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I am complaining about the 18055 NJ Transit bus that should be arriving at 13th and Vine (according to the schedule) at 5:25 pm for more than a week the bus has been arriving to early which causes me to miss my connections. Today is 10/9/2019, yesterday the bus arrived at broad and vine at 5:10. This made me miss my connections because i have to walk to 13th and vine to catch the bus. I am a 60 year old women that cannot walk as fast as a 25 year old. i get off of work at 5:00pm and have to walk from 17th and Spring garden street to 13th and vine street. I can get there within a 15 min span. I should have enough time to catch the 5:25 bus. but this bus driver keeps arriving to early for me to catch my bus. Please can you check into this for me. This lately has been a recurring incident. The bus driver also saw me i waved my hand for her to stop she just kept going right pass me and she knows me i have taken her bus many times. I don't know how far this will go but please some one take this complaint seriously. My name is Christina Bundy - [protected]

  • Updated by Christina Bundy, Oct 09, 2019

    This is the 406 bus that I am complaining about, that should arrive at 5:25pm at 13th and vine and has been arriving way to early (daily).

Oct 09, 2019

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