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I am done with dealing with this sorry company

I set up account with netflix to find that it looped back to start membership start up page. It took my money but looped back to start membership. A glitch on their online site. So I waited over the weekend once money posted back to my account & tried it again. Same thing..I called to get same response too. We will post money back to your account & you can try again, we are aware of this glitch & working on it. My question was...since it shows ya'll have my money cant you go ahead & start my account.the answer was no. That would of been the most logical way to go since the glitch is on their end..not mine.

I am done with dealing with this sorry company.

  • Us
    userpower Aug 09, 2014

    You glitched, too. Patience is a two way street.

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they are getting worse and worse

Been with netflix for two years, good service up to about the last 8 mos. since blu-ray you have to wait up...

they are threatening to make me cancel my service

Netflix is demanding that I agree to terms of service which I have already done when signing up originally. They have obviously changed something in their agreement but I don’t know what it is. I spoke with their customer service department and they couldn’t tell me what had changed. I was instructed to re-read the multi, multi, multi page agreement when the customer service representative realized that the changes were not highlighted or otherwise identified. Now when I log on to the site they are threatening to make me cancel my service if I don’t agree – how sleazy.

  • To
    tosha5252 Sep 16, 2010

    so what...obviously you didn't take the time to read it the first just go ahead and hit agree to the 2nd TOS...done...big deal

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unauthorized changes

My credit card has been charged 2 months in a row on 3/24 and 4/24 for your netflix, I did not order thi...

charged my debt card twice for the same payment

I just opened a account with them and when I checked my checking account a few minunets later, I saw two...

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fraud/lying about &long wait& & &very long wait&

I have a 3-at-a-time membership with Netflix, but I also work at a correctional facility where we pay for the 8-at-a-time membership so the inmates can see movies on the weekends. I have not been able to get new releases from Netflix because they claim "very long wait" next to the movie I have added to my queue; however, the same movie I have added to my work Netflix account shows available "now".

So, now I know what there tactics are...if you pay for the highest membership, the new releases are reserved and ready. This is extremely deceitful and I am sure an attorney would love to have another small claims suit against them if they knew this was happening. I feel like I am paying for a bogus membership! I have printed both queues as well as their FAQ claim that they only ship what is "available" and that if there is a wait, it is due to their lack of inventory. Whatever!!

damaged and dirty dvds

Anyone know who to contact at Netflix about this? I'm so tired of getting movies that garble half way...

unauthorized charge

I have an unauthorized charge on my account for 9. 89 from nfi*www. / cc. No one has ever even...

awful service

I was one of the first people to jump on the Netflix wagon when it started service and I recommended it to all my friends and family. It was a great company then, but it has gone downhill very fast. Since the advent of Blue Ray its almost impossible to get a new release for several weeks. (i.e.: I have had Michael Clayton on my list since before it came out and still have not seeing it over a month later) Netflix customer service keeps promising the problem will be resolved, but as of now it just keeps getting worse to the point where I have been several weekends in a row without receiving any movies from Netflix even though I have many titles on my list both blue ray and dvds. Their instant watch feature contains mostly decades old movies and not any of the new releases. I will be canceling the subscription at the end of the billing cycle and sadly going back to Blockbuster. At least there I can go to the store and get what I want.

  • Xb
    XBOXMAN Jan 02, 2010

    My problem with Netfilx is that they NO LONGER accept debit cards. I have NO IDEA who thought of this mishap. Debit cards are the way to go.EVERYONE IS USING THEM! WHY? Because you CONTROL what gets taken off of your card and when. Netflix decided to NOT take debit cards back in July 2009. Netflix is doing themselves a HUGE disservice by NOT taking Pre-paid debits cards!All I can say is that there competition is going to scoop up ALOT of new business for this mistake.

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  • timduncan86 Feb 15, 2010


    The reason that they no longer take pre-paid debit cards is because if you decided to steal 40 movies from them, they would not have any means of getting their money back. Whereas if you pay with credit or bank account, then they can still attempt to collect the loss.

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  • Jk
    Jkoe1978 Nov 01, 2010

    Can't you just move a different movie to 1st in the queue? I just got Netflix, and there is one movie that has had a "short wait" for a few weeks so when I return one movie, I just move something else to 1st in the queue. Problem solved.

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  • Ne
    Netfluke Mar 29, 2011

    Yes...I agree that Netflix is getting big, thus the lack of good service. As for the long or short wait...they should know by now, which movies to buy more of, since they are in the movie business?!! Anyhow, I am getting fed up with Netflix with the lack of turn around time when receiving my movies (and getting new ones in). Their price IS cheap...but we end up paying the price for cheap service. I mean, if I'm paying a monthly subscription...then I expect to get the movie I want! They need to upgrade their streaming collection with the latest movies, so more people can view them and not have to wait for weeks via dvd or bluray! Sheesh!!!

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  • Li
    lily666 Jun 03, 2016

    Netflix Customer Service
    2 hours ago You
    account not working. loads of shows are either wrong show or cut off at 5-8 mins. those times it tell us we need to connect to xbox gold (we are already connected)
    You are now chatting with: Crystal
    2 hours ago Netflix Crystal
    Hey there! Yikes that sounds horrible! Let's get to it. Real quick, who am I chatting with?
    2 hours ago You
    2 hours ago Netflix Crystal
    Hi L***! So your account is working on your Xbox 360 or on any device?
    2 hours ago You
    no. i am using my laptop. we dont use it for netflix - we use kinect for that
    2 hours ago Netflix Crystal
    So it's just on your xbox that it's not working on, right?
    2 hours ago You
    i dont use it on anything eldse so i cannot really say. we had it last year for a while using laptop and it didnt work - thats why we dropped it. if its going to be a huge drama second round will cancel sooner.
    2 hours ago Netflix Crystal
    Okay so it's the movies you're having an issue with, correct?
    2 hours ago Netflix Crystal
    Hey are you still there?
    2 hours ago You
    2 hours ago You
    my son had issues with shows as well. they came up as something else. we are about 30% bad news
    2 hours ago Netflix Crystal
    Oh okay! Do you get any error code or message?
    2 hours ago You
    yes. with movies it says we need to connect with gold
    2 hours ago You
    the show issue has no message - just wrong show
    2 hours ago Netflix Crystal
    Hmmm okay. With the shows, is it every show that you see is wrong or just a few titles?
    2 hours ago You
    about 20% wrong shows
    2 hours ago Netflix Crystal
    Okay thanks! Give me one second!
    2 hours ago Netflix Crystal
    Okay so I spoke to my supervisor and he said you would need to get a hold of Xbox and ask them why it's asking you to do that because that's an issue on their side. We can't start Troubleshooting any situation of there's something going on with Xbox. So if you can totally get a hold of them then I will definitely wait here so you can let me know what they say L***!
    59 minutes ago You
    no can do. kids bedtime you didnt hire me, capisce?. you guys did this with mac laptop kept me on 'its microsoft' for 6 weeks only to find out from forums that there are issues with mac. you need to work it out. my daughter set this up during hols and she is good with this stuff - prob likely your end.
    56 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    I totally capisce L***! We can't work on it if it's a Xbox issue so I totally understand if you don't want to call them, that's completely up to you!
    56 minutes ago You
    its not xbox. that works fine. he's playing games on it right now.
    55 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    That's great! Xbox can be having an issue with our app because if it's asking you to log into your Gold Account then that's dealing with Xbox not Netflix but it's totally what you want L***!
    53 minutes ago You
    no. its not what i want. i signed up for a service and you arent providing it - again. do i need to get answers on the other sites or are you guys going to sort?
    51 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    Hmmm what other sites?
    51 minutes ago You
    look, i joined xbox gold to use netflix so if this isnt going to work you need to refubd those fees as well.
    45 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    You know we can't really do anything about the Xbox live account because that's out of our hands. Is your son playing online right now? If so that's the account you would need to use if you're using a different one that isn't Gold. As for the titles, I can go ahead and report a problem with them if you wanted to give me those titles that you saw were completely wrong. I would be more than happy to report those for you L***!
    43 minutes ago You
    i have reported them. yes, as i said already he is using the gold account without problem. its only a problem with regard to netflix. are we not meeting on same linguistic level - this has been going nowhere for almost an hour.
    41 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    I completely understand what you are saying L***, I'm asking you if you're trying to log into the same account that your son is using or if you have a completely different account. Linguistics, I assure you, are not the problem here.
    40 minutes ago You
    we are using the same one. my daughter set up the one acct.
    37 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    Gotcha. Well let's try something really quick, have you tried deleting the Netflix app from your Xbox 360?
    35 minutes ago You
    no. and my daughter has left for the year so if i do we wont be taking it up again.
    34 minutes ago You
    look, i was told this xbox was netflix ready. that considered it required an awful lot of time to set up so something has been off from the beginning.
    34 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    That's perfectly fine! If you no longer want your Netflix account that's completely up to you Leslie. If you want, you can go ahead and disconnect the app from your Netflix account and we can see what happens there!
    31 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    You can go ahead and try disconnecting it L***.
    29 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    Here's the steps you'll need (smiling). The sequence is a little rough so it'll take a couple of times but no worries you'll get it! Please Click Here
    25 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    Are you still there L***?
    24 minutes ago You
    have disconnected from acct. where do i send the bill for xbox gold?
    19 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    Okay great! So you can go ahead and log back in and see if you're still getting the same errors. As for the Gold account, we can't as a company, pay for that. It seems like your son is having fun playing it so that's great news! Also we can try other devices that you might have around the house that would be totally free if you wanted me to take a look and see if they can run Netflix on them like a phone or anything else!
    13 minutes ago You
    look gen y. this may be difficult for you to understand so i'll type slowly. i dont want my kids playing so its not great news. we only signed on for netflix. will look into my consumer options. meanwhile thank you for closing my account AGAIN. have a lovely evening.
    10 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    I don't know what you are referring to by gen y but I completely understand L***! No need to type slow because I can't see word for word what you're writing until you're done but I'm so sorry you feel that way! I haven't cancelled your account but I can go ahead and do that for you L***.
    7 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    So your account is all cancelled for you L***! Have a great night and thanks for chatting us in today! Bye-bye!

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  • Dm
    DMAM Jun 03, 2016

    The customer had a unreasonable request to have Netflix refund a customer for a xbox live subscription, in addition to the technical issue that the customer was not interested in resolving because of preconceptions of being mislead from a past situation.
    The worst part is the level of rudeness on the part of the customer and if you ask the customer they will probably argue that the Netflix person was rude even though they were continually flowing with positive attitude.

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beware gift subscriptions

I tried to canceled a gift subscription five minutes after I made it and Netflix said it was not possible! WARNING if you give someone a gift subscription... even at $167 a year... then the person you give the gift will still have to provide Netflix a credit card. This is not how I want to give gifts!!!

I am sure lots of people will not redeem these gift subscriptions because they will get to the screen which asks for a credit card.

  • Th
    The Ceej Jun 14, 2010

    Yep. I didn't redeem mine. I asked the one man who runs Netflix out of his basement for his credit card information and he said he wasn't going to give it to me.

    "Why not?" I asked, "I'm not going to run it. I just need to keep it on file in the unlikely event you cause a liability."
    "There is no legitimate reason for you to have my credit card."
    "Think about that." *Click*

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  • Do
    Don Jester Dec 14, 2010

    I encountered the same thing ! They want all of my info- Credit Card Number, Home Address, Date of Birth, Telephone number, etc. The gift subscription, which is ONLINE ONLY, which friends paid nearly $100. for, as a Christmas Gift, is unusable to me, I don't even have a credit card ! I used to, but found too many charges appearing from companies like this, as shown in their fine print on the (must agree to) terms page, which basically says "we can charge your card for anything we want, anytime we want, without proof of anything." I also object to the automatic renewal clause. Tell me it is going to run out, and then I will decide whether to renew or not. The importance, incidentally, of my gift subscription being ONLINE ONLY is that their statement when I spoke with them on the phone, of : We are shipping product out to you, and need some security for that product, is not true. If you don't mind hidden fees, automatic renewals that you cannot get out of, etc., then fine, be my guest, but I will not do business with anyone with those policies.

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  • Do
    Don Jester Dec 14, 2010

    laurajh is right ! I am sure the folks who gave me a Netflix gift subscription did not know that I would be asked for a credit card (and a lot of other personal information), I don't think they would have used that as a gift if they had. I will never give Netflix as a gift, now that I know about that policy. I would consider it a bit embarrassing at a personal level for the person I had given the gift to, to think that I had given them a gift with strings attached. What sort of gift would one find under a tree on Christmas morning which would require personal info and a credit card?

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  • Cc
    C. Camp Jun 17, 2011


    A gift is a gift and should be "fun" for the recipient..

    My mother was so happy to be able to give me a subscription
    for my Birthday, she is 80 years old and I accepted it just
    to make her happy..



    Will never, EVER visit their site or use their products again..
    Bank on it..

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Do not give someone a neflix gift subscription!!! They will continue charging your account even after the recipient's subscription is up! In the very fine print they tell you that the recipient must cancel. That they have received a notice.. Not you the buyer. I'm so angry that they would only give me 1 month's credit for months of charges. They didn't even want my business badly enough to try to keep me from canceling my own membership. Very disappointing. I hope red box puts them out of business.

  • Do
    Don Jester Dec 14, 2010

    knbsmith is right. I just received a netflix online subscription as a gift, and I will probably not even redeem it, now that I know their policies on it.

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I'm writing about netflx I want to know why they ask for credit card and I don't have one. And why...

people are strange.

I've had netflix for 3+ years, and aside from a couple of cracked discs, which were quickly replaced, i've...

will not refund money on cancelled order

On August 3rd I ordered a Roku Netflix player. On August 4th, I found a cheaper solution with the Playon software and called to cancel my order with Roku. They said the order had already shipped. True, they had gotten a shipping number from Fedex, but the product had not yet been picked up by Fedex. The Roku rep suggested I call Fedex and cancel the pickup. I did and got a confirmation number from Fedex. Bottom line - the product never left the Roku premises. I sent two requests via their website email requesting my refund - no response. I have called 4 times (customer service in India). Each time I was assured that the problem was being expedited to their shipping to verify they still had the product. On each occasion, I was told that I would receive a response from them in 2 business days, 3 business days, 5 business days, etc. None of that ever happened. On the first and subsequent calls I provided them with the Fedex tracking number and cancellation confirmation number so they could see for themselves that the product was never picked up. That wasn't good enough. They had to receive confirmation from "shipping".

Don't do business with these people. They are either dishonest or completely incompetent - probably both.

  • Jo
    john yonnotti Nov 02, 2009

    I am having the same exact problem. Is there an answer to get money back?

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  • Ja
    J.A.F Nov 04, 2009


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  • Ti
    Tiredofthieves Dec 09, 2009

    Terrible company, shipping is chaos, and customer service is a joke! I don't even think Americans own this company. They are stealing from American consumers on one end, and exploiting Indians on the other.

    I don't know if my box works or not. It's been more than two weeks, no one seems to know where it is, and their warehouse is directly across from Las Vegas, Nevada, in California. (How long does it take to the East Coast? Three months???)

    Once they get your money, this company could care less about you! I just feel sorry for the people that they are exploiting in some boiler-room somewhere, getting screamed at in a language thay don't even speak well. If someone stole a $100 from your wallet, they would go to jail, wouldn't they? This is just a legal way to steal.

    You've been warned!!

    Pay a little extra, and get another Netflix streamer. I wish I had!

    Happy Holidays to all:-)

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  • Sn
    snarkyparker Feb 22, 2010

    Purchased my Roku player on 12/27/09, retuned it on 1/15 at my own expense. They received it on 1/22. After numerous calls they keep saying that my account will be credited. People there make promises and are polite, but I am still out 109.98.
    Sorry I didn't check this website first. Do not attempt buy anything from this company! Chris Hacker

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unauthorized chsrges to my debit card

On 07/22/09 my bank account was debited $9.73. I have been unemployed since December, 2008. Would you please...

unreasonable wait time for new (and not so new) releases

Why is there such a long wait for new releases for netflix? Don't you think that since they are...

mastercard debit

To rent these movies bye mail, the will send you out three movies at a time. Unlimted number of times for a...

no customer service

Having read many of the complaints here and several rebuttals by those with blinders on, I am compelled to...

unauthorized billing

The unauthorized amount of 16.99 is being charged to my cedit card, Washington Mutual ending XXX 1330. I have...

scam and cheating

My family just bought a newish type house and we have a new credit card, as well, at this new location...

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