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After spending well over $10k and referring several coworkers to buy from them, they have treated me with complete disrespect. A value payment was declined because BofA got hacked into and they sent me a new debit card. I never received an email from Shop NBC asking to update card information, which I would have gladly done and did do IMMEDIATELY after finding out about the problem?.

That wasn't good enough for them". They wanted the new card immediately over the phone!. I explained to them that I use wireless home phones and a cell phone and that would not be acceptable due to security reasons/. The next agent that called cooperated and mailed out a statement to my home, I then mailed them a check for payment". Meantime, the 10-12 harassing calls per day continued!. Now 12 days later, they are still calling me 10-12 time a day, on both my home and cell numbers, by 3 different reauthorization agents".

My account information with new debit card info is current so I refuse to give it to them over the phone for another value payment that was declined because their outdated computer system supposedly can't retrieve the new, updated card number from their own system.

They have totally mishandled this whole situation. They started off with multiple phone calls daily when all they had to do is send me an email to update account info. and or mail a billing statement. That is not their company policy to do neither per Michael Davis manager.


  • My
    MysticGoddess Jan 27, 2013

    I went through an almost identical situation with them & they won't let me have Value Pays anymore even though it was predominantly their fault (I say predominantly because I take responsibility for forgetting the card with the different expiration date was used on one item I purchased from them, a simple oversight that turned into a nightmare!). In addition, regardless of how friendly & kind I am, most of their phone order reps are unfriendly & some are downright rude for absolutely no reason except that the phone rang??? This is the single most difficult & unpleasant company I have ever dealt with & if I could find the things I need anywhere else, I would stop shopping with them completely. Absolutely do not recommend doing business with them!!

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  • My
    MysticGoddess Jan 27, 2013

    BTW, this is the only complaint I have ever filed anywhere!

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I purchased a facial machine on ShopNBC when it was on air. There was never anything that said the machine was sold out when I bought it, or after I bought it. I also bought some replacement filters for it, which they recommended doing. I got the filters a week later, and called to find out when I would get the machine. I was told the machine was on back order. I asked how long it would take to come in, and was told they had no idea. I asked if they were sure the machine was even going to be available again, and they said they had no idea. So I said, you can't guarantee that the machine is even going to be available? And they said no. So I cancelled my order, sent the filters back and had to pay for the shipping, which is ridiculous. They should not have sold items they apparently didn't have in stock, and they never informed me in any way that the machine was on back order. I was totally conned into buying something and paying the shipping for it when I couldn't even use it, because I didn't have the *** machine! I'll never shopNBC again!!

Digging deeper into pocket

They get worse day by day. It wasn't enough shopNBC mishandled order; sent to a 7yr old previous address, tried to make me track; until I got to corporate via manufacturer.

Now they want to charge full shipping for each item ordered; I ordered a candle, sheet set, 2 identical throws and they were tacking $31.96 in shipping charges.

When it was still Value Vision there was customer service, shopping carts inclusive shipping for all items.

Now the greed of corporate is clear; take a little more from us average Joes.

With shipping that pricey, I can go 10 days with full tank of gas, support my local merchants and let NBC ROT.

The one product they offer that I cannot be without can be bought from manufacturer in Canada, so I really don't need them. The idea of home shopping is to be convenient and comparably if not, better, priced. They do not offer any such services.

Lousy customer service UNLESS you get to corporate office personnel and overcharging shipping, handling. My last order took them 7 days to pack and send.

Mitsubishi TV

I have got a giant nonworking TV in my living room that was bought in December and hasn't worked for the last 3 weeks and Shop NBC feels they have no responsibility to back the items they sell. I can't belive I made such a huge purchase (2000 dollars) for my first shopping experience with them!!! I am an idiot! Don't be one too

Forced to resing

After nine years of employment with Telemundo, I was given a choice to either get terminated or resign. The...

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Video of 21 year old shot in the head

I cannot believe that while viewing the latest Dateline piece dubbed "Mean Girls" I was ambushed by raw REAL...

Does it exist

I watch tv over the air. We get abc, CBS, fox, wgn, and about 25 other channels. But NBC broadcasts a signal...

Junk jewelry

My mom was watching a jewelry shopping show called SHOPNBC.com. and saw a necklace she liked. She told me they went on and on about the quality of this "14 kt" gold chain and so decided she wanted it and thus ordered it. It was the crappiest piece of junk I have ever seen. She paid $100 for this sorry piece of rubbish and $7.99 S.H. Of course she was disappointed and gave it to me to return since the directions to do this required a magnifying glass to read and a puzzles master to understand this babble. You are billed an additional $7.99 S.H. and restocking fee for the return. I think thatSHOPNBC.com carries junk, rips people off and to me this is wrong and unethical.

  • Sh
    ShoppingQueen Mar 15, 2011

    I agree, their jewelry samples the hosts show are beautiful with rich colored stones. Then when your piece arrives- the stone is 5 shades lighter and looks half the size smaller. One time it cost me 30 % of the product' s price to return it!!! that is higway robbery and makes me think they already expect most people are gonna return the product because it's not worth their prices so, they make their money on the shipping, handling and return shipping fees. I have since found out that a lot of what they sell you can find elsewhere for 3 to 4 times cheaper! especially their sterling silver pieces.

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Olympic Coverage

The coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics is terrible, as was the coverage of the Summer Olympics. We only see...

You are late because you paid early

I bought a computer from Shop NBC that never made the standards. It was cheaply made and top shelf price. I accepted a credit card from them to buy it. Last month I paid my bill for what I thought was on time. A few days later I got a call from the company saying that I was late on my payment. I said "how could it be since I had paid my bill on 6/3/09 when the due date on the bill was actually 6/25/09." The response was the following "Sir, I am sorry to inform you that you are late on your payment due to the fact that you paid early. For that, you will incurr a $39 fee." No matter how hard I tried to resolve that issue I was unable to. So after I am done with this credit card it will be closed down and no more shopping from Shop NBC.

Rebate Denied

On 5/10/09, I purchased the above Acer laptop computer through Shop NBC who also offered a $100.00 mail-in rebate. The rebate was good until 6/30/09. The merchandise arrived on 5/23/09.

When I went to apply for the rebate on 6/24/09, I found out the the time limit had expired! Evidently the rebate offer was NOT until 6/30/09, but was for 30 days from DATE OF PURCHASE.

This discrepancy in "when the 30 days starts' was never made clear. Due to their erroneous advertising, I feel that I am eligible and entitled to the $100.00 rebate. As a senior citizen, I cannot afford to throw away $100.00!

Please let me hear from you soon! Thank you for your assistance with this matter.

Received an empty box

I ordered an Elgin watch from Shop NBC and had charged to my credit card. I received a package from Shop NBC. When I opened it, the watch box was EMPTY!! That's right. I said EMPTY. When I called customer service I was asked if I would like to order another and pay for it again. Not hardly. They said they would investigate but wouldn't necessarily issue credit to my credit card. I should have checked them out first. This is a scam! BEWARE!!!

  • If the item shiped ups then they can check by weight... I am suprised they didnt tell u that they should ahve called while you were on the telephone... then they should have filled out a form and told u the investigation should take 10-14 business days... the they should have offered free shipping and refunded that to your acct and a disc...sorry hun good luck to you some ppl dont know good customer service and I can understand of being excited over the item! good luck please post and let me know what happens!

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  • Ma
    marilyn fessler Oct 20, 2009

    I had the same thing happen to me with an expensive watch and at about the same time it happend to you. I ordered a "Donna of the Rocks" diamond watch and when it arrived the invicta watch box was empty. I was horrified !! I have ordered through all the home shopping channels since the early 80's and NEVER had anything like this happen. I too had put it on my credit card of which shop NBC resolved the matter and refunded my charge card with in a week of the incident . SO YOU ROCK SHOP NBC !!!~Marilyn in Seattle

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Purchased this DXG web cam / camcorder from Shop NBC around Christmas. Both Shop NBC and DXG represented the product to be fully compatible with Windows Vista. It is not. Shop NBC has chosen to participate in the fraud thrust upon its customers by DXG. After several attempts Shop NBC continues to give me the run-around and refuses to refund the product upon return. Documentation: DXG represents at the Shop NBC website that the product requires Windows Vista (one of the System Requirements) and represents that the unit is fully compatible with Windows Vista. At the DXG web site, DXG does not list Windows Vista as a system requirement and states within DXG tech reports that this DXG product is not compatible with Windows Vista; that DXG will never create a driver for the product to make it compatible with Windows Vista and that DXG does not claim or represent that the product is compatible with Windows Vista.

Both Shop NBC and DXG have committed fraudulent misrepresentation of the product and after full disclosure to Shop NBC - Shop NBC refuses to refund the purchase price upon return. Both Shop NBC and DXG should be investigated by the appropriate Dept. of the Federal Government and both Federal and State Consumer Protection Agencies and be required to refund all customers who find the product incompatible with their computers running Windows Vista, and both Shop NBC and DXG should be fined heavily for greedily committing the crime of theft upon Shop NBC customers by fraudulently misrepresenting the product and stealing customers monies. Since the theft of monies by both Shop NBC and DXG crosses state lines then the Feds should become involved since this theft from US Citizens involves Interstate Commerce.

Americans are tired of greedy money mongers fraudulently misrepresenting products and stealing their hard-earned monies. I urge all Federal and State Agencies involved with Consumer Protection to involve themselves in this matter. Thousands upon thousands of people potentially are the victims of the above and below-described fraudulent misrepresentation regarding the DXG-506V product - all who use Windows Vista operating systems.

All Documentation saved and available upon request to Federal and State Agencies.
A copy of this Documentation from the Shop NBC web site product description and the DXG USA aka DXG Technology USA web site follows:

* Please note that the DXG product information regarding Products Requirements (at last paragraph of Shop NBC description) posted at the Shop NBC web site includes Windows Vista.
* Please also note the tech report from DXG USA web site stating that the DXG-506V product is not and will never be made compatible with Windows Vista.
* Please note that the DXG product information regarding System Requirements posted at the DXG USA web site does not include WIndows Vista.
* Please note that Windows Vista is not listed as a System Requirement at the DXG USA web site but is listed as a Product Requirement at the Shop NBC web site thus leading consumers to believe the product to be fully compatible with Windows Vista as represented at the Shop NBC web site by both Shop NBC and DXG USA aka DXG Technology USA.


DXG 506V 5.1MP Digital Camcorder & 1GB SD Card
The DXG-506V full-motion digital video camcorder is here to meet your needs, whatever they may be! This camcorder doesn't just capture elite video. A 5.1MP still camera and MP3 player are included in this incredibly compact design. You'll find it's perfectly sized to capture life's special moments anywhere you go.

The DXG comes with a number of features including TV Out and Direct Print capability, built-in flash, and a Macro mode. The video camera also can be used as a voice recorder and a webcam. Not only will you be able to film those magic moments, you'll also have more than enough space to save them with a Transcend 1GB SD card. Go anywhere and capture anything with the incredible DXG-506V camcorder!
Features A full 1GB of video memory included to capture those special moments! The DXG-506V is a full-motion digital video camera, 5.1MP still camera, and MP3 player in one compact design. Comes with a number of features including TV Out and Direct Print capability, built-in flash, and a Macro mode. The video camera also can be used as a voice recorder and a webcam. Powered by four AAA batteries, this camcorder is always easy to have charged and ready to go wherever you are
5.1MP 1/1.8" CMOS sensor 1.7" TFT display (480 x 220) Movie resolution: 640 x 480 pixels / 30 fps., 320 x 240 pixels / 30 fps (Max) Still image resolution: 1280 x 960, 2048 x 1536, 2592 x 1944, 4000 x 3000 (Firmware Interpolation) Lens: F3.0/8.0, f=8.25mm fixed focus lens with mechanical shutter Focus range: 4ft � infinity (Normal), 6.7 -7" (Macro) Digital zoom: 4X (movie), 10-30X (still) ISO sensitivity: ISO100 Video file format: MPEG-4, ASF, AVI, MOV Still image file format: JPEG (DPOF, EXIF) Internal memory: Built-in 32MB flash memory External memory types: SD/MMC card (supporting 1GB)
Transcend 1GB SD Card Four AAA batteries USB/AV cable Earphones Wrist strap Camera pouch CD-ROM (driver and application software) Software (Mr. Photo 3 and VideoWorks 6) User manual
Available in your choice of color: Black, Blue, Pink or Silver
Dimensions: 1.5"H x 3.5"D x 2.8"W
Weight: 4.8 oz.

Product requirements for use: Windows XP / 2000 / ME / Vista
32 Bit operating systems, Intel Pentium 500MHz or higher, 256MB RAM or higher, Standard USB 1.1 Port, 10MB free space or higher on hard disk drive, 4x speed or higher CD-ROM capabilities
Amount of video for recording affected by resolution, frame rate options and memory storage availability.
Warranty: One year warranty





Thank you for contacting DXG USA. I appreciate your time and patience as I assist you in this matter. Your comments, questions, and correspondence are valuable for me to continue improving my level of service. I will be glad to assist you with your request.

The DXG-506V is not advertised to support Windows Vista. Therefore, the software and driver that come in the package are not compatible with Windows Vista. Furthermore, we will not be releasing a new driver for that unit.

What this means (if you are using Vista):

1. You cannot use the software.
2. You cannot use the webcam function.
3. You CAN connect the camera to the computer and transfer files.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [protected] extension 192. Our office hours are Monday-Friday 7:00am-5:30pm PST.

Best Regards,


(Listed as Product Requirements at SHOP NBC web site as noted above)


OS Windows XP / 2000 / ME / 98SE

* Please note that Windows Vista is not listed as a System Requirement at the DXG USA web site but is listed as a Product Requirement at the Shop NBC web site thus leading consumers to believe the product to be fully compatible with Windows Vista as represented at the Shop NBC web site by both Shop NBC and DXG USA aka DXG Technology USA.

Credit Card, Value pay

I have been a loyal customer for years and have purchased thousands and thousands of dollars of watches from them, but never again!!!. I have bought items in a single payment and some using value pay. Shop NBC called me 6 months ago saying that they could not charge my card for the scheduled value pay. It was a simple exp issue I corrected the credit card information with the new exp date then I was told everything was fine. The value pays in my account were being debited from my card as scheduled after the correction. I continued ordering watches and paying them off in full or some value pay just like normal. I then received a collections notice a few weeks ago from Oliphant Financial saying that I owed SNBC $129.99 for a Renato watch that I had thought I paid off months ago. I called them up to find out what was going and why I was sent to collections. OF told me point blank that ShopNBC is known to send people to collections without ever giving them notice of any kind and were actually sympathetic to my situation. There support manager Mari Lacopetti told me that “SNBC regularly screws people over when it comes to credit card charges if your 1 day over the 30 days they’ll send you to collections”. She was the one to tell me to check my bank account to see if ShopNBC debited that particular value pay sure enough they didn’t. During that call 6 months ago when I was on the phone with the SNBC Rep about my card issue they said everything was fine and my payment would be debited with the new CC info. On there website everything looked fine as-well and my value pay’s were being paid on time. I called SNBC to let them know what had happened and to correct there mistake. To my amazement there rude customer service person said it was my responsibility to make sure that particular payment was made during that time. Well hello I made the correction right there on the spot with there Rep, but according to them the updated information was only applied to my future value pays pending. I offered to pay the value pay right there and then with SNBC, but was told to pay OF so I did that same day thinking everything was ok now with SNBC. I had not ordered anything from SNBC for a while, but when I tried to order another watch my account was, put on hold status because of that collections notice from OF. OF said that they sent SNBC proof that I paid them off SNBC said they didn’t have any record of it. So I called OF to resend SNBC there notice they did. Funny thing is that until I brought the collection notice from OF to SNBC attention SNBC had let me order new watches from them even though I was 6 months late on that particular value payment. Moral of my story is BE AWARE!!! When dealing with Shop NBC they are wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’m a business owner have great credit, pay all my bills on time, and never been treated like a criminal until today. After spending thousands of dollars buying SNBC merchandise over the years to be treated in such a rude and unprofessional manner by there customer service reps was shocking. I am sure my story will not be the first or last Shop NBC you should be ashamed of yourselves. As to all you customers out there that will run into this problem be ready to deal with some nasty reps. Write down names, times, dates, ph# ext, etc. You are going to need it just in case you want to take them to court.

  • Sk
    skiddd Dec 12, 2009

    And they wonder why they are just about bankrupt!

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  • Sh
    ShoppingQueen Mar 15, 2011

    I've been a loyal customer with shop NBC since they started. I'm so mad at what they did to me this week i'm NEVER spending my money there again. Over the 15 plus years I have been a customer I have purchased thousands of dollars of items. My account was never late and I had very few returns- (if I did return something it was because the item looked better cause they use better on air jewelry samples it seems). I eagerly awaited their electronics show because I was going to purchase a LED 42in tv for my birthday. Which I could only do using their value pay payment method. I ordered online -everything seemed fine- credit went through, got reciept and estimated delivery date. Then a few days later I was checking to see if they had shipped it yet and my account was flagged with a phone # for me to call them- The phone # they gave is only 9-5pm no weekends and since I got the message on Friday I had to wait- The girl who answered was very snippy and informed me that I would no longer be able to use their value pays on any future items- but she wouldn't say why! thinking this was a mistake because I am an excellent customer of top standing with over 15 years of loyal buying from them- I assumed it was some silly mix-up. So, I asked why that was and I proceeded to tell the girl that Never in all my thousands of hours of viewing Shop NBC did I ever see a show host state that the value pays were not available to everyone. My credit is great, My card was not close to being maxxed out so, I asked why on earth would I no longer be able to purchase items by value pay? She told me that I needed to build up my account with them- I was dumbfounded- build up my account I screamed at her- I've been a friggin customer for over 15 years!!! how long do they expect me to "build up my account?" I was such a good customer that they even used my comment review I had made on Tiffany lamps as an on air testimonial!!!- I just happened to be watching when the host read it- after that EVERYTIME I placed an order I was asked if I wanted to speak live with the host, I assumed because they liked my review so much- I always declined because of shyness. Anyways- none of that mattered when it came to the value pays- I was told in a huffy voice that any future orders I should make would have to be paid in full-I told her well, there won't be any future orders, because if this is how you treat a loyal customer- i'm finished spending money with your company and I'm going to tell everyone about your lousy practices!- To top it all off they delivered the TV a day earlier, when I wasn't home because they said it was going to be delivered the next day, and it was raining- they use UPS who left it on my front steps without even a plastic covering over it- after I had told them not to leave it if I wasn't home! This is the second expensive TV they left on my steps -anyone could come by and steal it! pass it on to everyone-they are lousy. Boycott Shop NBC

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  • Co
    cosita Nov 16, 2012

    only complain about ShopNBC is when ever you asked them if they receive your returned item, they always tell u to call customer service and customer service never once spoke with the real person, its always automated machine and i am tired sitting and waiting for an answer specially if they charge you the same item twice with value pay. that is why never order any other items such as electronic devices nor lamps once again i ordered jewelry they always put in beauty tools even these was return still getting charge 2 of 6 knowing that its return for refund "why" these is the only shopping network that doesn't reply or when your statement is mailed to you there should be a note saying that it has been deducted to your account, But they still continue to bill you every month, I strongly agree what these persons comments:

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Customer Service Contact Number

After 3 hours of futile online attempts to change a pending DVD order that is back ordered, I finally called NBC at Rockefeller Center, NYC, and was passed through three different departments. I finally landed at the Information Desk & Tours Desk where a pleasant young lady gave me the seemingly "coveted" Toll-free number to NBC Universal Store Online Customer Service--here it is and please share with others (who are banging their heads against a wall)

When you dial this number, you will get an automated response which asks for your Order number, etc; after you get the automated status of your order, say loudly--"Representative!'
That should take you to a "breathing" person!! I make no promises after that, but will have jumped a hurdle that remains insurmountable for many!


  • Aj
    ajones Dec 19, 2008

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

    I spent 3 days trying to get in contact with NBC Universal store. You only can do it through their sad email constumer service. AND NO PHONE NUMBER!

    I ordered some items and realized the address was one digit off from the right address. And needed it to be changed. They shipped it before it was changed. So I called Fed Ex and their hands were tied because NBC Universal Store had it flagged that only they can change the address. So I called the store, thanks to you that I found the phone number to talk to a live person. And the store said they couldn't call and change it because it had already been shipped. Ok now what do I do? I am freaking out at this point. I called Fed Ex back and I talked with a very nice lady with an empathetic ear, and she said they will just hold it and the receiver can just pick it up instead of having it delivered. What a life-saver. Whewww...Sigh...Merry Christmas.

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Cursing on phone

this women call my house. which I have on tape. from [protected] nbc. and said her***** And when I asked her a-Q
she stared cursing & speaking in a unprofession manner to. what was a potential client. so I advise any one who see this
watch the number [protected]) because I have the so call woman name.


  • Th
    Theresa L Perret Mar 22, 2009

    I have a pre exisiting and was having problems getting health insurance then one day i get a call from these scam artist of NBC Health I have submitted claim after claim and they refuse to pay anything they also stole money from my fiance' s credit card and refused to refund the money...They told me if I wasn't satisfied with their services I would gat a 100 per cent refund I am still fighting them over that ...My sugestion is hang up on them and DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR CREDIT CARD OR ANY OTHER METHOD OF PAYMENT BECAUSE THEY THINK THEY CAN USE YOUR CREDIT CARD ANYTIME THEY CHOOSE TO DO SO MY MEMBER ID NUMBER IS OR WAS ...GTNHO75409

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  • Ma
    Mamasue May 08, 2009

    They call my cell phone all day and night. They are nothing more than a rip off company and I believe we should shut people like this down. Crooks

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  • Ra
    rashcraft Jun 08, 2009

    I canceled my policy on May 15th but on May 29th the company took about a premium for June. When I called they said they don't refund money and that I am covered until June. This is a big problem because my husband lost his job and I was counting on using the money from the premium for groceries.

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  • Sw
    Swindled in NJ Nov 19, 2009

    My mother signed up to what she thought was life insurance via telephone. The representative, Gary Heler @ 877-215-2071 ext 337, called and asked" are you looking for health care"? When asked he assured her it was life insurance and that she would be covered as long as she made the payment by check with him(which included an entry fee and first month payment of $259.85. He promised they would be sending a package for her to look it over with all the necessary info she would need. Well, once that package arrived, I looked through it to help her find her doctors under the coverage. It was then I saw on the last line at the bottom of the "Dear Member" letter that it states, 'This Is Not Health Insurance". My mother specifically asked for it and nothing else!
    I have called them with her present on speakerphone and demanded her full refund. At first, Tashiba, tried to talk us out of it and said to hold on to it until we find coverage and after I insited she said we wouldn't get it back anyway which is when I demanded to speak to her manager. When the manager got on the phone, I made it very clear that it took a full week and half to get the paperwork and review the package. I made it also very clear she didn't use any of the services whatsoever and will not do so especially since she was misled by her staff since they were not an insurance agency. Now the manager had a major attitude and kept telling me that my mom confirmed her request via phone prompt with the agent and that she could replay it for me. I told her that a recording can be altered and that if preferred they can play it in court after I file a complaint through our attorneys. She became belligerent so I informed her that our conversation was being recorded with myself and mother present since our call was surely recorded. I demanded full refund and hung up on her since she wasn't the most intellectual people to engage in any conversation with.
    So the following day my mother received a phone call from a Wendy Tao, who claims she heard about the phone call we had the other day. She wanted to ask her about what happened. When she finished telling her what happened she made it clear that when she was going through the prompts with the agent on the phone for verification that he had to stop and restart the process numerous times because the questions were unclear! She said, "really"??? and then said she'd call back. We are still waiting!!!
    Stay away from these crooks.

    I think the most important rule is:
    These guys know exactly how to work these schemes not mention et over seniors or foreigners.

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  • Ja
    Jan Cookenour Sep 28, 2010

    I was sick in April and was out of town, I contacted NBC HEALTH and they told me they had a contract with Dr.'s Walk In Clinic in Clearwater, FL., they told me all I had to pay was the $35.00 fee. This is the second time I was told by them they would pay a dr and bill and I have been stuck with the whole thing.

    Has anyone filed a law suit against this comany for Fraud???

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I am outraged at what I heard on Saturday Night Live on 18 October 08. I sure hope that Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Ownby and/or their families and any other person and/or their family that has been abused by a sexual predator wasn't watching the show. They made a "JOKE" about sexual predator's and Halloween; something to the fact that kids could come to their doors if "they could keep a secret". In no way is this funny; especially to the victims and families that when through hell with sexual predators. It goes over the line of what is acceptableand moral. I think that the Executive Producer of Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels, should be made accountable for this.

Requesting that people contact their local t.v. station that NBC is a part of and file a complaint. If enough people complain, then hopefully they will think twice before thinking that sexual predator jokes are acceptable. NBC should not condone such vileness.

Removed Money from my bank account without permission

NBC Group LLC charged my checking account without my permission in the amount of $39.95. I do not even know...

Wes and Pamela McCoy

Why does Wes and Pamela McCoy always host together? Can't they host separately? Don't they know how...

Fighting for my refund!

I have been fighting with NBC Universal Store since December! I ordered an in-stock shirt for a Christmas gift on Dec. 6, 2007, to be shipped on Dec. 10, 2007. Never received any word from them after my order confirmation e-mail, but when the item didn't appear by Dec. 21st, I checked the site and it showed backordered with no new shipping date. On Dec. 27th, I called and cancelled the order, still listed as backordered. The girl told me that if it arrived anyway, I should refuse delivery. When I asked why the item would be shipped if I was cancelling it, she said it sometimes happens! Sure enough, on Jan. 2nd, 2008, they shipped it and I refused delivery when it came. Since then there have been unanswered e-mails to customer service, and 5 phone calls to try to get my money back. So far, I have gotten the price of the t-shirt refunded but am still fighting for my shipping charges to be credited. Everyone I have spoken to (a different person with each call) has a new story about what's going on, including Sean who told me they don't accept cancellations on orders and thats why I hadn't gotten a refund! They all said that only supervisors could credit my account, and of course there is never a supervisor available. Thank gooodness I used Paypal, that seems to be the only thing that gets their interest when I call. It has been going on for almost 3 months. I will NEVER order anything from NBC again.

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