Nikepromotion of evil and blasphemous shoes!

Y Oct 22, 2019 Review updated:

Im sending a complaint for the wicked and blasphemous shoes that nike has recently promoted called the ''Jesus shoes''. This is completely evil in the eyes of Almighty God. How dare this company have the audacity to promote a shoe thats filled with holy water and has a crucifix on it. This brings down God's wrath. I for one will no longer buy their products and recommend to others to do the same. Goes to show how far society has fallen, thats its going to mock Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. I pray this company and all others stop mocking God and repent and convert to the true Catholic faith!


  • DeAndre Washington Oct 22, 2019

    Hi Yoguy! You are horribly mistaken! Nike did not sell these shoes or make them, someone bought a pair of Nike Air Max and modified them. Nike would never promote religion, this would hurt business in China. I hope this clears things up!

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  • SubSquirrel Oct 23, 2019

    The world has people of various denominations.

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