New York Sports Clubharrassing phone calls, improper billing

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I terminated my member ship after about 16 months. I went to the fitness center and obtained a signed release.

The following month I was billed $632. After disputing he charge, I was sent e-mails stating that New York Sports Club made an error. The following month the charges were removed on February 1.

About a week later I started to receive calls from NYSC and for the past week daily and often several times each day I've been called by a collection agency.

I followed the procedures the way the sports club had outlined. The collection agency is demanding a credit card and states that New York Sports Club will take action to impact my credit rating.


  • Ny
    NYCS-member Jul 12, 2010

    I have a terrible experience with NYCS too. They are just thieves that take as much money from your account as they want without ever telling you about it.
    I have been a member sing 2005. That time when I signed up, they didn't charge the fee if you go to the other gym (not your home gym) during peak hours. They would just tell you to come back during off peak hours. I didn’t have a Gold membership. But now, they changed the policy about a year ago and if you go to the gym during peak hours, they will automatically charge your card $8 dollars for one time. I have been paying 130 dollars every month for a while now. I feel like they just rubbed my account. They say that they had a sign in the gym about changes, but I never saw those signs. They refuse to give me back all the extra fees they charged me because I didn't know I was getting charged 8 dollars for each time. This is unbelievable. If someone would tell me this, I would change my membership, but they never told me anything. Just keep billing my account all those fees without me ever knowing it. Do you know where I can take this so I get me money that have been stolen from me by NYCS? Anybody has the same issue with dishonesty and fraud from NYCS?

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  • Sa
    Saul A. Oct 23, 2010

    The first thing that I would tell you is that NYSC has no way of affecting your credit rating, they do not collect your social security number when you join. The only gym chain that does is Bally's, and in fact a non-payment to Bally's will come out on the three major credit reporting agency's. The best thing to do is to use an American Express card when you join. If you have any charges posted to your account that you disagree with, you can dispute the charge, and 99% of the time you will get an immediate credit to your account. I have seen people who were active members at the club use this method to receive free months of dues, and then just not come back after the card is credited. They then go to another club in a different part of town or somewhere in the outer boros or New Jersey, and resign using a different name. ( The sales person should ask for ID upon joining, but sales have been poor for all health clubs, and some thing are overlooked)

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  • Ke
    Kevin718 Oct 26, 2010

    Stay far away from NYSC. Their billing practices are nothing short of robbery. I dont even have the time to waste to type out the 6 month long story with them but listen to the others!! Thieves!

    I am now happily a member of a local gym who doesn't put it up my kiester every time I walk thru the door.

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  • Gy
    Gym4Convience Jun 29, 2011

    The new york sports club is one of the worst gyms ever. Their employees are paid scraps and are very uneducated. One of the worst experiences I have ever had in my life. They dont tell you till after they have taken your money that there are restrictions with your memebership. I paid 150$ down for a student membership and 20$ a month. Alhough if I go between the hours of 4:30-7:30 I will be charged an additional 7.50$ every visit. Funny because those are the hours 90% of people get out of work and want to go to the gym. Terrible corporation I hope their facility goes down the drain.

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  • The Montclair NYSC is not worth the money. I am cancelling exactly 1 year after i joined. The only positive thing i can say is that i had a personal trainer who i really liked but the club dismissed this individual as they were not "selling" the members hard enough to buy those extra services. Since the dismissal, i am not motivated to go as the gym's environment is dreary (except for the zumba class).

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  • As
    ashley805 Aug 18, 2012

    I also have had the same problem. NYSC are thieves and should be put out of business. Both my husband and I walked into the club together to cancel our membership, a few months later I get a collection notice saying I owe them money. Come to find out, they had been charging are American Express since we had canceled. I cannot resolve this in person, I can only wait on hold for hours. I disputed it with my Amex, but NYSC said they had to idea I had canceled, even though they had charged me one early termination fee already. I am still disputing the charges. I want to send a letter to the Attorney General of Connecticut, if anyone else would like to help me with this, or know of a lawyer that wants to get involved for good karma, please contact me. They are a fraudulent company that needs to be stopped!
    [email protected]
    Please help me to stop them!

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  • Nj
    NJMcky Apr 14, 2014

    I signed up with NYSC in Jan’13 for 1 year Gym membership. At the time of joining I was told all I need to do is pay the $49.00 application processing fees and $19.99 per month for 11 months with 1 month free membership. At the year end the membership will renew automatically for one more year, provided I inform them one month in advance to cancel the membership and the same will be cancelled else the membership renews automatically.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    I informed them in Dec 2013 my intention to cancel the membership which was expiring in Jan 2014 and also paid about $11(pro rated till Jan 2014). The manager in the club said my membership won't be renewed andmy membership is cancelled as of Jan 17th 2014. I have paid NYSC on time during the entire contract period without any miss payment.

    I was contacted by a collection agency last week saying I owed them about $60.00. When I contacted them last week they said they have a rate lock fee of $40.00 every Jan 1st. So even though I had cancelled mymembership the rate lock fees of $40.00 needs to be paid. I think this is a fraud NYSC is doing to its customer. I was never told upfront of this rate lock fees. At the time of joining they had mentioned this "Rate Lock" feewill be charged for next contract renewal not for previous membership. Now they are insisting I should pay this $40.00 “Rate Lock” fee. I don’t understand why I should pay this “Rate Lock” fee when my membership was cancelled well in advance and I had no intension to renew their membership in 2014.

    I feel NYSC is doing this fraud of skimming their customer of not mentioning about the “Rate Lock” feeupfront. I think they need to be exposed in this deceptive practice thru the News channel/BBB/Law suits. Don’t understand why I should pay this "Rate Lock" fee when the membership was cancelled timely and themembership was not being renewed.

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  • My kids go for swim lessons at nysc in Ramsey. My little son who is 3 years old joined about two months ago. The day he turned up for class and the instructor was crying. So lifeguard offered the instructor that he would teach the class. All in all long story short ...this lifeguard drowned my kid. He was obviously not used to teaching little kids!!! I went and complained to office. Next week I turned up .. And guess what ... This lifeguard comes up to me and screams that I am crazy ... He never drowned the kids. And that it's all in my head. Verbally abused me... While the rest of the instructors and the office staff watched. Not one person could tell him to stop!! How is this right? How can an employee or any person talk like that to another!!' Hate the place. Never will go. And I warn every other mom who ever thinks of sending their kids for swimming lessons!! Do not go there!!!

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  • Ym
    YMCA All The Way! Oct 01, 2019

    @Mom who was verbally abused to I had a very similar experience in Montclair, where I complained about a trainer and the next time I showed up the trainer berated me in front of the entire gym while management watched and did NOTHING. The trainer stood over me in an intimidating way and would not let me move. I complained to their corporate office - next day they terminated my membership, saying I was "threatening their staff!!" Avoid this place like the plague.

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  • Di
    DIPEN SHAH Apr 30, 2015

    NYSC COLONIA NJ is the most horrible gym. I would not recommend anyone due to their false practices of over charging and blaming all to the Corporate office. I used their personal training sessions for 3 months and even after cancelling them on time I kept getting $69 charge every month. After Battling for 3 months I got the refund for 3 month personal training in March and I though it was done by once again in April they charged my card for $ 207 ( 3 months of personal training ).This is ridiculous service and specially the manager doesn't know what she is doing .

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  • Je
    Jen1967USA Oct 14, 2015

    I also have an issue with debt collectors from NYSC trying to collect money. I joined on a "no contract" arrangement of $19.95 a month and never went and stopped paying. Now they are chasing me for additional months and have provided a fake contract to try and collect. The signature on the contract is not mine and t best is perhaps a bad photocopy from my credit card photoshopped onto the document which is obviously an illegal action and clearly is not an enforceable contract. They must be desperate for revenuer if they are prepared to damage their reputation to this degree.

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  • Ma
    Marquette Leach Dec 29, 2015

    I had a smiliar experience with billing practices. I was called after terminating my agreement after moving several states away. I was then called regarding a balance, which I didn't understand and requested a bill to reflect the charges they were pursuing. I was told by one of the associates we don't send invoices, so my reply was then you don't get paid. Ultimately, I'd receive a call from a collection agency attempting to "collect the debt". I said once more, please send me an invoice and I will happily pay what's owed. I never received the bill, so one week later I called to follow up. The rep was extremely rude and hung up the phone on me, so I called back concerned about what this might mean for my credit standing with the bureaus. I spoke with another rep to understand why I'd not received the letter after a week, and she replied, well it was sent, so I am not sure. I said, well let me help you. Let's verify my address, and she proceeded to read my city and state as Raleigh, NY Zip 27605. I couldn't believe what I was hearing as she read the city and state a few times when I requested she repeat it. I said, you associate a NC city and zip with the State of NY - this is the reason I don't have the letter. Well, it's been a week more since I updated the erroneous address on file, and I still have no collection letter. I am outraged with NYSC and with the vendor they contract to pursue debt collection.

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  • Ol
    Olivia Seals Aug 20, 2018

    My husband canceled his membership within the 10(ten) days he was told in Feb. we are still being charged for a membership we said we didn't want! And the keep giving us the run around when we call to speak to a manager. I REFUSE to pay for this gym RIP OFF!

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  • Lu
    Luis Sierra Aug 28, 2018

    It is way to hot on the first level, no air conditioning for one month now. The staff placed one old fan and its useless. I am concerned we all might have a heat stroke. This is toture for us all. Please help us resolve this matter ASAP. Can someone come to this location. This is an emergency and needs to be addessed really soon. Thank you

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  • We
    Wendy James Sep 06, 2018

    Good morning am 217 Broadway, the ac system has been down for weeks, spinn and upper level classes and workout area! Every year is a problem, it's feels now when you tell the manager, it's a joke to him. It's very awful am pay $80 a month plus locker and personal training for this treatment. It's no urgency at all to fix the problems!! Thank you

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  • Tr
    Trisha Mahajan Sep 09, 2018

    The gym is taking advantage of its customer, and unfortunately even after I cancelled my membership, there were 2 membership cancellation fee in the same month, and additionally still getting charged a monthly membership.

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  • Mc
    MCB2 Sep 10, 2018

    The club is a piece of shit. The machines don't work, the women's locker room is digusting and the staff sucks ass. They are lazy, can never solve anything and offer to help and then do noThing.

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  • Ir
    IrynaIrie Oct 15, 2018

    My membership cost has been increased by $10 without my consent.

    NYSC on 115 th street and 5 th ave is the dirtiest and dustiest club I hav ever seen, old equipment and nothing ever been improved but I was told by Front desk that they increased because of new equipment which is not true.

    Not friendly or professional approach to the matter

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  • So
    Sophia8515 Oct 22, 2018

    I cancelled my subscription 5 months ago and they still charging me
    Called the customer service line and the answer is - they can't do anything about it - I asked for a supervisor and there was none available
    nobody can help
    The suggestion is to go the gym and cancel there - which I did twice in the past 5 months
    What to do????
    I need help

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  • Ma
    Marlevilla Oct 28, 2018

    Yesterday a young lady stole my cell phone from my bag while I was taking a quick shower and the staff in charge did nothing to help me.
    230w 41st & 8 av

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  • Th
    Thomas La Nov 27, 2018

    Town Sports Intl. the owner of New York Sports Club appears to be on the verge of bankruptcy. How can a company survive when their revenue model is to rip off customers and make it extremely difficult with fraudulent actions to cancel your membership.

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  • Ch
    chichi140 Dec 11, 2018

    Beware of all the commercials and marketing they do via email. promise this and charging that. its a switch and bait type of club. beware beware beware. make sure you read their entire small print contract.

    They promise in ads two free months and a week later you're being charged for monthly dues. then you can never get a manager.

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  • Cl
    Cliff Fetner Mar 09, 2019

    the gym equipment ois VERY OLD
    the condition of the building is in need of repair

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  • La
    Lashonda Griffin May 12, 2019

    I Google and reaching out to every possible outlet, I can think of about the service this gym gave me since January. Im out of patience for the lack of training staff has. I want my money back all of it. Only people left to reach out to is the news stations.

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  • Ma
    macpasal May 14, 2019

    Joined NYSC a year ago on a special deal (one month free local clubs only). Paid my monthly dues and a year later notice a annual renewal fee charged to my card plus monthly fee for non local membership. The next day cancelled membership and was told I was not entitled to any refund even thought it was one day after the year was up.

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  • Ta
    Tane Sall Nov 12, 2019

    I cancelled my membership after suddenly moving out of the state. Sent certified letter as told because in this day and age you can only cancel in person or via certified letter. Email, fax, online are obsolete. Their corporate can't assist at all. My cancellation was never processed and they are very rude and nasty on the phone

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  • De
    Derks Dec 08, 2019

    I am a returning member. I returned when their was an offer for $24.99 monthly fees for former members. Upon talking to the manager I was told 1st month is free (Nov, ) & charges on my card won't start til Dec. But I was lied to & charged $59.99 in Nov. & $49.99 Dec.

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  • Sq
    S Q Jan 23, 2020

    PLEASE do NOT join any NYSC gyms. They run fraudulent business, by stealing and swindling money from customers without consent, even after you cancel your membership.

    The internet is swarming with thousands of similar cases. No matter how many times you cancel your membership with them, you find your bank account having monthly fees stolen, and other ludicrous charges.

    I tried to reach them so many times, and was given retarded reasons of that the manager being busy etc. Eventually managed to reach the ugly piggy manager named Maria (my club was at 125th St harlem), she was aware my membership had been cancelled, and yet refused to refund the funds they have been stealing from my account for months after cancellation, and actually had the nerve to offer credit, also requesting me to introduce friends and family members to NYSC LMFAO!

    I have placed as many reviews in short summary of my situation on as many websites i can find, and also have created a linkedin profile titled "NYSC the notorious Swindler".

    I managed to get my bank to dispute the funds lost, and also had them block off this establishment permanently.

    I highly urge everyone to do the same, as there are multiple complaints of NYSC suddenly charging members even after a year(s) of cancellation.

    I sincerely hope everyone gets their money back, and this establishment gets sued multiple times and get brought down eventually.


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  • Ny
    nysports Feb 01, 2020

    Canceled membership January 4 th got billed for full month and full year annul fee on credit card and IM looking for a credit back to my card from NY sports club in NJ Montclair branch . Seems like IM not the only one having issues with this money sucking business who cant be trusted doing the right stuff by the customers, sad...

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