J Jul 19, 2019

My Netflix acct was accessed in Thailand, my email was deleted and I noted streaming activity in Argentina. I was in the US. I made Netflix aware and they would not cut off access to these foreign individuals from using my account until I could provide them with an access code or my credit card number. I could not give them an aces code because I couldn't log in any longer due to someone changing the email associated with my acct. I was away and did not have access to my credit card for several days. I was unable to use any Netflix services but the hackers could while I continued to be charged by Netflix. I merely asked that until I can get access to my credit card they need to cut off streaming via my acct to the random individuals that illegally accessed it because I was unable to use my acct. They stated they could not/would not because I couldn't provide them with the access code or cc number. Yes I couldn't get an access code because they allowed my account email to be changed! Netflix denied any responsibility for this access and would not provide any reimbursement or compensation for the the loss of service even though I was still charged and others were using my services. I find this completely unacceptable. I spoke with a "supervisor" on 2 occasions and requested their superior's contact info which they refused to provide. He laughed and said, "so you want to speak to the owner of Netflix?". He refused to provide his full name to me as well. The customer service is located in the Philippines and they were essentially useless.

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