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D Sep 04, 2018 Review updated:

I am extremely disappointed in Nike's decision to use Colin Kaepernick in a Nike ad. Unfortunately, Kaepernick is a disturbed man who does not know what he believes and does not know the proper way to solve the problems that he says he is fighting to resolve. It is sad that Nike has given Kaepernick attention that he craves and some sense of legitimacy to his "battle." The answer to the "problems" that Colin says exist, will not be found through his disrespect of the flag and the national anthem. In fact, his disrespect is only bringing anger, hostility, and division to this country. It is hurting sports and race relations. By supporting Kaepernick, Nike is adding to the problem, not solving anything.

I realize that Nike doesn't care about the feelings of a majority of Americans. If Nike cared, they would not have made this decision. I am just one person, but I guarantee you, I represent millions of other Americans. Sure, there some who will support you, but I will not support Nike in any way. That means I will never buy any Nike items for any reason. I would ask you to reconsider the decision and sever the contract with Kaepernick. Please do so for the good of this nation!


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    Call the Waaaambulance! Sep 04, 2018

    You have a choice:

    Stop wearing any Nike products, AND stop watching organized sports.

    People protest, because of a desire to change. You dont have to like it. If you dont want to experience someone kneeling in protest, to the national anthem, STOP WATCHING organized sports.

    Protesters will continue to kneel, until we are ALL equal. You dont have to watch it. You dont have to wear it.

    So... Dont.

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    Call the Waaaambulance! Sep 04, 2018

    @Call the Waaaambulance! Also... @disgruntled american, You ought to Try on some compassion or empathy. It might look good on you. It always fits, and it never goes out of style. You have never realized discrimination, because you feel like you have white privilege. There is no such thing as white privilege. Go to the stormtrooper website to spout your alt right crap.

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    Nike sucks! Sep 05, 2018

    Call the waaaambulance...I love white privilege and seeing all of the colored people upset and crying about inequality only makes me love it more. It’s fine with me if you kneel to the national anthem, cause you have always been kneeling to the white man, and always will. Colored people play sports for the amusement of white people, kinda like when you go to zoo to see the monkeys in a cage and fling feces at one another. If you really think about it, how else can colored people make millions? Definitely not in the business world. It’s laughable that you think there is no white privileged, really show how ignorant you truly are. (With your childish name)

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    Call the Waaaambulance! Sep 16, 2018

    Hey, guess what? Lol I'm white... just a little more evolved mentally, than you! ;-)

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