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NJ Transit Customer Service


One Penn Plaza East
New Jersey
United States - 07105- 2246

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 888 847 7658(Suspicious Activity Hotline)
26 10
+1 973 275 5555(24 Hour Access)
69 26
+1 800 772 2287(Hearing Impaired)
9 2
Mon9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Tue9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Wed9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Thu9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Fri9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sat9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sun9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Customer Service Office Locations & Hours

Atlantic County Transportation:
+1 609 645 5910

Bergen County Transportation:
+1 201 646 3227

Burlington County Transportation:
+1 609 265 5109

Camden Sen-Han Transit:
+1 609 456 3344

Cape May Fare Free Transportation:
+1 609 889 3700

Cumberland Area Transit System:
+1 609 691 7799

Essex County Office on Aging:
+1 973 618 1280

Gloucester Special Transportation:
+1 609 307 4850

Hudson County:
+1 201 271 4307

Hunterdon County, The Link:
+1 800 842 0531

Mercer T.R.A.D.E:
+1 609 530 1971

Princeton Area Only:
+1 609 275 2929

Middlesex County Transportation, AWTS:
+1 800 221 3520

Monmouth County SCAT:
+1 732 431 6480

Morris County:
+1 973 829 8103

Ocean County (Ocean Ride):
+1 732 736 8989

Southern Ocean County Area:
+1 877 929 2082

Passaic County Paratransit (excluding Paterson, Clifton, and West Milford):
+1 973 305 5758

+1 973 881 0058

+1 973 470 2235

West Milford:
+1 973 728 2863

+1 973 365 5754

Salem County:
+1 609 935 7510

Somerset County Transportation:
+1 908 231 7115

Sussex County Transportation:
+1 973 579 0483

Union County Transportation:
+1 908 241 8300

Warren County Transportation:
+1 908 454 4044

NJ Transit Complaints & Reviews

NJ Transit / bus driver

Tearojas on Dec 12, 2018

This evening at approximately 18:30 I was driving on Route 4 East. As I approached the Spring Valley Road exit in Hackensack I noticed a bus to my left. The hazard lights were on and I assumed it was preparing to stop ahead however instead the driver started to cut me off. I beeped to...

NJ Transit / service

Fola1957 on Dec 3, 2018

I can understand when the bus is late once in a while but everyday, every time is unexcusable. 81L exchange to Bayonne local is very bad. For example. Today the bus supposed to arrive at 5:36. At 5:36 it changed to 6:04. It might change again . One day I got to the bus stop at 5:30. Moovit...

NJ Transit / train service

John Ednie on Dec 3, 2018

It is getting very upsetting. All of last week and now today Dec. 3rd, the 5:25 Montclair train has been cancelled. I understood equipment problems but it's the same group of people being inconvenienced. I'm a monthly ticket rider and the little discount I'm receiving, now seems out of...

NJ Transit / lost ticket

Joseph Steffel on Dec 1, 2018

on Saturday 12/1 /2018 I traveled from Union new jersey to New York Penn Station with a round trip ticket and a recite dated with my credit card number and name witch you printed out from your machine . On the way back from New York I gave the conductor the return ticket and she punched it...

NJ Transit / new brunswick station no handicapped access

luvlytcr on Nov 26, 2018

On nov 24 the new Brunswick station was closed. I was trying to catch the 10:27 train to new York penn but that side was closed. The sign on the door said to take the elevator, but the elevator was not working so I missed that train. The only way to the track was up a lot stair. I have...

NJ Transit / nj transit train - 11/16/18 5:15 train to dover from ny penn

Nicole VON on Nov 19, 2018

I am so disappointed with how the incident was handled by conductors on the 5:15 NYC train to Dover on 11/16/18. I, as were many passengers in complete fear for my life and the conductors gave NO information, nor would the conductor that came to the first car speak to any of the TERRIFYED...

NJ Transit / bus driver

JGallagher on Nov 7, 2018

On Wednesday November 7th, at about 9am the operator of bus 18029 #563 in front window opened doors after being unable to make a turn past my vehicle and stated " You one of those Trump supporters, you a good ole boy." I responded "excuse me" and changed his tone and stated he "couldn't...

NJ Transit / bus service and customer service

Mmilke on Nov 5, 2018

Tonight the 9:00pm route 133 bus was cancelled at 8:55pm leaving 20+ passengers stranded. On top of its limited evening service (i already waited 20 min) they send someone with no info to deliver the news. When I ask for a supervisor to see why a replacement bus wasn't being sent...

NJ Transit / bus driver on bus 7957 into midland park bergen county

Susan Grenzebach on Nov 1, 2018

Driving to work this morning and coming up to Central Ave where the bus should stop to go into Midland PRk bus station and never stopped Cut me off that another 2 seconds and there would have been an accident and to make matters worse this was the second time this happened in the same spot...

NJ Transit / 7:15 go25

Katiemae on Oct 30, 2018

I have been taking this bus for over 10 years and never had a problem until the lady that drives the bus, every morning she's late we should be pulling out at 7:15 we leave the terminal at 7:18 the 375 shouldn't be passing us every morning we get to own station at 7:50 every day yes I can...

NJ Transit / montclair 6:10 and 6:41 out of ny penn station

DeeDeeAH on Oct 29, 2018

Crazy Horrible Service. At 6:05 the 6:10 train packed to overflowing so much that wheel chair passenger could not board. Took 6:41, at Newark delayed for 50 minutes waiting for another train. Left Newark at 8:05 again packed to standing. Really?! Do we pay for this?! Will arrive at Bay...

NJ Transit / bus service

David Parker Parker on Oct 29, 2018

i was waiting for the 606 for a half hour. the bus has been at the care center for at least 40 min now. i waitied for the bus at carl light blvd and bunn drive. i walked up to catch the bus cause the app kept saying it was 2 min away. bus #5558. saw the driver talking to another driver...

NJ Transit / bus driver/no. 1

KC Anonyuo on Oct 29, 2018

Bus driver on bus #6374 almost ran me over on purpose. Like are you serious who does that?! To explain my case, I was crossing the sidewalk of the bus driveway, this morning, walking as fast as a could to clear the way. During that time, the bus driver was about to drive into the loop and...

NJ Transit / nj transit bus

Michael Sharkey on Oct 28, 2018

Bus drove down a residential street during major flooding causing damage to garage and destruction of contents a5 127 W.7th Ave. 5his occurred 10/27/18 at approximately 11:30 am. This street New York Ave, is not a normal bus route. I t resulted in garage door caving in and destruction of...

NJ Transit / bus driver on 92 bus

patti62 on Oct 26, 2018

I boarded the 92 bus going to South Orange, in front of the Clara Maass hospital where I work, bus number 5945 at 3:10pm. I showed the driver my bus card which was for November and explained to him that I had lost October and was told I could use it on the bus. However, the driver immediately went...

NJ Transit / bus driver

Munavvarhusain on Oct 26, 2018

Hello, I love nj transit I have been traveling through it from past 1.5 year but now unfortunately as I go to get bus on east 6th street clifton, nj at 7:58 my bus driver is so racist toward me like I went today I was standing when I saw the bus I waved my hand more than 5 times and he...

NJ Transit / new jersey transit train ticket collector

Nina Goffman on Oct 24, 2018

Today I took the 4:18 train Fr New York Penn Station to Chatham. Unfortunately, I originally bought a return ticket to South Orange so when I got on the train I immediately told the ticket collector that I thought I had to add money to my ticket since I changed my destination. She said it...

NJ Transit / train delays

Gurudaas on Oct 22, 2018

Every morning train are getting delayed as ritual getting into Newark/NY. This is really an inconvenience to all people who travel from south into NY/ Jersey City. It is very difficult to reach offices by 8am. There are people who come from Trenton, PA etc... who starts very early just...

NJ Transit / unjustified bell ringing at late hours

PeterAus on Oct 22, 2018

Hello I live adjacent the rail lines Essex street near Warren Street paulus hook. It's has become more noticeable of certain light train drivers needlessly ringing the bell constantly and at times musically between the hours of 1130pm and 530am. I have young kids that wake up by bell...

NJ Transit / north bergen park and ride machines

Avery Soto on Oct 22, 2018

I am a frequent NJ transit park and ride commuter. For the past 2 weeks, one of the two ticket machines has been out of service. This ongoing issue has been very frustrating not only to me but to fellow commuters who already have to deal with the mile long lines to ride the bus (that i...