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I am reaching out to you to complain about all the non English shows and movies. There have been quite a few that I have wanted to watch just to find out they are not in English. Netflix is starting to become a major disappointment due to this issue. It appears that more and more of this is taking place. It would be great to watch something in the main language in this country. For this reason I am about o cancel Netflix which is a shame because I really do enjoy the English stuff which is on in English and am at the point of canceling go somewhere else. The price has continued to increased with shows that are not in English. I do feel that this complaint will go nowhere and that is a shame.

  • Updated by Renee Hartfiel · Jul 10, 2019

    i wrote the original post for my mother...she used to love watching foreign language movies, but since she now has an irreversible degenerative eye disorder she can no longer read the subtitles. This now limits her to all non English movies


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      Jul 04, 2019

    If you are limiting yourself to movies that are only in English, then you are cheating yourself out of some truly wonderful movies. You can watch foreign movies with English subtitles, you know. I hate to see narrow-minded Americans refuse to watch foreign films.

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  •   Jul 04, 2019

    Netflix is giving their non-English customers programming that they pay for.

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  •   Jul 09, 2019

    Jeez! A little culture! Or not... Seriously, watch Y tu mama tambien.! Dicks all over the place and it's not even porn!

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  •   Jul 10, 2019

    If you had just said that instead of sounding like a white supremacist and racist...

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