Nikead campaign with colin kaepernick

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It is a disgrace to the American working person that you would choose him for your 30 yr ad campaign for Just Do It. He has disgragraced our national anthem and all it stands for. So now you have in essence done the same thing. He chose the wrong platform to air his concern...our national anthem was not the time or place for that. Shame on you Nike for signing him to your campaign. As for me and my hard earned American dollar it will no longer be spent with Nike. I know many hard working Americans that are following suit!


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      Sep 09, 2018

    I disagree with your argument: in kneeling during the national anthem, Colin Kaepernick is NOT showing disrespect to the military. In other words, our flag does not represent our military--it represents the diverse people living in this country, many of whom have been badly treated by law enforcement officers and political figures. For Colin Kaepernick to continue to do this in the face of the virulent and bigoted responses he has received shows that he is truly strong emotionally and morally. Nike is acknowledging this in the company's decision to use him as one of their spokespeople. Read this piece if you want to see another side of this issue:

    Check out the history of this issue here:

    By the way, the NFL is not part of the military, and it is not controlled by our government. Nike is in the same situation. Professional football players

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      Sep 10, 2018

    You should be ashamed of yourself concerning the idiot you have chosen to represent you. You people dislike our country so much I wish you would leave today.

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      Sep 11, 2018

    You backwoods, white supremacy supporting idiots are so damn brain washed! Collins’ decision to kneel during the “modified abbreviated version” of the National Anthem had absolutely nothing to with our military! His rightful “law” given right to freedom of speech and expression has everything to do with social injustice in this Country. The same Country, I’m sure you; like the “Orange Faced 1st Russian President of the United States” claim to be in support of making great again...

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      Sep 11, 2018

    Yep abt as much as you far right Fox News watching Republicans love taking it up the a$s then running around pretending to be this happy devout Christians & faithful husbands but catching No strings attached loads every week! You can’t even own the fact that the “[censored]” you call President lied to you dummies...”Mexico paying for the wall”...[censored] lie..yo [censored] will be paying for it, improving trade relations...guessing your redneck poor ass has not purchased a new car or truck this year...cost of all metal imports increased...but I’d surmise you still have that 1996 Ford F-150 with rust around the wheel wells and a confederate flag sticking in the rear window!!!

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      Sep 12, 2018

    1, 400 people have been shot in Chicago alone this year and the vast majority is blacks shooting other blacks, but no one cares. How big of a hypocrite can you be. At least we now know that Nike is an anti American company who hates white Americans.

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