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Last month I purchased/leased my 3rd vehicle from Nissan Canada in the last 3 years. With the strength of the Canadian dollar and all the talk on radio and tv (BNN-Business News Network) I decided to go to an American website and build the same vehicle that i just leased to compare prices. Thats when the utter shock and awe set in when I discovered that the same vehicle in the States would have cost me 11 Thousand dollars less to buy. I was also told by the Canadian Dealership that if I were to purchase a vehicle in the states that the warranty would not be honored here in Canada. It is absolutely sickening to see time after time that Canadians are continually being discriminated against when it comes to parity with our American counterparts. I wouldn't complain if the difference was 1 or 2 thousand dollars but after purchasing 3 vehicles, you do the math. I have already paid for this latest vehicle before I even walked on the lot. I'm sick and tired of being victimized because I'm a Canadian. The exact same vehicle coming off the exact same production line should not cost me 11 thousand dollars more to buy. The level of greed is just disgusting. I will never purchase another vehicle from Nissan.


  • Me
    mehran zandi Jan 15, 2008

    I purchased 2007 nissan sentra last year. from the time of purchase until now this car has been going for repair every sigle month. every single part you name it has been changed. the car is falling a part. I contact nissan several time and complaint but they've done nothing about it. the only thing I heard from them " please accept our appology and you have one year warranty and we take care of it" . the bad news is the year is up in about a month and there is lots of repair is there. tha sad thing the nissan dealers technicians are bunch of in experience and they have no clue how to fix the problems. I am going to sue them. I will sell this junk and never ever buy nissan again.

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  • Ch
    Chris Tamarindo Jan 16, 2008

    There are dealers in the US that will gladly sell Canadians an admissible Nissan so that they can bring it into Canada and save a lot of money. Mike Barney Nissan in Amherst NY does an excellent job, and has the lowest prices in the country.

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  • Am
    Amjad Aziz Feb 05, 2008

    Subject: Complain against bad behaviour of Nissan dealership at “WEST END NISSAN EDMONTON”
    Dear Sir,
    I feel disgusting and wondering that what the behavior of such a big company is.
    My name is Amjad Aziz. I have Nissan Sentara 2001. My car was broken last summer in June. Iam living in a town name WHITERCOURT. I towed away my car to city and the nearest dealership for Nissan is “WEST END NISSAN” Edmonton. I was sitting there for the whole day but they didn’t find the fault .They advised me to come again in the morning. I went next morning , SUPERVISOR NAME “SUSAN SHAH” was there she told me that your car didn’t fix yet so I borrow a rental car for you on behalf of Nissan when your car will fix then you will put this car back to rental guys. My car was fixed in 14 days and I visited there 3-4 times there and keep remembering the supervisor that I got rental car on Nissan behalf. Now rental guys phone me that Nissan didn’t pay the bill and you will pay the bill. I went there couple of days ago, then I met the sales manager,
    He is very rude and ill-mannered person. SUPERVISOR “SUSAN SHAH” left the job so he refused to pay the bill. He told me that we don’t have rules and regulation to pay your bill.
    Customers don’t know the rules and regulations but yours employees knows the rules, if somebody says like this then they keep their words. Rental guys “BUDGET RENTALS” they charge me 445$ on my credit card.

    My Name: Amjad Aziz
    Phone: 780-706-3171
    License: EKV773
    Nissan Sentra 2001

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  • Ma
    Marc Campbell Jul 23, 2008

    I own a 2005 Sentra with 138 000 km and the head gasket just blew! I thought Nissan was one of the best companies to deal with! Guess not!...Service manager at my dealership gave me a load of crap and Nissan Canada did absolutely nothing but take all my personal info...first and last Nissan for me...1300$$$ to repair on a 2005 car...what a joke!

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  • Je
    Jeff wasylucha Nov 03, 2008

    I bought a used 2001 pathfnder LE in excellent shape. 3 months later the interior clock does not work, left strut is leaking...wear and tear I know. SES light came on for the last 3 months but I did not notice any bad performance in the pathfinder but i brought it in the dealership anyways to find out what the ses light meant. turns out it was the MAF sensor failing. I searched the net for common issues with this year and dozen's of people posted the same issues that I have and other that I don't have. This is a comon issue with pathfinders and Nissan wil not stand up to it by replacing these parts (MAF sensor)
    Stadium nissan quoted me $900 for the new sensor hahah what ajoke. $780 for the strut and $700 for a rebuilt alternator. I bought all the parts myself locally and from ebay. $130 for MAF sensor, $230 for install alternator and $130 for a new strut. Nissan is a god %$# ripp off to thier customers. I also have a 94 nissan pathfinder and never had any issues beside new brakes. howz that for quality.

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  • To
    toadd Mar 01, 2009

    i tryed to make a deal at west end nissan edmonton alberta but after the contract was signed and deposit left i went back to see the car and sign final papers they added a whole bunch stuff i did not want they said i sign the contract i had to pay the total . i said that is not what i sign for give back my deposit they said no because they brough a car in for me .I went to sherwood park nissan and got a car their 4000 dollars cheaper.same car i was dealing on [2009 altima 2.5 sl, remote starter, tint, spoler] i'm still trying to get my money[1000] back if anyone has a idea let me know.STAY AWY FROM WEST END NISSAN EDMONTON ALBERTA THEY ARE DIRTY

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  • No
    no_psi Apr 28, 2009

    Call AMVIC about your disput with West Edmonton Nissan...
    They will help you get your deposit back

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  • Co
    Corrado Grech Jun 04, 2009

    My Name is Corrado and i have a Nissan sentra spec v 2003 and they have changed the motor in it 5 times now, previous motor changes were done because of oil consumption and now that they have corrected that problem of the motor burning oil the lower end of the motor is rattling in the crank area and they are changing the motor again. What am i to do does anyone have an answer because nissan does not seem to care about its customers and their own products that they sell.. I will never buy a nissan vehicle again very disappointed in them with customer care...

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  • Do
    Doogie 2054 Dec 02, 2009

    Regarding warranty I bought a 2006 Titan Truck from the US and it still had 1 1/2 years of warranty which Nissan has honored with out question

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  • Do
    Doogie 2054 Dec 02, 2009

    I bought a 2006 Nissan Titan LE from the States it had a year and a half left on the warranty Nissan Canada has honored the warranty without any problem, I have had several issues and am very pleased with Nissan.

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  • Do
    Doogie 2054 Dec 02, 2009

    I have had a problem with water entering the passengers side of the vehicle nissan has replaced the carpet but they can't seem to find the problem. I am wondering if anyone out there has had the same problem and can maybe shed some light on the problem. Thanks

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  • Ha
    hatetitan Mar 19, 2011

    I have a 2005 Nissan Titan SE King Cab with the Off Road, Tow and Utility Package, which I bought new. It has been nothing but heartache! Brakes were shot after 8000 km. I've done the brakes twice, once myself and once at the dealer. Door handles are frozen all winter long. One of the heater actuators clicks non stop. Now at 107000 km, my rear differential just failed. $4500.00 plus tax minimum. 1 year and 7000 km past the warranty. Dealer says they can do nothing about it. I'm going to put in a complaint with Nissan Canada but I know it won't get me anywhere. I'll take the matter up in court! I believe that there is a looming class action lawsuit against Nissan in the US regarding the diferentials in Titans. I won't own another Nissan product! They know of the break problem and have recalled it in the US but we have to pay for everything here in Canada!

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  • Ma
    matthewsg Sep 06, 2011

    nissan sure has its problems with the parts they are sourcing for some of their line.
    One part in particular is the shackle that holds the rear springs on the truck.These shackles are wearing out sometimes within 60, 000kilo allowing the rear spring to come up through the cargo box on a Titan pick-up
    This can be a very dangerous and unsafe condition as it changes the steering geometry of the vehilce allowing it to under or over-steer.ANY LEGAL SUITS HAPPENING YET

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  • Ma
    matthewsg Sep 06, 2011

    bad design on someone's part

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  • De
    De la Rosa Sep 15, 2011

    Nissan its a great car but here in Canada the costumer service it's really bad and most finance area.
    they took from my bank account almost 4 times the amount of money you should take, in order to talk to someone and complain it took me 3 days.
    Then one day I had stop working completely go to a dealer and the solution was go to the bank and stop payment.
    I finally returned the money but I lost a whole day of work and I'm still waiting for an apology or a call to give me an explanation that was what happened.
    I really like the Nissan and I have to buy a car for my wife but now with the nissan I don't want anything.

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  • Va
    Vasily Burnin Mar 18, 2012

    Dear Sirs,
    I live in Calgary Canada.
    In spring of last year I bought Nissan Sentra car in “Royal Oak Nissan” dealership. Along with the car an additional warranty was sold to be at 2.355 Canadian dollars for 60 months or 120000 km. At that it was not mu choice, the seller just notified me. I agreed to that reasoning it was my first car in Canada.
    Having exploited the car for some time I started to notice some foreign noise, coming from the steering wheel. The dealership set me an appointment at 16.00, and as it was on the other side of the city I had to excuse from my work earlier. Upon arrival I was told to leave the car for one hour. Coming back in one hour I saw the mechanic, who had started with my car, working with another car. The service manager informed the mechanic didn’t find any problem and a test-drive was needed. During the test driver the mechanic was not able to find anything, until I pointed him to the noise. The service manager informed they didn’t the spare part at that moment, but they would order it and called as soon as it arrived. It was a month and a half until I received a call from “Royal oak Nissan” dealership which informed on the spare part arrived and I could come for repairs. I had to excuse from my work again to be in time for repair. The “Nissan royal oak” dealership asked to leave the car till next day. I replied I could not do it as I had to get to my working place unless they would give me another car instead. The service manager told me they didn’t have available cars at that moment and proposed me to come next day for the service. In couple days I came again to leave the car for the service and was given another one to drive. Next days the service manager called to inform the spare part which arrived for my car was damaged and that they would order a new one and would install it the next day. (That moment made me wonder why first I had been waiting for a month and a half and then was told another spare part would be in a day). I also asked to check on the speed shifter as it made some dangling sound. The next day I took my car after the service I found the shift indicator light was not working, but I already didn’t have time to go back to “Nissan royal oak ”for another repair.
    Unfortunately in some time I started again notice some foreign knocking sound coming from underneath of the car. I was not able to take another leave from my work and, instead of spending my weekend with my wife and a new born daughter, I had to go to “Nissan royal oak” dealership have made a preliminary appointment. The situation evolved in the same way as in the first time –the certified mechanic could not find the problem and it took them 2 hours. When I mentioned to the service manager Rafael Segura on the lamp malfunction he replied it was not their fault and it could just go off. I asked if my warranty would cover the case he informed it could not and they didn’t have spare lamps at that moment and promised to recall when they have one. It‘s been a month already but there was not a call from the service.
    I had to apply to another service where it took them 15 minutes (I do not exaggerate it) to find the problem. It was worn out front sway bar links and left outer axle constant velocity joint.

    After such a treatment from the part of “Nissan royal oak ”dealership I would never want to apply to them, although I enjoy the car I have. The way they do about their clients is threatening the reputation of service of Nissan. On the base of the above I would like to know if there is a possibility for me to transfer my warranty to another dealership. With my regret I have to note that I would have to change the car trend if I get the same way of treatment in Nissan dealership.

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  • Sa
    Sam Bielich Aug 03, 2012

    On July 18/12 I had warranty work on my 2011 Sentra--$250 worth. A couple of days later, I received the Nissan Summer Sweepstakes promotion event notice that lasts from Aug. 1 to Sept. 30/ 2012. I presume that means that I am not eligible to win any prizes.! I guess that makes me an unhappy Nissan car owner. You can reply to [email protected]

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  • Sa
    Sam Bielich Aug 03, 2012

    Of course I agree with my complaint

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  • Ma
    maco86 Sep 27, 2013

    I just got a new 2013 Nissan Rogue from Go Nissan on St. Albert trail. My sales rep was awesome and so helpful. Had my car for not even a month and the tire gets a bubble in it. I take it into Go Nissan Service to get them to look at the tire and what a JOKE it was!! They were not helpful and told me that it would cost $279 for a new tire, after just buying a $30, 000 vehicle less then a month old. After no help from them I call the finance manage to see what he could do. He called me back right away to let me know that the tire would be covered and I wouldn't have to pay for anything. I then call back to Nissan Service to book an appointment, but couldn't book an appointment cause they didn't have that tire in stock. So wait a week call back still no tire in. So waited another week call back to find out they didn't even now what tire I had!!! Tire is still not fix and have no idea when it will be fixed! Called around for tire quotes and the highest I could find with labor $180.00. I really don't want to pay for a new tire but bottom line Nissan is screwing me over!! To put the cherry on top of everything the car starter Nissan put in worked for 7 times and now it doesn't even work.

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  • Ni
    NIcole Charron Dec 13, 2014

    Hi, i have a Nissan Sentra 2009, who hates winter, The problem i have with it is when it snows and it is wet, my Nissan is sick, it cough and almost choke itself. Kind of scary when this happen, i had it check twice already and the garage cant find the problem. Can someone help me please. I love my Nissan, but i change my mind once winter comes. I dont really know if i ever will buy a NIssan's product again.

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  • Jo
    jordan30 Feb 06, 2017

    I have a 2014 Nissan Rogue 72000 km and Ball joints need replacing, never heard of. The dealer says parts are $380.00 each side as Nissan in their wisdom chose to make it that you have to buy a control arm with the ball joint with the control arm WT___ And as it is a newer model no after market bend over Had a recall on fuel pump thank goodness probably $800.00 oh and transmission replaced at 55, 000 KM warranty thank goodness. Thought Dodge was bad but friggen Nissan first and last one !!!

    Greg St Albert

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