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Complaints & Reviews

nasty smell

The smell that these boots give off is so pungent that they cannot be stored indoors. They smell like cats pee, and not even the strongest air freshner can disguise the odour. My son refuses to wear them and I have refused to have them in the car. The store from which I bought them (Sports direct) have refused to exchange them, even though the sales guy admitted they have had "hundreds of complaints". I have written to nike cistomer care and await a reply. Do not buy these boots

  • Ma
    MARK CHRISTIE Oct 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You are right. I thought it was because I had left them outside the back of the house and a cat had sprayed them !!! I bought them direct off Nike.com. I'll see what they have to say.


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  • Cl
    Clare Pender Oct 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been trying to get my son to throw his away for some time, have just bought a new pair of nike, , not sure of there name/make but wonder if they are going to smell the same once wet. It is true you can smell them throught the whole house!,

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I did order sneakers shoes online, they don't to me

Five peoplos in China
1)Shen Fengcai
2)Meifeng Chen
3)Frasi Shen
4)Shan ghai
They leave in China:
802 Taiwang Road
City Putian
Province Fujian
Zip code:351100
I did order 250 sneakers shoes, they cost $4500us, they only send to me 14 pairs, i need to know how you can help me to find the money.
Thank you, let me know on my E-mail: [email protected]

  • Te
    Tenzile Yilmaz Oct 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I recently ordered a pair of shoes with them and they sent the wrong size and would not pay for shipping charges to send it back. Be warned to PAYPAL customers as well. Even paypal can't do anything if merchants send you the wrong size. THAT SUCKS.

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worst shoes, nike

Hello. I live in UK. I bought Nike sports shoes three days ago. But, I have feel a lot of pain on my foot...

Resolved awful quality product

I bought the new Le Bron James shoes and they busted at the seam in less then a mouth and i paid $110 dollars thinking i would get some good quality shoes that would last longer then a mouth and the store cant do nothing about it i was really pissed because i just got them thinking the would last for a year or so and the fact that they messed up in less then a mouth tells me that the shoes are cheaply made and i would like to send them into Nike and have them send me the same shoes back but new and this time i hope they last longer then a mouth or possible just fix the one shoe that is busted!!!

nike shox for kids unsafe

The Nike Show for kids looks like a tie up sneaker. But it is actually Eleastic laces with a hidden felcroe closure. The elastic does not keep the sneaker tight on the foot. Walking I can hear him dragging his feet to keep the shoe on. If he runs he fell at least once a day while wearing the Nike Shox.
I took the elastic laces out and replaced it with a real lace. Now the sneaker stays on. First time I ever had a problem with a Nike Product. Extremly dissatisfied with the Nike Shox for kids

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Resolved poor quality

I purchased the Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho 6 months ago to play soccer only on the weekends. The shoes cost about $150 and I thought that since I'm not going to be playing that much, it was worth the investment.

After playing for 6 games or so, the rim on the sole started to come off. After 15 games, the sole just started to rip completely off. Now it flaps around and I am disappointed in purchasing something that cost so much. I was not playing rough, hard, or anything, but casual running and it didn't seem to last.

acg - just the name, no meaning

I have a been a regular user of Nike products.. from Tshirts, jackets, socks, shoes... The other day when i visited the NIKE store in Pune, i was fascinated to buy the ACG sandles, as the salesman had really convinced me it was meant for all weather conditions... so i had bought the pair & decided to wear it during the first rains, & thats when i experienced my first slippery incidence. These candles do not have any grip on glazed tiles...

I feel the company need not mention at all, if there are not aware of the full form of ACG.

  • Vi
    Vick1983 Mar 19, 2010

    Do not buy the ACG Nike boots, My feet hurt and when i streatch out the muscels in my feet feel like they are going to tear, I want to report this to nike, This is redicilious and they want me to buy insoles now.

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Resolved bad customer care

Nike stores in India are providing wrong information. I went to a Nike stoer and purchased NIke running...

football boots

Because he loves Ronaldo we bought my son a 2nd pair of football boots. The first pair he had to stop wearing...

misfitting inner sole

HI, I had bought a pair of NIKE Running Shoes Recently, This pair of shoes had a problem as the stiching in the inner walls of the shoe was not proper so while running i would suffer shoebite.
This pair of shoe was returned and I got a second pair, in this pair the inner sole of the left shoe was very thick and was protruding out making it uncomfortable to wear and run, this pair was given to the shopowner who tried to reduce the thickness of the sole but couldn't.
So the shopowner put another set of inner sole inside the sole, initially they looked fine but after few days they also started giving problem as the inner sole of the left shoe was again quite thick.
This indeed reflects a very slack and careless attitude as far as the quality control is concerned which is making the customers suffer for no fault of theirs and i feel NIKE as a Brand name is loosing its credibility and the comfort level of the shoe is worse than the Locally available Cheaper shoes.

faulty goods

I have purchased Manchester United shirts for this season and both the home and away shirts have two bands on...

sneaker is falling apart!

I bought a pair of nike impax for Christmas 2006... It's not even six months now and the whole top of the sneaker is falling apart. I spent $89.00 for these sneakers for my grandson and i can't believe the inferior product Nike manufacture and the amount of money Nike charge for such an inferior product. If i don't hear a reply from them i will never again buy a nike product and will inform all my family and friends to do the same.

Carol Gilleeny.

  • Lu
    luisroxas Jul 05, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That is true nike impax fails to deliver, these nike shoes were made in substandard countries. Shame on you nike.

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be warned nike shocks are a faulty product!

In December 2006 we purchased a pair of Nike Shocks for AUD$120 from Footlocker in Eastgardens, NSW...

money for goods has been sent but nothing has been received.

I sent money $1900 to nikeflying.com to person named tianhuo cai, from china but have not received the good...