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Neiman Marcussystemic delivery issues on orders

January 16, 2018

Dear Neiman Marcus Customer Service:
I thought you should be aware of the irritating customer service I received from Neiman Marcus after ordering a pair of shoes that eventually never materialized.
I ordered the pair of shoes back in October (10/18/2017: WN10381296899) with hopes of having them for Christmas. When I ordered them, it indicated they were the last pair in my size (I was thrilled). But then after waiting for 2 weeks and not hearing anything, I reached out to customer service to find out they were "delayed" and my shipping date was sometime in November.
Then it starts to get really annoying ….
So for the next three months, I received almost daily emails notifying me that my order status had changed and I would need to email customer service within 24 hours or my order would be cancelled!
So almost daily, I responded to the increasingly annoying messages indicating I would wait for my order.
Then around January 8th, I receive another email simply stating the order couldn't be fulfilled and it would be cancelled.
When I inquired to customer service, I received your canned responses just with different first and last name initials at the end of them … then after getting so frustrated, I told them I was going to cancel my credit card, I received a nice note back stating:
Ricardo A
Thank you for contacting Neiman Marcus online.

You are most welcome. It is our pleasure to assist you in any way we possibly can. If you have any further questions or concerns you may contact us directly at [protected], via chat or by email. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Thank you for shopping with us. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Ricardo A
12 Jan, 11:19

Here's the thing … I went onto Amazon, ordered the exact shoe but in Navy Blue, ½ price and had it the next day!!!
If I were on your customer service team, I would have reached out mid-process and asked if there were any other colors that might interest me … say for example Navy Blue (which I purchased from Amazon) or Black Leather (which I purchased directly from … but no, they just kept sending annoying status emails and canned responses to my questions.
I will admit, there were times when I wasn't so pleasant, you could hear the frustration in my emails … but then again, customer service was anything but helpful.
Regards, Evelyn K

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    Neiman Marcusnot credible 2 day shipping and smug customer service

    I ordered $2000 worth of products online. I requested 2 day shipping because I would not be at my house the following days for 2 weeks. On the day the product should have arrived, I called customer service because I had yet to receive a shipping notification. Gloria answered and told me that she would look into it to see if I could get it by Friday. That afternoon, I still haven't heard anything from anyone and called again. This time I got Jane, who was polite but unable to help. I asked for my call to get escalated. Caesar took my call and treated me as if he was the customer. He made me feel as if I was doing something wrong by calling to inquire about why my order was not there when they said it would be. His treatment was so bad, that I canceled my order. I will never shop at Neiman Marcus again.

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      Neiman Marcusstop canceling my orders

      Dear Neiman Marcus administration (or whatever it's really called) I am asking you to stop canceling my orders without notifying me. It is very irritating.
      I have been trying to order one item I urgently need. And unfortunately, your store is the only store that has it. So please stop this mess.
      I wrote to you many emails asking to call me back. I would also call, but your employees never pick up the phone.
      I was provided no reasons for cancellation. So maybe I will be heard and this terrible mess will stop.
      Who knows. I believe in miracles.

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        Neiman Marcusmessy

        They don't work properly. Their customer service is dumb. Lazy and unorganized. Takes them forever to answer emails. I think there's only one person in their customer service and it's just impossible for him/her to answer all the emails and calls. There's no another explanation to this mess. When it comes to the issue be prepared to resolve it by your won. Just like I did and many other people before.
        Their company is a huge mess and I recommend you to stay away from them and never trust your money to them.

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          Neiman Marcus — not honoring promotions

          This company does not honor its promotions. I did the gift card with purchase promo and was entitled to a $50...

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          Neiman Marcus — oribe gold lust shampoo

          I was at the Roosevelt field mall shopping and decided to do some shopping at neimanmarcus and proceeded to...

          Neiman Marcus — purchase/return/misleading information

          Sunday July 9th I along with my husband when to the mall looking for a men flip flop, he stopped a couple...

          Niemanmarcus.comthey sell defective item with dubious inventory management

          I made an online purchase through for pick up at store on March 3, 2017 . Store Pickup WN7985719683. I saw the jacket in the store previously and I knew what the coat was like. The coat was supposed to have a core coat with a hood and a shell coat. I checked the item if it is correct item at the store, thank God. The coat did not have the shell part. Returned on the spot. I was told it was hopeless to find the missing piece from the warehouse. Disappointed I came home empty handed.
          Sometime later, I found the same type of coat on on April 19, 2017 Believing that the warehouse found the missing piece, I ordered again. This time, I have it shipped to my place. The product came with missing piece again. No outer shell! It looks like Nieman sent me the same defective product I sent for missing piece. I took it back to the store complaining how it can happen again.
          On April 28, I found the same type of coat again. I called customer service this time to order the product. I was assured warehouse will check if the item has two parts(core jacket and the shell jacket) before it was sent; I also emailed the request. I received the order today and Nieman sent the defective coat AGAIN! Be aware is not doing inventory control at all and DO NOT BUY anything at this online store. You cannot trust what you get. WHY DO YOU WASTE CUSTOMER'S TIME unless you deliberately hope customer not to catch the mistake and take the defective item?
          I made fool of myself and waste tons of time( which amounts to money to me) dealing with this merchant. When I complained, they offered $100 discount on other comparable coat. ( The coat price was $897).
          I rather share my experience with other unassuming customers so that my time would help warn others.

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            Neiman Marcusrude and unprofessional service

            I wanted to return my dress because it did not fit. Neiman Marcus support service was highly unprofessional and they were not able to answer any of my questions. I asked what was the return process but they refused to tell their return address. Their rep wasn't friendly and spoke in a rudely manner, and when I asked to talk to their manager they refused to give me his contact details.
            This was my first experience with Neiman Marcus and I can say that they need to do something with that customer service because it impossible to deal with them. I personally will not be buying from them again and I am not happy about that. I wanted to buy more staff from Neiman Marcus, but I changed my mind. Never again.

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              Neiman Marcusonline customer service gave false information and run around

              I live chat with a Neiman Marcus online customer service rep immediately after placed an online purchase to request two small shopping bags to be enclosed with the shipping. Just when I thought my request was taken care of, there was NO sight of shopping bags when I received the packages. Called the online customer services just to be told they do not provide bags and can't guarantee the store would honor my request for my online purchase! STRIKE 1 for providing customers with false information and zero resolution! After putting me on hold a few times to check with her supervisor, the rep still provide no solutions. Finally, after I requested the name of her supervisor, then the rep reluctantly transferred the call to her boss. Karen, the supervisor, started out stick to the same answer: no bag, no resolution. She said the live chat rep told her that I requested to "upgrade shipping"! SERIOUSLY?! Later, Karen said she doesn't know who answered my chat! REALLY?! STRIKE 2 for treating customers like they are a fool. Finally, Karen told me the in-store customer service will be more than happy to fulfill my requests of two shopping bags and offered a 10% discount. Honestly, I can care less about that 10% discount after so much time wasted and energy burned. Just gave me a honest straight answer to begin with! STRIKE 3 so much so for Neiman Marcus Online "Customer SERVICE"!!

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                Neiman Marcusneiman marcus on line shopping refuse refund my shipping cost and staff misleading

                My order and return summary
                Order date: january 21, 2017
                Order number: wn8324234289
                Return authorization date: february 1, 2017
                Return authorization number: rt-e4x001035708809-aa
                Items received on 2 feb 2017 by my own dhl account (Paid by myself)

                I write a compliant regarding my return and refund.
                Your customer services hotline misleading I can pay by myself and use my own dhl account to send back my return item and no any charge for me, but I receive confirmation regarding my refund amount, your co still charge me and not willing to refund to me.
                I called your staff to confirm this process is ok before I send back, I dun understand why now your company said this is another policy.

                Please see below conversation regarding my email with your customers services staff for your reference :

                Please send me your policy for "we are unable to refund the return shipping and handling charges due to your return reason of did not fit"

                Btw, why your customer services hotline staff not mention this to me when I called?

                I asked for advice if ok if I use my own dhl account to send my return item back, your company confirm is "ok" and no charge for me! If your company still charge me this cost why I use my account to send my item back?

                Please explain to me why your staff said "ok" then now it become need handling charge?

                In this case, I already paid my return shipping cost then also need to pay extra handling charge? That mean I not use your shipping service but I still need to pay?

                Please explain to me, otherwise I will go for legal action for this issue

                Our records indicate a refund in the amount of 4, 347.68 hkd, has been issued to your mastercard account as of today, 02/21/17. We are unable to refund the return shipping and handling charges due to your return reason of did not fit. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

                Thank you for shopping with us.

                Sandra r

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                  Neiman Marcusproducts and services

                  It was so hard to communicate with your department. they are no idea of the basic bags style and bags names. seriously, im kind of disappointed. your store carrying a lot of luxury bags but no idea why a minor mistakes can be make.

                  I would like to buying Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium Leather Satchel Bag but every time when i purchase the bag, it automatic change into a different bags. THIS IS THE ISSUE . I am not buying L62RZ Crossbody Hex Bucket Bag-Smo, this is a bucket bag not PS 1 medium. I am buying Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium Leather Satchel Bag. They are two different style of bag. if you dont know then please google it and see the pictures.

                  This is the Proenza Schouler 'Medium PS1' Satchel
        ; but the orders that i had was⇄
                  They are two different bags, sigh,I was so piss off letting you guys playing around like a ball between the your department and the customer department.

                  come on, this is a top retail still making a mistakes on the luxury of bags name and style? are you seriously?

                  products and services
                  products and services

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                    Neiman Marcuscredit card / customer experience

                    Hello, about two months ago I applied by phone for a nm credit card . The process was fairly quick and response I was approved . I immediately asked for a credit increase since I was only approved for 700$. Once I was transferred to the department that deals with increases, I was told that the rep who approved my application in error added me for 70$ credit limit instead of 700$ and we must first address that issue . The rep said she will call m back that evening. That evening came and gone and I did not get a call back regarding the update . I called in the next day, I was told the account reflected 1000$ in which verified the 70-700$ was adjusted and the increase was approved. I asked how long for the card to be shipped and rep said 7-10 days . 12-14 days still no card in the mail or account info, nothing even validating I had an account excluding the inquiry on my credit report . I called customer service again and was told they will send me out another card and the apologies for the inconvenience, waiting a little longer this time a little over two weeks, I still did not receive another card and I called into customer service again . All during this process I am recovering from Tonsillitis surgery so My voice, my throat, my entire spirit was not up for this back n forth foolishness. Hence why having a card, to place orders from home was not only convenient for me at the time but just overall the best 'make sense" plan for my situation. I was then told to reverify my mailing address and at that time it was discovered that no apartment number was added to my profile . The rep fixed that issue, I received an email verifying the update was made and here it is nearly another two weeks and still no card . I received the bill on today, in which fumed my soul even more . At this point it is clear the address is updated but why I still have not received any card . Although the bill is 0 and there has been no activity, that is a relief however, I still have no card . I am so surprise of this experience, this is Newman Marcus for goodness sakes.

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                      Neiman Marcusinadequate customer service

                      I ordered a Roland Mouret dress on November 24, 2016 at discounted price of $1, 587.00 (original price was approximately $2, 000) by calling Neiman Marcus' customer service. Since this is an expensive item and i wanted to be sure it fit, I specifically requested and ordered a UK size 8. The customer representative confirmed my order of a UK size 8 and NOT a US size 8 would be shipped to me.

                      I received the dress on November 29, 2016, however, the dress was a UK size 12. By the time I received the wrong item, the same dress in UK size 8 were sold out . I called the Neiman Marcus customer service and explained the situation. My request has been escalated to the manager of customer service department. Peggy Cartusciello, the manager of customer dept., told me that the dresses were sold out and offered me two alternative options: Option 1: she will make arrangements to have the wrong dress picked up from me or Option 2: Neiman will absorb up to $500 if I find a similar item (dress) from Neiman (in order words, they don't compensate me for anything if I order something from a different vendor, sort of like a store credit exchange).

                      Both options are not fair and are unreasonable options to the consumer who relied on an affirmative statement from a Neiman Marcus representative. Furthermore it was Neiman Marcus that made the mistake and has an affirmative duty to its customer (the counter party to the sale agreement) to make him/her whole. In other words, Neiman Marcus is supposed to compensate me for the full value of any difference between the item I ordered on November 24 and the replacement I chose regardless of whether the replacement I found was at Neiman Marcus or not. The options offered to me are inadequate and fail to mitigate the damages and fulfill its end of the bargain.

                      Neiman Marcus offers some of the the most well known merchandise in the US and is supposed to provide the highest-quality customer support that goes along with the high quality goods they offer. I am disappointed with the solutions and request that Neiman Marcus rectifies this situation and fulfills its end of the bargain.

                      inadequate customer service
                      inadequate customer service

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                        Neiman Marcusshame!!

                        Neiman Marcus is the worst company I have ever dealt with! Their products are not bad, but their support service is a complete nightmare!
                        I purchased a pair of shoes from this store and received wrong size. Of course I contacted them and asked for help, but I received only short replies which made no sense. They said they'll resolve my issue any time soon and promised to contact me back later. After one week of waiting I contacted them again and received the same reply. What a shame for such a reputable company!

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                          Neiman Marcus Chanel Fashion Valley San Diego — unethical behaviour

                          The Chanel boutique inside Neiman Marcus ( Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego) is a joke. Lack of customer...

                          Neiman Marcusdior counter

                          I was planning on purchasing eye shadow from Dior and was unsure between two color palets. I ask the consultant if she can put some on to see how it would look. She told me only if I make a purchase. I let her know that I am there as a vendor a few times a week. She said she knows but I still need to make a purchase. I was very offended and told her to forget it and bought it at Saks. Her name was Melissa and had she had red hair.

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                            • Wine Is Good Oct 22, 2016

                              Perhaps they have a policy not to open product before it has been sold. You certainly do not want to buy used product do you? Do you expect them to take a loss on the product? Perhaps they do not have testers.

                              0 Votes

                            Neiman Marcus — jewelry

                            In 1988 I purchased a 'Burmese ruby' ring from The Precious Jewels Salon at the Bal Harbour Florida Neiman...

                            Neiman Marcusthey wasted my time!!

                            I've ordered really cute shoes from and paid extra money for fast shipping. I waited and waited, but nothing showed up, so I contacted Neiman Marcus and asked about the status of my order. They said that my order was cancelled because my shoes were out of stock and offered me to pick something else. I did as they said and they promised to deliver them as soon as possible. Well, weeks passed and the same thing happened. When I reached them for the second time they said that shoes were no more in stock. What?? They did return my money and that was very nice of them, but I just wasted my time and I'm not satisfied!

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                              Neiman Marcusthis company is completely unprofessional!

                              Received my order but the size was wrong so I went to the store to get a replacement. The sales person claimed I received the right size, but in the end she finally agreed to re-order. So we ordered another pair of shoes and they came two weeks later. The size was wrong again but the sales person assured me that they are supposed to be tight. I didn't want to argue so I just took the shoes. Got home and tried them on again. They were too small and not comfortable. Went back to the store asking for a refund, but they refused to give my money back. I want nothing to do with Neiman Marcus ever again! At this prices you expect excellent service and quality. This company is completely unprofessional!

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