passengers at night

My name is amber . Today at 945pm i waited for the nj transit bus to come at 1015pm as its scheduled stop... well mind you it was thundering and lighting. And i was soak and wet. Not only the bus was 14 mins late. When i gave the driver to the 20 after to show up... i said for get it the bus aint gonna come its downpouring!!... i cross the gloucester pike in barrington and next thing u know the 455 is right at the red light... i got a white t shirt on and the driver stares forward like he's tunnel visioned !! ... never looks my way nor stops to see if im there. Drives right by me. Mind you he knew i was at the stop cuz he saw me when i was there at 945 when he was at gloucester pike going towards cherry hill. But for one ur drivers need to use there high beams for the stops to see better and to engage in a safe ride home ... mind u i never made it home cuz it was the last bus im drenched in water . Nj transit drivers of 455 cherry hill paulsboro needs better routine evaluation.

bypass passengers at night

rude conductor

I was riding on the 6:54 ne corridor line from ny Penn station on Sunday, Apr 15. When the conductor ( 30-40 yr old slender man with straight dark hair that touched his collar) took my ticket he said, "We don't go to Princeton Junction and threw the ticket back at me".
I then asked "should I change at Newark?".. Then he said "Change where ever you want".
Really discourteous and very uncalled for.
submitted by:
C.Black [protected]@verizon.net

  • Te
    teresalolichavez Feb 12, 2013

    Yes some are very rude! and terrible service of rude conductor ID# 27616 bus 26 # 1482 from Union going to Elizabeth nasty acttitud I will call tomorrow morning about this

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train 3719

The customer service for NJ Transit is horrible. An employee on train 3719 was very rude and had me put off the train. This employee is unable to listen to customers and should be repremanded. Nj transit employees are not consistent as far as collecting tickets and giving correct prices on them.

  • Mo
    MofNJ Nov 03, 2011

    I also had an incident on a NJ transit train last night (11/1/11) and was told to get off the train - even though I had a valid ticket for travel and had done nothing wrong. I am curious if the same employee was involved. I filed a Complaint by telephone and on the NJ Transit website. My employer also called to complain about how I was treated as my train tickets are purchased by my employer. As of now I have not had any type of response from anyone at Transit.

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bus service

Service on the 163 local and express buses (and 162 Express) from Port Authority in NYC to New Jersey is atrocious. In June 2011, the service started to become truly abysmal, with delays of at least 30 minutes per evening, and long sweaty lines of commuters with no AC to make the wait more bearable. For the past few weeks, things have deteriorated even further. Since returning commuters back to Gate 224 (which they said was to improve service and conditions), things are worse than ever. For example, my husband and I waited an entire hour last night for a bus, and that is now becoming the norm! 30 minutes to 1 hour waits each night. In addition, the waiting area at Gate 224 is filthy. There are large yellow trash buckets filled with unemptied garbage and there is never a presence of NJ transit workers to ask what the problem is or how much longer we can expect to wait. My question is: can it get any worse?

bus service
bus service

  • Ri
    Ricki61 Sep 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That's true. After getting hit by Hurricane Irene and getting 4 feet of water in our basement, nothing surprises me.

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  • Li
    Lizzy D Jul 15, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The lower level gates of port authority nj transit are dangerous and unsafe. Due to late bus arrivals thousand of people jam into a small area making it impossible to get out if an emergency had occurred. It is difficult just to get around and at time people were flat out unable to move. A pregnant woman almost fainted.

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bus crashed into my car

An NJ Transit bus hit my car while making a turn on April 17, 2011. How should i recover my deductible from...

fellow passenger rude and refused to make seat available

Today April 6th 2011 I got the train to NYC Penn station, from New Brunswick at 10.18A.M the train was very...

bus 507 running before schedule time

Bus 507 between Ocean City & Atlantic City runs before scheduled time by about 10-15 minutes. To day 5: 29...

9/28 - route 192 - 3:10 to nyc

Today, I was waiting for to 3:10 PM, route 192 bus from Clifton, NJ to NYC and it started pouring down rain. Of course I no umbrella and had to stand there, getting soaked for almost 20 minutes. I always get to my stop a bit early, just in case, but on top of this, my bus was 10 minutes late. When bus 8308 finally came, I jumped on, dripping, and told the driver that I would be right back with my ticket, as I had a suit case & bag and I had put my ticket in my pocket to keep it from getting wet. Not even 2 seconds later I handed the driver my ticket and he began to lecture me, as if I were a child, about how I should have had my ticket in my hand before I boarded the bus and how selfish I was because I was causing the bus to be late for everyone! I was stunned! Did he not see that I had been waiting for his 10 minute late bus in a rain storm!?! I was the first stop! Where was he for the last 10 minutes? He kept on ranting about this and I just had to ignore him and go back to a seat far from the front. Seriously, I don't need to be blamed by some A-Hole for his being late, which was obviously the case because he did the to several other people along the line. I did not need this today, I'm soaked to the bone and I sure as hell didn't do anything wrong. This guy is a bus driver employed by NJT, he does not own this bus, and he has no place taking out his buisness on his passengers!

bus driver

The bus driver Mr. E. Brown, drives the #457 leaving the Moorestown Mall in NJ at 4:06PM due to arrive in...

conductor 9495

Last week I was aboard nj transit rail service conductor tells my friend (Which is black) that he probably...

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