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Complaints & Reviews

fraud and cheating

I bought a car from North Texas Nissan (Not to be confused w/ Avery Johnson N.Tx Nissan) in February of 2008. The car in particular we (husband & I) were interested in purchasing was a USED 2007 Nissan Sentra. It was being sold for $15, 500- or at least their asking price. I said I was not going to pay that much for a used vehicle- I didn't care how 'loaded' it was or not.

After much negotiation Jose Bosquez (the associate) went to the manager with the final deal of $13, 100. With that because of our joint credit the APR % was financed at 9.99%. We gave a $3000 down payment on the car, signed the contract and took the car home.

A week later Jose harassed me time ant time again, after being asked not to call my place of employment, by calling my job, COMING in PERSON, and constantly just calling. He said that the bank that was to finance us wouldn't, but they found one that could. The difference was going to be the APR %. Instead of 9.99% as originally mentioned, it would be 11.99%. I told him quite frankly I could not afford that, and to take the car back if that's what it would cost me. After much negotiation with his manager (according to him), he said that they would change the asking price from $13100 to $12100 to make up the difference (which it does in no way do!), but I could manage.

My husband went away on a business trip and I told him to wait until he got back. Jose said that he couldn't because if he did not sign that the bank would back out. I told him that I would speak to him that night & if everything worked out he would come down. So I did not sign. Jose disregarded my request and interrupted my husband's work activities after being asked not to. Well my husband had not gotten a chance to speak to me, so Jose made up some story that I had signed the agreement & was ok & suggested he do it to or they would take back the car. So my husband confided in his word, and signed. A few days later Jose called me saying that my husband had signed & all that was pending was my signature now. So I went to the dealership, after looking over the paper work I noticed the digits were all wrong, and I asked them why. They made up some elaborate story, and the way it was explained to me, I was like Ok that makes sense. So I signed. I asked for my copy and they said they couldn't give it to me, because it had to go to the bank and finalize the transactions and what not, but would be mailed to me.

We got 45 days payment free, when I got my first statement I was shocked. The original loan amount was $15500 (approx)- I was expecting it to be around $10200 or so. So I called the bank and they said that that was what North Texas Nissan submitted, that I would have to contact them to correct the matter. I was constantly calling & speaking directly to Jose Bosquez regarding the situation. He acted surprised and said that he was trying to talk to the managers for me. I called and spoke to the manager, and he said he would call me back & never did. I called multiple times for him but he was never there. So now I have paid on this loan for almost a year and have only decreased the amount by $600. I have tried like a mad-woman to get in touch with the original owners to resolve the matter, but since they got bought out by Avery Johnson, my cause is almost lost. I'm trying to get the word out there... maybe I can find some help somewhere.

navara - air conditioner not working

I have had a problem for the past six months with an air conditioner for this car not working on days when temperatures are above 20 degrees celcius. This started when the car was at 36, 000 km, a thing that never happened with my old hardbordy (at 160, 000km) and my corrola (at 250, 000km).

I have taken it to the dealer more than three times with no success. I live in the hottest part of swaziland where temperatures rise upto 40, and with a car like this you get to the office wet like an olimpics runner.

Kindly get an expect to assist


Muzi Dlamini
Contact: [protected]

  • Mi
    Minnaar Jul 15, 2009

    ABS sensor cables on rear wheels are unprotected and open for outside damage. 5, 6k to replace one cable and Nissan does not assist...

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  • Ho
    horwood Aug 04, 2009

    my daughter had an accident in her 1 year old nissan navara hit a tree after what she thought was a right hand front tyre blowout. The airbags however (2 in the front ) didn't inflate why fit them if they don't work? Jes Darwin NT

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  • Na
    Navara Philippines Apr 04, 2010

    the problem is your battery...i didnt experienced that with my navara. check your battery because air conditioning really consumes high in battery so when you have a low battery then your air con might not work.

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bad service no help

My vehicle went in for a 120 k service atnissan alberton (major service, r9000.00 zars), I have had a full service history on the vehicle wich is a navarra 2006 and not a thing went wrong yet.
It comes out of a service at nissan alberton worse off than when it went in, shocking, on recieving the vehicle it had grubby hand marks on the door wich I had only seen when arriving home, that was when I got home after a 2 hr drive. Reason for the 30 kilometer trip taking so long, was that the vehicle decided to put itself into limp mode 10 kilos out of town (nissan were closed at the time 6 pm) there was also a extremly loud screach coming from the fan belt, wich I was told by the service advisor it was soap on the fan belt and it would go away, not a chance, when returning the folowing day to nissan the told ne they were fully booked and could not help me, so I limped to randburg branch, the advisor there took 10 min diagnosed my screach, a loose fan belt tentioner, now nissan alberton had just changed the belts and obviously had not tentioned the tensioner. So on to the limp mode story, randburg hook up there computer to the navaras computer and the fault is diagnosed on the fuel pump side, now how the hell can the vehicle have a problem when it was perfect before going into the service at nissan alberton, now its got a fuel pump problem. I can bet you my last dollar that nissan do not have qualified mechanics working on our vehicles, and some techy has worked on my vehicle and done some thing wrong, this is shockng, we spend hundreds of thousnds of rands on there products only to get this kind of service.
The other thing was that when collecting my vehicle the service manager tells me that he has to change the back left drive axle (r12 000.00) but I shoudnt worry they are not going to charge me for it, whattttttt, I cannot believe that a dealership is not going to charge me for a 12k part, cut a long story short they changed it didnt charge me, but why not, to this day a smell a rat, now with my vehicle in limp mode and all, I havent had so many problems / issues with one service like this before, I hope nissan sa read this as my vehicle is still not fixed and nissan alberton I hear have a booking this week to repair this fault or tell me what is wrong, I will be taking it for a second opinion just incase I get conned into repairing something thats not my fault. Bill is for nissans account not mine, this will go to nissan hq

terrible experience

Smithown Nissan is the lowest of the low of all the car dealers, please don't go there for a car. We bought a used car in 8/05, a Nissan Altima, and didn't want the extended Warranty but the Finance guy said we would be able to get our money back if we didn't use the warranty. He slipped in a charge for it on my invoice for $140.00 in addition to the $999.00.

After our warranty was up we discovered not only did they lie about the refund, but that they back dated the policy to 2003 so we only had a warranty for less than 1 year. The warranty company was in disbelief they could do this to us, and she said that we should of gotten the policy for 999 without having to pay the 140 extra. That it's a no charge thing and that the dealer is to pay for it.

After calling them on and off for two months now, we realized that they are just ducking and weaving us, to frustrate us to the point that we just go away and forget about it. I reminded him, we have all this in writing on our invoice, the warranty and the 140 extra which says extended warranty refund, but they don't seem to care, he passed me down to his supervisor, which said he would look into the deal and get back to me, and since then has not called, or come to the phone when I call.

They also charged us 360.00 dollars for etch on windshield which we never asked for and when we confronted them about it, the Manager said don't worry we will also get that money back also. This sadly is not the last time that someone like me gets taken advantage of, but I will not buy a car without first doing a full research on the business I am dealing with. Nissan should also be informed about this dealership and they're practices.

bad service

Scott, the service manager at Gunn Nissan and his helper Jeff were extremely rude, disrespectful, and...

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gerald nissan north aurora

James pakowski 415 grape vine trail oswego, il 60543 [protected] email...

they wont give me my refund deposit back

I wnat to let you know the awful experience I had with NISSAN IN DARIEN I went there on October 21, 2008 on Friday and I was shopping around looking for a lease car or finance, I was very honest when I went there and told them that I have a lease car that I have to return by Dec well i was talking to them and they ran some numbers for me and i signed which I thought it was an formation sheet and they took a deposit of $500.00 by Saturday the sales person PETER BUSH said that I think there is a problem with the ROGUE he said there was a sale sign on it and will see you had the buy first, well I called him back re: the Rogue and left a message then we spoke on Monday and said if I intrested in the silver instead I said well can you credit me my money back I have a personal problem that came up well the sales person now is ignoring me and so is the General Manager Randy DEMAYO they won't answer my phone calls and they won't return my money back the deposit I work to hard for that and I told them that I'am a single parent and I really can't do this right now but they have taken advantage of me, and its so frustrating to know that there are very cruel and unproffessional people out there I have been leasing all my life never have I been treated like this before, I'am just going to take them to COURT to get my money BAck . awful place to go do not ever buy from them there unworthy and go can't trust them at all Awful DEALERSHIP

  • Ad
    Adria Nov 09, 2008

    Hello I went to the dealership Nissan in Darien Ct, on October 31, 2008 Friday I was honest with the sales person Peter bush re: my lease that it was up in December and I also told him I was shopping around to see what options I had I looked on a Rogue and he took my information and he told we want to run your credit and I left a deposit of $500.00 and I got a call on Saturday by Peter Bush saying that there was aproblem with the car that it might have been sold already that he was going to find out what happened then he said on monday if I would be intrested in a silver one instead, I told him no to please refund my money well they have been stalling with me everyday putting words in my mouth that I didn't say, and that they had to go get the car for me somewhere else and they spend alot of money doing the paper work. I have gave them enough time for them to give me my refund they keep ignoring me not returning my phone calls and the General Manager also Paul, and Mr. Demayo its just not right, I told them how can they do this to me I'am a single parent and I am going to wait a little longer because personal issue with money came up they don't care how they treat people they just twisting the whole story to save themselves from a lawsuit to happen I need to be heard please try to help me. I'am in a tough situation right now I just want my refund back . thanks for listening.

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  • De
    denys Nov 15, 2008

    Hello with the help of Mr. Steinman at the dealership in Darien Ct I got my deposit back, i'am very grateful to him for understanding where I'am coming from and talking to his Staff thank you again.

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  • Ex
    Ex-Darien Customer May 21, 2012

    After purchasing a Murano LE with all service prepaid from Darien Nissan, I was treated like trash. I had my check engine light come on, and it needed a service also. I needed a loaner because I have children to pick up, and I have a life.

    They told me I would have to rent a loaner at $25.00 a day. I replied that my local dealership never has an issue with giving me a loaner for free. It was just that my local could not get me a car for a week.

    It seems odd to me that in this time of economic difficulty, especially in the motor industry, that instead of bending over backwards to please a customer, they are slamming the door in my face.

    I will never go there again for service or a new purchase. My husband and myself are looking to buy new vehicles, coincidentally, and with one phone call, Darien Nissan just lost the business.

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  • Js
    JSOMAYA Oct 30, 2013

    I have never been humiliated like this in my life.
    We waited in the Darien dealership for about 40 minutes and then had to walk into someone cubical to get some attention.
    We were told "we are too busy today, wait in the waiting area and someone will talk to you".
    After a few minutes we walked into another cubical and got the same response.
    there were about 6 employees easily visible, only 1 was with a client, 2 were on the phone and the other 3 walking in and out of the back offices.
    We had also received a scratch card in mail, which showed that we had a winning number and should visit the dealership to claim our price, the scratch card was pulled out of our hands and were handed 2 "Presidential coins" and said this is what you have won !!
    If you plan to invite customers to your dealership with such fake events, at least have something that looks real .
    we are a very well to do family and not beggars from the street and even if we were, no one should be treated like that.
    SHAME ON YOU !! And I feel sorry that the town of Darien has a dealership like this.

    0 Votes
  • Rq
    R Quant Dec 24, 2014

    I had my one year old Leaf towed to Nissan of Darien with some serious safety issues on December 3'd. Just as the 3 week "lemon law" period came into effect, I received panicky phone calls and a fax to my office telling me that the dealership was closing at the end of December 2014! I was instructed to "remove my vehicle"...since The Leaf was not repaired, it is not possible for me to drive it ! I sure hope this is not a ruse by the owner Mr. Steinmetz...

    0 Votes

service on 2005 nissan maxima

I took my 2017 nissan maxima to baker jacson for service after not one, but two different inspection companies told me that my car was registering with a problem on my catalytic converter. Baker jackson had my car for a total of 4 days, told me they could find "nothing" wrong". Left filthy handprints all over my upholstery, a huge dent in the door that of course no one knew anything about! Can someone tell them to tell me how"they found absolutely nothing wrong"I drive my car the following day not even 15 miles and the"service engine light" comes on. I would laugh if I could find something funny. Not to mention that I was billed over $600 for someone to tell me they found nothing wrong. I will definitely rethink buying nissan in the future.

  • Ji
    Jimmy Farag Oct 28, 2010

    I had my 45k service at Backer Jackson Nissan, the very next day the AC compressor blew out (Not sure what are the odds), they replaced the compressor and since then I complained more than one time than the AC is not blowing cold air. They checked the AC and said it is fine, just it is hot these days and always turn on the recycle (DAHH!!)

    I checked at two other places on the AC and found that the pherion is low.

    Also, I had a hit at the bottom of the car and they said that i have to change the control arm for $600 and get a new rim because it is not repairable (Around $475)

    Guess what, the control arm is working fine and found it outside Nissan for $75 (Yes, SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS) and I was able to fix the rim for $120 and found that the new rim is for $175-200 not $475 (And this was a special price) and also I was able to find a used rim with the tire for less than $100

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horrible service & repairs

I have taken my 2007 nissan altima in 4 times to get it's brakes repaired. A loud sqeeking and vibrations has persisted for over 3 months. After 4 visits, pat peck nissan, still cannot get it right. The car needs new brake pads and roters, but pat peck nissan refuses to make the necessary repairs... They are trying to wait until the warranty runs out so they won't have to make the repairs. Do not buy from pat peck nissan... Do not buy from pat peck nissan!!!

fired without notice

I was a Manager recruited by Mr. Gates to work in Frankfort, Ky. After less than 60 days of service I am...

service rep from dealer trys rip me off!!!

I bought 20005 nissan altima, it was brand new car from dealer, I had only 1 miles on it when I bought thi...

sleezy car dealerships

I purchased a brand new 2009 nissan from Universal Nissan on a Saturday. I signed all the paperwork, traded...

bad service

I brought my car in to five towns nissan on thursday, 10/9/08 for both service and a problem I have had with...

rude, unhelpfull dealership

First Week, First Issue - I just saw a "Nissan Murano 2005 w/26500 miles" at their website that i wanted to...

co - signer

This is a complaint to their Business Office I purchase a car there Last June2007, I needed a co signer, my sister did co sign for me after sitting in the office with the car salesman Lamont and the Business Manager Susan Chow we were told by the two of them after my sister name has been on the contract for a year she can have her name removed, June 16th 2008 I called Nalley to have her name removed, I was told by the salesman Lamont and the Business Mgr. in order to have her name removed I would have to have the car refince with another down payment, this has called problems between she and I and nalley lied to us, this problem need to be corrected by the dealership and Drive Finance, this is Leading to a court battle between two sisters that took the words from the salesman and the Buiness mgr to be trust worthy, yet in still we found that they both lied in order to make a sale, will someone contact me to resolve this matter or other legal matters will be taken.Thanks B.L.Ward

  • Ka
    Kat Mar 22, 2009

    No one lied. Drive finance is a secondary bank. You would have to make another down payment to refinance. There is a reason why your sister had to co-sign for you and it happens to be the same reason why you have drive finance...simply...your credit wasn't strong enough. If it were, then you wouldn't need a co signer or a secondary bank.

    1 Votes
  • In
    in concern Nov 11, 2011

    At Nalley nissan I have been trying to buy a new car .keith gave me a price for this car out the door we agreed on this price then perceded in geting a buyers order from my bank at and at this time nalley nissan reneged and wanted to go up another 750.00 dollars after they told me what the price would be out the door

    0 Votes

terrible experience

We've had this car since new for 6+ years and have had this "SERVICE ENGINE SOON" indicator show up on the dashboard. This has happened 5 times in 6 years, in which 4 of those times, it has been the same problem: the vent control valve was no longer working.

The dealer in Unionville Ontario, Canada has said each and every time that "parts do fail". The problem is that this part failed 4 times in 6 years when it was supposed to last the lifetime of the car. After repeated requests for the dealer (after the 3rd time) to get Nissan Canada involved, the answer was always no. Seemed suspicious that every 1+ year, that this part will fail.

I called Nissan Canada myself and complained. I told them the dealer was willing to provide full maintenance history of the car, but after 2 minutes on the line with them, the CSR says "oh, your car doesn't have extended warranty" and there was nothing that could be done. If I had extended warranty, would I be calling them... not so bright, those people at customer service. The fact is the same part has failed 4 times in 6 years and no one thinks that is abnormal.

Well, I think it's abnormal and for their attitude, when my 2 Nissans need replacing with new models, I can guarantee you it will NOT be another NISSAN product... ever. We've got a large extended family, and believe me, I will do everything in my power to dissuade them from buying a NISSAN or INFINITY product. There are quality conscious and customer friendly car companies out there, so NISSAN can kiss my business goodbye.

bad service

I was involved in a disagreement with a Certified Service Consultant Viviana Mundo though out the day on...


I have never experienced this level of unprofessional, unethical behavior. The result of my experience with them was that I called the sheriff.
DO NOT buy a car here, or even walk in the door. These people are sterotypical used car salesmen.

  • Mi
    MIke Jun 08, 2009

    Oh yes they are the biggest crook going especially in the KIa store where they try to steer you away from buying a new one and then try to overcharge you and to top it all off try to charge you an addition $999.99 to deliver the car to you.The guy who run that place has no ethics

    0 Votes
  • Jl
    Jlmaxima1 Aug 18, 2009

    Any dealer will try to get top dollar out of a car and try to charge you anything its your responsibility not to let them. Dont get pissed at a dealer because they took you, get pissed at yourself. And also if you want to sound intelligent make some sense.

    0 Votes

fraud and cheating

In 2007 I purchased a brand new Nissan Sentra. I made my car payments through either their Matrix system or directly paid through my online banking account. May & June 2008, I fell behind with my payments due to health reasons.

July 13th 3008 Nissan Financial Corp repossessed my vehicle. Nissan allowed me to pay three car payments, they reversed my late fee's, but they claimed I still owed three car payments in which they would be willing to refinance to the end of the loan

I agreed to pay the three payments, I sent proof that two payments where missing (I did not know where they got the third deficient payment from). Finally, I retrieved the car from repossession, then Nissan sends me a letter stating they posted my payment to another account-sorry.

July 26th I was in a accident due to the recall of the brake cylinder in the Nissan. After my insurance paid for the damage and I paid for the deductible. Nissan repossessed my car again on 09/09/08 because they claim that I am 80 days late.

This is the most egregious display of incompetency and illicit business practices.

scam and cheating

I switched my car at cox nissan 2 months ago they were suppose to pay of the loan of the car in which they...

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