Netspend Corporation / dispute

United States

I have been with Netspend for 7-8 years and this Christmas I made purchases online and never received. I tried to work it out with the site myself and was unsuccessful. Now it's February and I call Netspend to dispute. I provided them with the purchase information, the emails I sent requesting the seller either provide my merchandise or refund my money and an email from the site itself saying the seller was fraudulent and telling me to dispute the purchase. Netspend has refused to give me back my funds while completing this process in the 10 days that they say that will. Now I have to wait 45-60 days to get my money returned to me along with my overdraft privileges have been permanently removed. This company has horrible customer service and doesn't work for the customer. If you have other options don't choose Netspend!

Feb 21, 2019

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