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membership cancellation

Manager will not cancel my membership or return any phone calls it has been 4 months of this . Apparently he comes in at 12 and is too busy every day of the week to assist. I don't give a [censored] at this point I want my membership cancelled. I should not be getting a threatening email saying my acount will be to collections. That is their [censored] up not mine. I want this fixed and my gym membership cancelled. I blocked this vendor because they kept charging me so what the actual [censored] is the problem here. Cancel my membership.

cancelation of membership

I recently canceled my membership at the Rego Park NYSC after trying to get a hold of the manager, Harvey Arroyo, several times by phone and by email. He canceled my membership on July 2nd by email (this after trying to cancel it earlier many times to which he never returned my phone calls) and I was still charged the $30 fee on July 1st.

I have been emailing him to request that I get refunded that amount seeing as how I am no longer a member and he had my account frozen from the month of June. As of today he has still not answered my 3/4 emails since that date.

I am not one to complain because I know these people are very busy but this manager in particular is so incredibly lazy and unprofessional that I have no choice but to submit this complaint. I have spoken to several of his colleagues and most of the time they say he is either coming in late or not coming in at all because he is ill. He is basically-unreachable.

If someone from your office could kindly respond to my inquiry I would appreciate it.

Thank you,

cancelation of membership
cancelation of membership
cancelation of membership
cancelation of membership

  • Oz
    ozyman Jul 02, 2020
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    Verified customer

    I have had the exact same issue with Harvey Arroyo. He kept dodging my calls all the while refusing to cancel my membership for months at Rego Park location. He was apparently transferred out and the new manager immediately addressed the problem.

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