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I paid my monthly loan online through my bank account as I always do. The next month, I received my statement saying that I now owed for 2 months (that they had not received my last statement). Well, my bank pays by check and the check had cleared. So, I called customer service and they told me that I would need to some them a copy of my bank statement and it would be cleared within 7 - 10 business days. I called on business day 11 when it had not cleared. I asked to speak to a manager and was given a supervisor. She told me that they were investigating, and I "would just have to wait." I told her I was told max 10 days, and she said "well you'll just have to wait until the investigation is done." I told her I wanted to talk to that department and she told me, "no". I told her then I needed to talk to a manager above her and she told me, "Managers do not take phone call." I asked for her name and, she refused to give it to me and hung up on me. This is the worsst customer service I have ever had. Do not use this company to finance your car loan.


  • Ed
    Edward A. Peacock, Sr. Sep 25, 2008

    I paid off a '95 Nissan pickup in 2002. Since I had no desire to sell the vehicle, I did not pay attention to the fact that I never received a title for said vehice. Now, 6 years later, I am going through HELL trying to get the title! My State Tax ommission has said that all that is need is a simple faxed letter showing that NMAC holds no interest in said vehicle. Simple, right? Several days later, I had to call NMAC to find out that my request had been rejected, because their records showed that some unknown third party had paid off the vehicle! News to me, since I paid every penny of every note! STILL hashing it out! I build Nissan vehicles, but cannot recommend ANYONE to finance through Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation!

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  • Ed
    Edward A. Peacock, Sr. Sep 25, 2008

    sorry, should have read Tax Commission

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  • Ed
    Edward A. Peacock, Sr. Sep 25, 2008

    NMAC says that after a loan is paid off, you have to have a "lien request letter" sent to the Dept. of Motor Vehicles before you can receive your title...anyone else ever heard of another lending institute requiring this?

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  • St
    stephanie Oct 10, 2008

    we are going through the exact same thing. My bank is trying to get that money back to us since it never went through. We have been having problems since sept 28, 2008. That was when our second payment was due to find out we are behind. We are also being told different things from different people

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  • B2
    b2ferrara Dec 12, 2008

    I have problems with their customer service. Since now it's in India, they can hardly understand our questions.

    Send payments via check or money order. And certified mail with a receiving signature required. I had a problem with a credit card company, where they charged extra fees saying the payments arrived late.
    Once I started sending everything certified mail, no more. This way is documented.

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  • Ra
    Rachel Apr 14, 2009

    I have recently had problems with Nissan. I sent a monygram from my April monthly payment. I sent it to Phoenix, Az. However, when we received the new statement it said we were behind two months. I contact Nissan and they said they never received any payment. So I tracked the moneygram and they inform me that it was cashed...the name on the moneygram was Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp...there the only one that can cash it right? After finding out that they never received the payment, I went online and paid for the past month. I got a confirmation number but now they are saying that they have no record.I am waiting to see if it ever goes through if not I have to resubmit the payment. I have to wait for the moneygram company to send me a photocopy of the moneygram. Hopefully, we will get back our money soon. I did not know this happen a lot.

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  • An
    Antoanela May 24, 2009

    I had pbs with Nissan Acceptance Corp. as well.

    I did set up on line automatic draft payment from my checking account to NAC and everything has been going just fine, until January 2009, when I went in a trip. Before the 2 months long trip, I went back on line to make sure everything is going strong, I left all my finances in order and left. On March, when I was able to finaly get on line and check my bank (Checking) statement, I realized that the lease payments didn't come off my account for February. We were already in March and I was 1x30days late with the Feb. payment. As soon as I realize that, in that very day, I contacted NAC and paid the two months. I requested an explanation, why they didn't take money out of my account through the only, just like I set it up, but they told me that they have a record of me canceling the on line automatic draft on January, and that they've sent me emails about my due payment.
    This was a lie, as I have checked my email box and there were NO emails, whatsoever, nor in the Spam/bulk box from NAC, as I have saved and have a folder of emails that I have received from them, but no emails that came on in the time frame btw Jan-March 2009. But, they've already reported my late payment to Credit Bureau, and this is my ONLY late payment in my life!

    I am very frustrated and don't know what to do to fix this. I am sure that their computer system messed up, as I didn't cancel my automatic drafts.

    What should I do?

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  • Hs
    hsparks Oct 14, 2009

    OH great hearing all your stories got me freaked out we just bought a car and financed by these people, Im very sorry that everyone is having a hard time, I pray to god they dont start being this way to us

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  • De
    Dennisssss Oct 19, 2009

    omg!!! i hate their Indian service!!! NEVER EVER EVER deal with Nissan Corp... EVER!!! so frustrating

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  • Je
    Jenjenny Dec 17, 2009

    I have had so many problems with these people I don't know where to begin. I can't seem to get help from anyone as they all seem to point the finger elsewhere. I am at wits end with these people and beg of ANYONE who read this who is considering financing with them to run away. I tried to mail in a check which disappeared in mid air, I tried automatic pay twice which was screwed up both times, I tried making payments over the phone which have been posted to other people's accounts. When I try to get answers they always say they will investigate and call me back which nobody ever does. Not to mention the fact it is extremely difficult to get an english speaking person on the phone. I finally went to the Nissan branch where we leased the car and told them I needed help. They of course said they could not help and I told them i was not going to leave until they found me someone who could. Low and behold they found me someone who assured me everything was taking care of and they would not be reporting me to the credit burea (they were claiming i was 30 days late) it was their mistake and I was never supposed to find out but the people in India don't understand because they have a very different culture. Then why are they OUR customer service? I just got another phone call saying we were reported to the credit burea and are 36 days past due. Back to square 1!!!

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  • Ra
    Rachel Quezada Jan 26, 2010

    I've been with NMAC for along time now but, I may never consider financing with them again. I too find it difficult to have someone who can help me or assist me with a concern because there is a language barrier. I sent off a payoff amt for my car (over $5, 000) and its been two weeks now. Check hasnt been cashed which it never has taken this long and when I called with this concern the lady wanted me to give it another week so I asked her if there was an extension she could transfer me to for the payoff dept. and of course there isnt. Then I told her that maybe I will cancel check and pay over the phone with her then she said that even if I did that, the check would still be deposited, meaning cashed and if I cancelled the check then I would incurr bank fees. I said to her "how could nmac cash a check for which there is no balance on the acct"? she said they would still do it and then refund me the money. Then I felt like I received the run around. I dont understand how a big company like NMAC could not have better coverage or man power to help us with these issues when they arise . That clearly tells me we are not dealing with professionals and I don't care for their work ethics either.


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  • He
    helpful? Feb 17, 2010

    do not mail payoff checks to the pobox address on the statement, the statement does ask you to call for the payoff address
    If you don't want to deal with the India call center ask that they transfer you to the U.S. office and to code the account so that you don't receive calls from the office in India.
    Take your release of lien letter aka "pink slip" to the dmv to get your title.
    Money gram payments are not accepted only western union quick collect.
    If you have a late payment on your credit it cannot be removed as a courtesy due to audit reasons.
    Do not overnight mail to a p.o. box address, call and ask for the physical address and who or what department it should be attentioned to.
    Check your statement every month to make sure all the information is correct on it, even if you know you paid your payment on time.

    Hope this information was helpful.

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  • Su
    sullivan5555 Jul 07, 2010

    My 2006 Nissan 350z has been an absolute nightmare to deal with for about the past 1 year. Not the car, but the NMAC and the payments. $ 723.00 a month and i have made 40 payments and cant make this amount anymore. My life is failing and NMAC is RAPING me each month. NMAC collections is Malicious and Predatory. I have bad credit, No extra $$, and the car is not worth what i owe. I cant refinance due to credit and i cant trade in for the same reasons previous. I need a rewrite of loan or at this rate since i am going back into the Military i will need to forfeit the vehicle. I have paid so much for this car and now it is just too much to handle. I can only afford $500.00 a month at most. Please help me. Nissan wrongfully REPOD my car in December ( Though i was able to retreive ) and that has spiraled me out of monetary control since then. Why wont NMAC work out a solution with or for me ? Please, pleas help. - Sean

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  • Po
    Pooesq Jun 09, 2011

    I too am having a nightmare with NMAC and their customer svc is incompetent. My ex-wife added me to a NMAC car loan without my knowledge and our daughter was using car. She went bankrupt and stopped making payments in Aug 2010 unbeknownst to me. I only found out when re-financing my home and it showed up on credit rept. After dodging vicious repo guys, I finally called Texas directly and got a live person-- I paid the back payments of $3500 and have made all monthly payments since Feb, yet car is still in driveway as I cannot get my name added to title. Not to mention they have still not taken the "charge-off" off of MY credit report. So I pay $494 per month to have the car sit in driveway and likely cannot get another car b/c of the charge off! They are incompetent and awful!

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  • Ph
    Phyllis Craft Aug 06, 2012

    I would never own another Nissan car if they gave me one...I had my 2008 Nissan Sentra bought brand new not even a year and had purchased 4 sets of tires a(over $1000) and they finally found out the toe on my car was bent and causing the tires to wear fast. My daughter purchased her Nissan at the very same time a brand new 2008 Nissan Sentra so she decided to have it checked out and guess what the toe on her car was bend also. They tried to say it was something we had done but I know better and so does the Nissan Company. I tell everyone who ask about my car to go somewhere else and purchase a car because the Nissan Company is crooked and will not stand by there products. Nissan is the worse company to purchase a vehicle from. When I contact Nissan Corp. about this problem they never contacted me back and I continued to send emails and call but still no response back and when I finally got someone to talk to after 3 years of fighting this I was told I needed to get receipts and the company I bought the tires from said they only keep records for 2 years Nissan then told me well it's been to long now and there is nothing we can do. I hate this company with a passion.

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  • Di
    Diacann Sep 07, 2012

    Nissan motor acceptance are crooks. I asked for an extension on my account. This pushed my payments out 6 months. I continued paying payments but my balance is still high. Nissan lied and said I will owe over $2000 for my last payment. Where will I get that and why didn't they charge the extra amounts with my monthly payments?! Ready to drive my car into the river. Nissan finance are thieves!!! I may consider suing.

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  • Ry
    Ryan Jun Mar 05, 2014

    Thus happened to me last month too. They claimed that they didn't received my payment so i mail them another check to found out that a few days went by they charged me twice for my first and second check.

    That was $750 out of my account man. As a student it is really hard to come up with money to make ends meet and this fruitlickers take $750 out in one time?

    Jesus! Ima change the finance company as soon as i can.

    Hopefully people read this before they actually made a mistake like we alll did here


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  • Cn
    cnwiss Aug 18, 2014

    This is the WORST customer service I've ever encountered. I have called
    Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation (NMAC) on two occasions to request a
    copy of my title because I am changing states. I spoke to someone named
    Darrell and a woman. After providing false information, I called both
    the NY and MA DMV's and was told that NMAC is completely wrong in the
    process. NMAC said the MA DMV would take 30 business days to release an
    electronic title into a printed one. MA said it would take 1 business
    day. Nissan said they would only send NY the copy of the title- NY said
    they could not accept the copy unless it was from me. In the midst of
    all NMAC's incorrect information, the customer service representatives
    were downright rude. One of them, Darrell, tried to lecture me on what
    an electronic (DUH) title means and the second one would not provide her
    name. The second rep, a woman, also hung up on me when I asked to speak
    to a manager. Both reps told me I would have to keep calling daily over
    the next 30 days to see if my title was received from the DMV yet and
    hope that I could get the copy request in on time. HORRIFIC and RUDE
    customer service reps. NMAC needs to clean house of these people. I've
    gone through two other car loan providers over the years, Bank of
    America and Chase, and never once ran into these problems. NMAC SUCKS!

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  • Ni
    nikki o May 22, 2015

    I agree I had a 2014 Nissan Altima and when I got slow at work I tried to make deferments for payment arrangements and they would not do i told theme them I would do a voluntary drop off and they came andtowed my car in the middle of the night when I had to take my kids to school and had to work the very next day these crooks then they contacted me on the sale of the car after the repo and still try to go out for me for 15000 when I already paid 15, 000 that was worth more than what the car was worth now I filed bankruptcy and they will get nothing stay away from these people if you can they are crooks!!!

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  • Ri
    Richard Matthew Nov 16, 2015

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  • Je
    Jeff Klenow Jun 04, 2016

    I have my loan through Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation. I paid Apr 16 and 5/1 for Apr and May car payments through my banks online payment. They took the money from my account Apr 20 and 5/3. They credited my acct on May 16th backdating the credits to 5/9 and 4/30. 16 phone calls later there is no resolution. I was told twice it would be resolved by 5/31 and billing would call me. I started calling on June 1st. I was then told I would have to send my bank statement before they would look into my account and they have no record of telling me anything otherwise. Calls have continued 1st to my house phone and then my cell phone that I am overdue.
    Still the calls come after telling them to take me off the list. I talk to people from Eastern India I cannot understand. I have called the better business bureau and they refer me back to Nissan Motor acceptance organization. When asking the supervisors who I can send my complaints to they said the po box number in Irving, Texas. I asked them in care of who? The said no body just a po box? Who will look at it? They never answered. I asked them to document my complaint and asked who look at it ? They said them ( meaning the people I previously talked to on the phone). When read back to me half the order of events were incorrect.
    When looking at another website for Nissan: sales 30 total complaints, leasing 20 total complaints, Nissan Acceptance corporation 563 total complaints. See a pattern here?

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  • Ap
    Appaiah Jul 11, 2016

    I grounded my lease after 3 years on 7/4/2016 on my 2013 Nissan Pathfinder at a dealership(Browns, Nissan, Dulles, VA) . The last payment was due on the vehicle on June 1st 2016 which was paid and the vehicle returned to the dealership on July 4th 2016. Immediately following my lease the dealership purchased the vehicle from NILT on 7/5/2016. Meanwhile on 07/01/2016 I unknowingly overpaid an additional installment of 420$ which NISSAN accepted and did not show credit balance on my Account (I had set up as recurring payment through my Bank and I forgot to stop my recurring payment). I brought this to the notice of NILT and they directed me to collect the money from the dealership as the dealership already purchased the vehicle and it was negotiated factoring the excess amount I paid. When I go to the Dealership, they refuse to refund the amount saying that we paid NILT as per the negotiated amount. The dealer and I called NILT from the dealership to clear this confusion. The NILT representative categorically conveyed that he was sorry to break the news that NILT cannot refund the amount as they would lose 420$ if they refund the amount. Not sure what kind of accounting system NILT follows, the moment I paid the excess amount it should have shown as a credit to my Account, I do not care how NILT and the dealership handle their transactions. I have never experienced this kind of attitude from another company, even 10 cents excess amounts are refunded by other companies and here NISSAN is trying to steal my money saying that it is my fault that I did not stop the recurring payment on time. I have been their customer for some time I have leased 4 vehicles from NISSAN (2 leased for my daughters) and this is the way they treat their customers. I am hoping that NILT has better sense to not let a customer go and force me to take legal recourse.

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