NJ Transit Busbus driver stops to take a call!

199 Bus to NYC via Nutley
Bus # 19081
4:57 pm (?) bus

On Friday, September 27, 2019 at approximately 4:49 pm the bus driver made a left turn after crossing the Passaic River bridge onto Riverside Avenue. We had just passed the Lyndhurst Diner when I noticed the bus had come to a stop. My head was buried in a book so I didn't notice until 2 minutes later when I looked up, realized we had stopped and asked a passenger on my right what happened. He told me that the driver was on the phone outside the bus. I leaned over and saw the driver on his cell phone taking a call. By this time 3 minutes had passed. Another two minutes went by when the driver climbed back on the bus to continue the trip as if nothing out of the ordinary had just occurred.

The bus was scheduled to arrive by 5:50 or so. We got to the Port Authority and let off the bus at approximately 6:20p. Hmmmm.

Seems late to me. Wonder why?

  • Updated by Sweetlife3, Oct 02, 2019

    Please forward to NJ transit. Possible safety hazard.

Oct 02, 2019

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