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Membership cancelation

I have sent a cancellation letter in November 2019 via priority mail NY sports club in Ramsey NJ. the letter was received( I have proof of it and sent it to Alyssa, the club manager). i have called multiple times and complained about being charged for the membership in January, February, and March. i have never seen such unprofessional luck of reply. No return phone calls or emails. I have called the club last week and was told Alyssa, the manager is reviewing my case and will call me back shortly. She never did.i have fallowed the club policy and would like the club to do the same. I was contacted by Dan Smith| Senior Business Director. i explained again to him my frustration with the way the club handles my case. I have never heard from him again. i paid November and December fees as well as an annual charge. this club needs major management change.

Barbara Stanislawski


I received such unfair treatment at this location, i just wanted to try out the location and I am a paying customer at the Bronxdale location. I was told by the park avenue location to just get a three day pass and if my account was in good standing i should be able to attend. when i got there i was told unfortunately you can't do that me being a member, I'm like i was told by another location i can do that. I was giving an attitude and made wait for 20 mins for a manager. I was gonna embarrassed and didn't not feel like a valuable client. I just want to try this gym to see if i wanted to upgrade.

personal training

I agreed to a $280 payment for one month with the personal trainer Dan who was fired. and for the next month was promised 4 half hour sessions per month each week for only 150. In...

charged fees after I cancelled

Cancelled my membership at the NYSC, and yes I was told of the '45 day policy' where they can continue to bill you. Well they delayed processing the cancellation and...

nysc membership fraud

One of the sales people suggested I would try the gym for 10 days for ONLY $1, so I gave him my card to charge the dollar NOT knowing they were gonna bill me for 60 dollars annual fee and two month worth of service that I ain't got nor sign no contract for their service to begin with. Now neither do the sales people or the gym manger want to cancel or refund the money. Now I'm being charged 180 dollars for nothing. This is by far the worst experience I have had with any gym.

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    S Q Jan 23, 2020

    Have your bank dispute the charges, and ensure that they are blocked permanently from stealing funds in future. That was what i did after they kept stealing funds from my account for months after cancellation. NYSC is the city's trashiest gym whom only knows to run a business by fraudulent means.

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I didn't signed up for a gym membership

To whom it May concern, On our about, October 8, 2019, via phone, I had a phone conversation with, and an individual who identified himself as the gym manager, wherein I...

monthly membership

I have been trying to cancel my membership they say I have to go in person to do so but that is highly inconvenient and the membership can be cancelled over the phone or via...

destruction of personal property

Sir/Madam, (member # 8833807) I am a fitness advocate and have a few gym memberships due to my work travels. I have been an attorney at the Brooklyn state & federal courthouse...

membership charges

Yesterday I signed my wife up for monthly membership over the phone. Was told first month payment will be $5 and $19.99 starting december. At the end of the call when my credit...


I am a member at your club in Greenpoint and up until a few days ago was very content with the facilities and services that you offered. Upon signing up for my membership I...


I had a membership for $50/month. They raised it to $70/month without telling me. I tried to cancel and an employee offered me a rate of $25/month and an Elite membership. I started going to Elite clubs and realized NYSC was charging me $20 per Elite club visit. I have been trying to cancel since July and the managers are actively ignoring me calls

cancellation issues

I am having hard time to close my account with this gym. you have appear in person in the gym and submit your cancellation request. then you have to wait for another person to...

unauthorized credit card charges

I signed up for NYSC in July. I went to the Varick St. location with Anthony and was told that with my corporate membership I had access to all gyms. After that, I started going to the TMPL West Village location when it opened to see what it was like, and the 23rd and Park location, because those are closest to my work and apartment. I consistently signed in to each of those gyms and no one let me know that I was being charged for it, so when I saw the charges on my card at the end of that month - I immediately called the TMPL location to find out why.

I spoke to a woman there and explained the situation, she then told me that this was because the gyms charging were elite gyms and that I had no access. I told her I had no idea there was a difference in using any of the gyms because I was told upon sign up that I could use any gym, and offered to upgrade as long as these charges would be resolved. She then told me that they would credit my account the money that was wrongfully charged, and that from there on out I would be upgraded.

I didn't want a credit to my account, I wanted a refund, as this was money that was taken out of my bank account so it should have gone back, but I agreed hoping this was the end of the issue and then that I would not get charged the next two months because of that credit.

Unfortunately, the next month, this all happened again. I was charged for using these "Elite gyms" again each time and all of these charges have since been added up to over $250.

I called TMPL again, and this time a woman named Mallory said that none of the notes from my previous conversation were on my account and that if I wanted any credit or refund I had to talk to someone at the Varick St. location because they are the ones who signed me up and didn't give me all of the information. I said fine, that I would speak to them but that I wanted to make sure I was upgraded now so that this wouldn't happen again - she sent me an email saying I was now upgraded after I sent my proof of work.

After that, I was also then charged another sign up fee - after I already paid that back in July. The dollars continue to add up.

I call Varick Street multiple times and speak with Mario, and eventually make my way to the office to explain I need this resolved and I do not want a credit to my account at this point - over $250 has been taken out of my account that was not supposed to, I do not want to pay for these months of membership upfront with a "credit" especially because this "credit" was promised to me in the past already and nothing has actually been true, taken care of, or resolved. Mario explained that he requested a refund to corporate and that it was denied.

I have tried calling the number online for corporate and will continue to but this is by far the worst customer service I have ever received. Not from Mario - but from this company. These issues and the denial of refund after the agreement of all of these managers and workers at the club is absolutely absurd and I don't even want to be part of this gym when all of these issues continue to reoccur and be wrongfully ignored on NYSC's part.

I am entitled to a refund for all wrongful charges since July. That is each charge from TMPL, and 23rd and Park, along with the additional sign up fee for trying to upgrade and resolve this issue - which is consistently ignored.


My account was charged $15. Decline fee twice and $20. For the use of a different gym. The card On the gym was closed due to prior fraud charges. Why can't someone call, email or...

membership fees applied months after cancellation


I canceled my membership at Rego Park NYSC in late June/early July. I have since been charged the monthly fee for September and October. I was told by the manager that I would only get charged once more for the month of August. This.. after repeatedly trying to get a hold of him by calling and emailing with no response until I posted a complaint on this board.

This is so ridiculous. I am sick and tired of complaining the the manager at the Rego Park gym. It is a waste of my time and their time.

NYSC - please train your staff better. Process cancelations in a timely and effective matter. This is so unnecessary for your customers to be chasing you down for some stupid monthly fee months after they have gone to so much trouble to cancel in the first place.

Thank you,

membership fees applied months after cancellation

membership overcharge

My boss was on a 3 month production project and joined a local NYSC Deer Park Long Island on Jan 2019 and cancelled his plan end of March 2019. They charged him a total of $104.98...


I do not recommend any community members to utilize this facility. You will be disappointed and pay significant penalties in addition to your membership.

One example despite the out of service elevator, poor hygienic conditions, unmaintained showers, an insect ridden sauna- for months, I have been trying to speak to the manager to no avail. Multiple phone calls are met with responses such as, he's unavailable or is not in today. I wonder if this location is on autopilot. I have been charged for penalties for months when I requested removal of someone that is on my plan. Multiple messages have been left asking the manager to contact me has gone unanswered.

I am an Elected Official, and I am sternly warning you of their predatory practices in our already economical disfranchised neighborhood. I will explore this issue with my political colleagues. I'm in the process of holding a press release in front of 106 Street and 3 Avenue. Anyone who has a problem with this location can contact me via email at krodriquez.[protected]


My daughter joined this gym in March, 2019. She used MY credit card for the $5.00 initial start up fee. After that this gym continued to attempt to charge my card (I blocked the...

deceitful membership contract

The club manager at the 62nd St location in NYC is nasty, poorly trained in customer service, does not know or understand her customers needs, is a liar and not someone you should ever trust or work with .
If someone tells you they are only living in NY for 2 months - Why in the world would she sign you up in a month to month long term membership . Every club .probably in the world has short term memberships -especially for students except NYSC NYC
Hard to believe . She lied to protect herself and is not to be trusted . You have to question a business that would have her as a manager .
Never again NYSC - you took advantage of a student once but not again . I will make it my mission to post a comment on every site I can find .

New York Sports Club — membership cancellation

Manager will not cancel my membership or return any phone calls it has been 4 months of this . Apparently he comes in at 12 and is too busy every day of the week to assist. I...

membership charges for services not used

597427 Hello, Please see attached. I am reaching out because I continue to be charged monthly although I do not attend the club. unfortunately I am out of work an cannot afford thi...

guest & cancellation policy

This is in regards to the East Meadow location. I am very upset with this gym and lost a lot of money because of misleading statements and policies. I signed up for a year membership last month because the website, the manager and multiple employees all verified that members are allowed to bring guests. After my 10 day cancellation period was over, I find out I cannot being guests. I can only bring someone ONE time, after which point they have to pay $15 every time they come. This is beyond misleading as this could never qualify as "guest privileges." The only reason I joined was for the guest privileges, so I decided to cancel. Now I have to pay $100 to cancel, on top of the $69 annual fee for a gym I'm leaving, plus two months of membership fees. They said there is nothing they can do to get me this money back, even though this all began with incredibly misleading information. I can't cancel my credit card or else I'll be sent to collections. So now I'm out >$200 and a gym and hours of my time all because I was lied to multiple times, and there is nothing I can do to get my valuable money back. I am so upset with these policies and wouldn't recommend this gym to anyone.

paid by members locks being clipped for no reason and management is responsible

Today I ran into a person that had his locker clipped for the 4 th and he pays for the locker as. I do. As I looked and my locker to check my lock has also been clipped of as a...

overcharged/worst experience

and my husband joined the NYSC, the Glendale, NY branch. in January of 2018. Throughout the entire year till December of that year we had been overcharge. It was impossible to get an answer from the manager, or meet in person, because they are never available. I had to take a day off from work and go and meet with one of the managers Nastazja Wasilewski. I showed her all the statements/ bills I brought with me and we settled that they were going to refund $107 for each of us. The only way they'd do it was by giving us credit. They continued to charge us and we decided to cancel the membership on March 1st. At that time we had a problem with our credit card we paid the monthly charges and did get another card, but did not update the account. It was enough. Nastazja Wasilewski and Anita Hot the other manager kept sending emails to update the account. I responded to the emails explaining in details the reason why I would not update the account, called many times, left my number for them to call me. They never did, just kept sending that automatic email about updating the account.
Now they had the sanity to go and find my new credit card number and charged us for all these months even though my contract is signed that we've canceled our member since March 1st.
THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. It's such a shame that such an establishment such as NYSC to be dealing in this manner with her customers.

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    Deram Sep 12, 2019

    NYSC at Dobbs Ferry has the worst manager who's name is Vinny. They charged my debit card for the month after leaving the club. I've been 10 years in that club and that don't mean nothing to him. He's assistant manager is even worse. Sh'e loud, obnoxious and rude. I brought in many friends and family members who will all be leaving soon. They rather keep the $50 than make the $600 plus membership fee they get from me every year which I was planning on going back January 2020. I'm not going back and I will go to planet fitness for $10 a month. BAD BUSINESS!

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contracts, consumer fraud, cancellations

This is a long story, but in short the club didn't give me a contract to sign, didn't inform me a contract existed, and then upon cancellation baited me into going for a...

dual enrollment payment

I stopped by NYSC and spoke to one of the individuals behind the desk. I told her my situation and she told me I need to cancel one of the memberships, which would incur a $10...

Customer Service

The gym itself has a great value. HOWEVER, About a month in, I had suddenly lost my job, and I couldn't pay the annual fee and the monthly fee all at once. Instead of trying to...

nysc membership

I joined NYSC at your 62nd Street location on Aug 23rd of 2018. My membership monthly rate was set at $79.99. In October of 2018 I broke my ankle (not at the gym). I called to put my membership on hold for 6 months and provided a Physicians note with my diagnosis. In April 2019, when my membership was about to start up again, I contacted the gym to tell them I had decided to cancel my membership and I sent them an email stating why and that I wanted to cancel immediately. I came in and signed a form stating that I was cancelling, the reason why etc. etc. Back in late July I noticed I was still be billed $79.99 a month. I went back in and told them what happened and of course there was no record of me coming in and filling out the form. So, I filled out another form and explained exactly my situation. I received an email receipt a few days later, with no explanation, showing that I was charged the $10 cancellation fee. Meanwhile this was supposed to happen back in April which means I should be reimbursed for May, June and July 2019.
My ID # [protected] Dale Susan Semler

after cancellation, being charged new annual membership

I originally had a membership for $39.99 that went up to $49.99 without warning. I was looking to cancel my membership and got to do so in July and paid the $49.99 anyway and an...

overcharging and customer service

I signed up approximately March 27, 2019. While the salesman was going through the sign up process, he offered me a program where I can pay an annual registration fee and then...


Joined and everything was fine. Moved and had to cancel my membership. Cancelled 1 month in advance and received a SIGNED letter that verified my cancellation. They continued to...

New York Sports Club — cancelation of membership

134931 Hello, I recently canceled my membership at the Rego Park NYSC after trying to get a hold of the manager, Harvey Arroyo, several times by phone and by email. He canceled my...


Good morning, I live in the Morris Park Area and the pool has been out since the beginning of the summer. We have been told that the club is waiting for the state to issue a...

cancellation of membership

My wife and I have been trying to cancel our memberships at this location for months. When we call, they inform us that you cannot over the phone but you can cancel in person...

Customer service

I went on Feb. 15 in person to cancel my membership. The person at the front desk assure that he pass the information to the manager. I went on May 1st again to see what was going on because I was still getting charged. Spoke with a manager and offered to give me a refund for the discrepancy. I
went again on June and spoke with a different manager and was given different information. Management team unprofessional and gave false information about canceled membership. Went to the facility three different times. Nothing is resolved and offered a refund for their mistake. No refund.

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    Still waiting on refund.

  • Updated by Rae288 · Jul 26, 2019

    I'm still waiting for my refund

inadequate & dangerous faulty equipment

West 73rd & CPK NYSC facility
-Treadmills in lower level have ripped belts with no "Out of Order" signs
- Treadmills in main area are constantly out of order
-Several machines are missing weight stack pins and the attachments are beat up and rusted.
-Many pieces cardio equipment don't have working monitors.
- Leg Extension machine padding and upholstery is ripped or exposed

inadequate & dangerous faulty equipment

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    runnermike Mar 02, 2020

    unfortunately this is also true of the City hall branch on Broadway.
    The place is clean and busy with good staff,
    but the machines are always broken - particularly the aerobic line of treadmills, climbers, etc, .
    and this area need to be beefed up. other locations have much more of a percentage.

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The pool at the Bayonne facility has been closed since June 25th. Today is July 22. Every week I am told that it will be opened by the end of the week. I was told the Bayonne Bd...

New York Sport Club at Bayonne NJ — service

This club has no body responsible, they kept charging my credit card in increasingly rate, and when I call for complaint either they don't pick up or say the manager is not...

service for the member

on July 15, 2019 -this facility has no running water- a sign is posted as members enter stating no water from "11am to 530pm" we asked the front desk if there will be water or...

customer services and billing

They have terrible costumer service. All of the tvs are always broken. I have to try between 3-5 ellipticals before I can actually find one that works which wastes half the time I...