Netflixovercharges and doesn't reimburse.

A Dec 03, 2019 Review updated:

I just discovered that Netflix has been overcharging me for months. I had called previously to complain about it and was told my subscription had been increased, but not by my requesting it, but that it would be lowered back down to the $8.something plan. That never happened, and I just discovered it now. So, I called in again and demanded a full refund of the overages. I was told they would only refund one. When I stated that I would have to cancel my account if they didn't make it right, they didn't care and claimed they offered me a "resolution" which I refused. How is overcharging me for months while knowing you will only refund one month of that a resolution? It is NOT a solution, yet it's all they would do. Be careful of Netflix.


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      Dec 06, 2019

    Or, you know, you could check your credit card statements once in a while.

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