Z Oct 09, 2019

Please would you investigate Quintin Swanepoel (private banker) and Dilshaad Ismail (Quintins assistant or some other title that she is wishy washy with) of committing internal fraud. Unending issues with cards being sent to incorrect branches, cards being cancelled before receiving them, unauthorised transactions, money missing, accounts frozen, no access to money or online profile, etc etc... and this has been an unending cycle. Somebody keeps accessing my account, and committing fraud, no matter how many times we redo the process to where one would think all is well, only for the fraud to continue. It has to be an internal issue... and I suspect it's these two involved.

Fraud has to be the case... I mean, with all their years of experience, why do they string people along (buying time) and really do not keep to their word and really seem to not care.

Quintin has power of attorney of my account as it was supposed to be a perk to have a personal banker. But he's the arse end of what a personal banker should be. In fact, I feel like throwing up after weeks of fraudulent hell... and he does not help much... the help that I get is pretty much at glacial speed. And I can't anymore.

Dilshaad I see is mentioned in hello Peter, which is also related to fraud and ever changing 'facts'. In fact, it's clear that the complainant was flabbergasted by the outright gaslighting.

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