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A Jan 09, 2018 Review updated:

I cancelled my Netflix approximately a 1yr and 3 months ago. I noticed back in September they were still withdrawing about $10/month and I hadn't used it or thought about it in a year. Since the charge was only about $10/month I had overlooked it. But it had cost me about $120 total after adding it up. I called to cancel it again. The service rep was extremely rude and claimed they could tell if I had called before and that I had never called to cancel; however, he ended up telling me he for sure had it cancelled this time and would put a note on the acct to refund the $120 if I disputed it with my bank. Well my bank can only legally dispute back like 60 days. And come to find out they have continued to take out the fee each month since. I had to put in a stop payment with my bank and am out about $150 total for a service(that has not been returned to me) that I haven't used and was suppose to be cancelled twice now!


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      Jan 09, 2018

    Hi Amanda. Good to hear from you. Is it at all possible that you're failing to contact ' member services?' Other departments do not have the ability to close your account, which is why you may still be getting charged.

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