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Complaints & Reviews

personal loan

i applied for a loan via phone and recieved papers signed them and faxed them back whn i call they say it is still in process so what must i do know? wait till when they r really unprofessional

  • In
    Indira Reddy Jun 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I recently applied for personal loan, was asked to submit all the relevant docs, I complied with all requirements, my grievience is that I notified consultant that my salary did not go in my acc via EFT as our subsidies only went into company account on the 31 May 2011 and all staff at our Association was given cheques i.e. I went to Standard Bank cashed my cheque and deposited money into my account. This however was the reason my loan application was declined. Nedbank did not take into account that my salary for previous months was done via EFT. I contacted consultant and he said the matter would be appealed by his co-ordinator, but conveniantly the co-ordinator is not in today as well. Sad to know that Nedbank does not respond to customer queries timeously & does not even go the extra mile to assist their customers. Text messages were repeatedly sent to me i.r.o. of completing applications as it was pre-approved, but when it came down to approving loan, a silly reason was given for it being declined. I even asked consultant as to whether I can submit a letter from the company I work for to verify the reason for salary been paid late/cheque and not by EFT.

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nedbank does not know what is going on

I was double debited on my Nedbank loan at the end of December. I phoned Nedbank Saturday 2nd January 2010 to ask them to refund me one debit order as I have other debit orders coming off my account on the 4th and they were going to bounce. They told me that the money was refunded into my account, I told them that it was much appreciated. I went onto internet banking on 6th January to check if money has been deposited into my account, it was not done. I phoned Nedbank once again to find out how long it takes for the refund to reflect in my bank account (Standard Bank) they said it should be reflecting, I was then told that the refund was put into my FNB bank account which has been closed for over a year now. I then asked the individual on the other end of the phone to explain to me how it is possible that they can debit my Standard Bank account every month for their money which they get immediately, but when it comes to refund the money we are given so many excuses and answers that do not help us in any way. I have asked for someone in senior management to phone me and explain to me how this is possible. I will wait and see how long that takes.

empty promises and bad service

I went through the ordeal of doing an insurance claim for a burst geyser today. My initial impression was that the service from the Nedbank call centre on [protected] begin_of_the_skype_highlighting [protected] end_of_the_skype_highlighting was quite good with messages being sent to me informing me that the plumbers had been notified and that they were on their way. Plumbers on call arrived and confirmed that the geyser had indeed seen it's last day. Before installation they wanted me to do an excess payment of R1000 which I did without any hesitation. They installed the geyser and told me that the electrician had been called upon them discovering that some of the wires were too short to connect. I noted it on their report and already started getting concerned. I then spoke to a number of people over the next couple of hours to try and escalate the issue. One lady Chantelle even said that they were a 24 hour service. At around 17h30 I phoned again to escalate as it had now been 3 hours since I had had spoken to the last incompetent person. A guy who had been programmed to say ' Sorry sir our services department will only be open again tomorrow ' kept on repeating himself after I blew my lid. No hot water and three kids to bath - Moving to FNB.

  • Aa
    aassdd Oct 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

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they are pathetic, and are all to keen to take my money but do not follow on their promises to me

I recently opened a cheque account with Nedbank. I was told that I would be given a CHIP AND PIN bank card due to increased card fraud etc.

I drew money from an ABSA ATM and my new chip and pin card was swallowed! I got a replacement card a week later and went to draw cash at an ATM and it happened again. I phoned customer services and was told it was a clash in software between NEDBANK and other ATMS that resulted in the card being swallowed! I was promised that i would not have to pay for the replacement cards, an amount of R125 each!!

They have since charged me for 3 card replacements listed as 'LOST CARD' fee. I have been trying for the last 2months to sort this out and get passed from pillar to post! I have ceased to put money into this account until they rectify the problem! I bank with another institution as well so have used them in the interim.

My account with Nedbank is now overdrawn affecting my credit status. They are pathetic, and are all to keen to take my money but do not follow on their promises to me, the client! Once they have reversed these charges I will settle my account and close it never to bank with NEDBANK in the future!

trying to close an account for two years

I have tried to buy a car in 22 April 2007and was turn down reason that there was a judgment from Ned bank card. So I call them up and asked them what was going on and I have been informed by a Mrs STELLA MASOYO that there was a outstanding balance of R 15, 033.88 . then I requested a settlement finger of R13521.00 which is valid for seven working and also noted there note that judgement was taken against me, therefore having to appoint a Attorney to rescind it as Ned bank would don't, we will only provide me with a settlement letter that I have received after pay was made [protected]. I have then requested a attorney from Nedbank to handle this matter referring me to use Mahomeds Incorporated to start the rescind mend process that was granted in the Johannesburg Court soon after. I was then contacted on the 13 May 2009 by Mr Thabo Madalane of Nedbank about a outstanding account and then reverting to him with all supporting documents to remove this settle this matter. I have now applied for a bond with Mortgage Innovations SA and have been advised that I still have a judgment with Nedbank after all this time and all this up and down mail this matter is still unresolved.

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I am utterly appalled at the outrageously poor service

I have been trying unsuccessfully to close my late father's bank accounts, for more than 2 years after his death! First they said they were closed- but then they 'suddenly' were open again. I have been into the branch countless times, escalated the complaint to the highest authorities but am STILL receiving account statements and no-one has resolved the issue. Alridge, in complaints, says the problem is 'sitting between' two departments and no-one will take responsibility. I am deeply concerned that there may be more to this than just plain incompetence and lack of care. Could these accounts be being used fraudulently? They have all the documentation needed, why can't they close them? I am utterly appalled at the outrageously poor service. It is disgusting!

bank charges

Nedbank bank charges are ridiculous. I checked my internet statement this morning and found that after they had deducted approx. R303 for monthly bank fees at end of August 2010, there was another deduction on 03 September 2010 of R129.99 listed as Service Fee. I called them and was advised that this is an annual card Fee! We pay for every transaction throughout the month i.e. on Deposits you pay, (whether thru an ATM or counter) on withdrawals you pay. On every transaction you pay, airtime you pay. For every transaction you pay a fee and then at month end you have to pay again the following: Monthly Service Fee, ATM/SSD Fee, Facility Fee, Saswitch Fee, Maintenance Fee. . This is robbery as far as I am concerned. They debit your account as they feel fit. I am fed up with this bank and will be looking at alternative banking. WAKE UP NEDBANK - YOU ARE NOT CUSTOMER FRIENDLY!!!

  • Ia
    Ian Mar 12, 2009

    Have just received an advice from Nedbank informing me of a reduction in interest rates of 1% on a home loan. This was expected as the SA Resrve bank reduced their prime lending rate recently. However, when comparing the monthly administration charge of R39.90, mentioned therein, with the previous advice of 15.12.08, which was only R17.10, I am astounded to note that this is an increase of 233%. And that is after receiving a brochure from the bank recently stating "Great valusebanking, simplified" and "Pricing it right for you". I just wonder how the bank can introduce this rip-off in the present economic climate.

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  • Al
    Allilisuion Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Goodday Up to so far my Everyday account has been fine until I used a fine comb to check my statement and realized that there is money R75 to be exact, taken from time to time and when I called, I was told its a 'LEGITIMATE TRANSACTION'. I was told that since I do not have overdraft I am allowed to be overdrawn and then charged a huge amount of R75. I ask why it does not happen like that with the Savings Account and am told its just how it is setup on the system. Its the first time I hear of legal fraud or corruption or ripoff. What men can do men can also undo. Nedbank are deliberately letting this happen to charge R75. If only making money was this easy for all of us. Shame on you Nedbank, shame on you.

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money stolen from my account

Money was drawn out of my account at the end of July, while i had my bank card with me. I got a case number from the police and filled out the forms at the bank immediately. I was told that it would take 3-4 weeks to resolve. I called today after hearing nothing and i am now told that it normally takes over 6 weeks! I asked to speak to the manager, who is now away for 2 weeks!

There is nobody i can speak to to get a straight answer, after numerous attempts All i want is my money back! thats not too much to ask!

this is theft and it must stop at once.

I opened a cheque account for my wife online in June 2009. This meant that she qualified for the Fresh Start promotion. She received confirmation and account number by phone and they also told her to SMS the word fresh to 40320 before 19 July 2009 and she received a request for her bank account number which she gave. Her salary was deposited on 25 August 2009 and we waited for R750 as promised. No money has been deposited since today. Today she phoned customer care and they told her that she opened the account on 14 July 2009 just after the promotion was closed, (query ref. [protected]). That is total lies. The cards were delivered after that date but the account was opened way before. This is theft and it must stop at once. If it is not resolved I'll make sure we take legal action against them.

gross negligence

After changing my debit order from the 31st to the 25th of every month, the past three months have been hell. Eiher the debit order is not processed or the deit is processed twice. This results in my credit record being negatively affected. Becasue of this my home loan application was declined. I am absolutely disgusted in Nedbanks "services" and would NEVER recommend them to any1. After settling my personal loan wih them I will beassured to NEVER deal with Nedbank again, in any form.

poor service

i have applied for a loan via telephone which was approved. from the 12th of june 2010 to now 12th july 2010. i have been corresponding with the call centre on a daily basis but still cannot get a positive response from the personal loans division about when my loan will be put into my bank account it is now one month and still cannot get a consultant to help me positively with my loan payout. it has costed me phone calls for one month to the call centre and still no one can help me.

my contact details are: [protected]
my loan reference no. 4880036
applied with Zoe.

please help

loan needed for medical reasons

if this loan is going to take another month to be paid out which was supposed to be 5 - 8 working days. then i want to cancell this application and go to another institution.

kind regards

very unhappy about the way Nedbank employees carry themselves out

personal loan application

i applied for a loan on 11 may 2010, i even signed the appoval documents vis courier, but still no response, everyday i call, n sadly some of the consultants just dont know whats going on, i eventually contacted the team leader or person in charged Tracy jane which inturn gt a consultant to call, but still gave me answers application still in the process, i then contactd the complaints dept were i liased with Delona smidt, who said she will deal with complain, i called her everyday, she advised she was awaiting feedback, i then get a lady by the name of Pretty that called on 24/06/2010 said she will be handling this query from the loan dept, n 1nce more requires my latest payslip & bank statement, i faxed that, she confirmed she received it, n assured me i will get feedback on Friday morn 25/06/2010 hass this application has been too long, n they markd it as high priority, i have been calling since then with same answers its in the processing depart, n evryday they advise me definately tomorrow u will get feedback 7 i dont, today i call Delona again n she advised they awaiting confirmation from my bank, then now i get a call from nedbank saying that the interest rate from 21% is gone to 29%, and i already signed the documents along tym ago, i just so disgusted with nedbank as they are so unprofessional

  • Ha
    Haydecey Aug 16, 2010

    I agree, Nedbank personal loans department, via the internet is really horrible and I'm shocked as I have never heard of any bad things about Nedbank. I infact wanted to change my bank account from FNB to Nedbank but hell no I will rather keep my account at FNB just now money goes missing?

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outstanding balance

I had a old mutual nedbank credit card which was in areas until it was suspended. I have tried to contact the bank on several occasions but I cannot get hold of somebody who can help me, they always refer me to a legal department but in that legal department the phone just rings and nobody answers it. I cannot give my account details because I don't have my card. I just want to know how much do I still owe the bank

  • Ma
    mabitsela Jan 31, 2012

    I Mabitsela Phalane need a refund of excess money i deposited in my account. The money must be deposited into my current account

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banking charges

I have banked with Nedbank for some time. I have an account that charges R85 per month for bank fees, fair enough. Since 1st Oct 2009 I have not had any income come through the account. I call the bank to freeze my Account since I would like to use the account when I finally secure a job. So, End Feb I cannot freeze my account, the charges are building up I can't pay it off since I have NO income. I am pretty much stuck! The account will build up until such time that I use it again - which in this day and age could mean a further 6 months. Now I ask Nedbank, why can I not just freeze the account until I can use it but not. They are totally useless, uncaring SOB's. I find it unbelievable that they don't offer any kind of service??? So whats on the cards for me, being blacklisted thats what. CHEERS NEDBANK!!

  • Is
    Isabel McGregor Sep 09, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with you. They are most definately the most uncaring Bank I have ever had the misfortune to come across. They really do not care about anyone except their ugh, not so good but very bad reputation.

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call center wasting time and refuse to let me speak to a team leader on my request

Was asked to contact a call center agent by the name of Cashwell on Friday and this morning(18/01/2010) I tried calling him. Upon getting through to Thokozani Dladla I was confronted with security checks of which I see no point as I wil be asked the same questions over and over. Does this mean that if you dont bank there you cant return calls? I felt annoyed by this and wanted to express my unhappines to management and was refused by the agent.
I then called back and asked the agent to speak to his team leader as I would like to log a formal complaint as was told to hold on... then upon return I was informed that his manager is refusing to take my call based on the fact that I would not do their security check...

Now really this is pathetic. Am I just a number or am I a human with the right to be assisted.
I never asked them to prove who they are.

Is this the way we treat our valued clients?

stolen money

Nedbank Namibia: 3500 N$ has been debited to our account without any
explanation. No reply has been received from Nedbank, our messages are
ignored. We are going to contact consumer web sites and financial
organisations in Namibia and RSA on the subject.

Sergei Mitrofanov
Elena Travel Services
E-mail: [protected]@namibweb.com

stolen funds

I believe Nedbank has stolen money from me. My account has been frozen, due to lack of use, their words. I deposited funds and then 2 weeks later when I tried to transfer funds I found my account frozen. I was never made aware that I had to use my account more regularly. Seems I have no access to my funds, my account does not gather any interest, yet Nedbank see fit to charge me all sorts of fees for an account I am unable to use. seems liek robbery to me.


On the 25th of August 2009 I paid a account due to Dr Davies Pathologist into an Nedbank account. I received a statement from them recently that I was 90 days in arrears. I contacted them and informed them that it was impossible as it was an EFT transfer from ABSA to Nedbank and it showed on my receipt that the payment was successful. I spoke to a lady from the pathologist that stated that Nedbank told her that my funds was exhausted, that is why the payment did not come through. According the statement the reversal was made on the 16th of September almost a month later. Nowhere in my account is proof that the money was credited back into my account, but the pathologist insisted that this money is due. I would like to know how Nedbank can tell anyone that my funds was exhausted if they have not got a clue what is going on in my ABSA account, and I would like to know what happened to that money. Bertus Crafford (bertus.[protected]@absa.co.za)


I accept that I did not handle the account in the best manner – due to unemployment, I am currently employed and made an effort to get the account up to date. I did speak to Ettienne from legal prior to the judgment being taken, where I was trying to make arrangements regarding the account. Even before judgment was taken against me last month I told Ettienne that I would be making a R10, 000 deposit on the account(which I did) and will continuo doing every month until the account is up to date, he then told me that it would not help me as he is going to take judgment against me and would carry on with the process until the account is up to date and unless I don’t settle the total arrears it would not help me at all, besides Nedbank taking a arrears debit order from my account, BUT NOW THAT JUDGMENT IS TAKEN AGAINST ME HIS EXCUSE IS THAT HE CAN NOT HELP ME BECAUSE OF THE JUDGMENT, so which ever way I tried to correct the problem Ettienne just did not want to help . Before judgment was taken Connie Mulder (the reposessor) showed up at Featherbrooke Estate (my place of residents) security telling them that he is the sheriff and wants to collect the vehicle, he then gained access to the estate and went to my house, not ringing the bell and went around the house to the back door surprising my wife and son by showing up at the back door, I was still at work at that time as I am working in Bethal, Mpumalanga. Besides my 2 dogs almost biting him security removed him from my premises as he did not possess of the necessary documents to attach the vehicle, since then I had numerous unpleasant calls from Connie Mulder threatening me that we could do it the easy way or hard way (I have saved all the calls).

I was phoned on the 21/10/2009 by Connie Mulder the person that wants to collect the vehicle from me, I then called my employer to explain the problem to him – he requested that I bring him an email stating that if he pays the R23, 981 on my behalf that the bank would uplift the attachment order – I phoned Ettienne on the 22/10/2009 and asked him to send me a settlement, to what he agreed – he then send me the settlement of another client . I phoned him again on the 23/10/2009 to tell him that he send me the wrong info, he acknowledge that a mistake was made and that he asked a colleague to send it but failed and that he would send it to me right away, this did not happen, I still have not received the letter promised stating that the bank would not take the vehicle if the full arrears was paid.
Without the letter my employer does not want to help me as he feels that if he pays the money and the vehicle is attached then he has gained nothing and still has to purchase another vehicle for me .

It seems that no matter how hard I try to get cooperation from Ettienne im not succeeding.

  • Tm
    TMDee Jul 07, 2014

    Nedbank seems what I suspected them to be: corrupt and power hungry bullies to the bone! They should be closed down.They did this to you. The bank manager of Gansbaai branch made a "mistake" with a debit order for my vehicle finance and cancelled it while my request was that she should cancel the debit orders of Babereki because they deducted twice from my account.Then ABSA phoned and I had to discover what Rosetta of Gansbaai branch had done! What an embarrassment! I dared to complain and now I am threatened with my overdraft after more than 5 years since I have had this overdraft with Nedbank! BULL! This is nothing but an indirect threat to financially destroy me should. Make any waves. I guess I must have stepped on the correct toes! Somebody high up clearly feels cornered...

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poor service

On 11.07.2009 I called Nedbank Insurance to register a claim for a leak underneath our house (that is what it...

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