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H Jan 08, 2020 Review updated:

I am writing this complaint to state that Netflix shows are getting harder to enjoy because the content can be too sexually explicit. Also, there is almost always a seen of homosexuality (an intimate encounter between 2 homosexuals) on a show. It's just expected in every show I begin to watch. I know what's coming. Also, the shows have too many sexual scenes. Give me more story. Why does everything have to be so dirty?? Can the writers just keep it clean. It seems like a porn show. I can't just sit and relax and watch a clean show. All the shows have an immoral scene. It seems like the writers of this shows are sick, "sexually sick" and they want to lure people to watching the shows. You're trying to change culture with your shows. Making things seem normal through your shows like sexual scenes among anyone gay or straight. Netflix is not family friendly. I am seriously considering ending my subscription. I would like a cleaner Netflix. It really sucks. There's not much clean shows and even a show that initially seems clean deviates to something that is not clean. It's like the writers have to put it somewhere in the story some how. It really is disappointing.


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      Jan 14, 2020

    I am writing this because you should put Sons of Anarchy on the Netflix shows page

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