Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU]auto loans (repossession)

A Mar 15, 2020

I have been speaking w/trish and elliot in collections/repo center and those are the only two I like dealing with since they know whats going on. I spoke w/elliot on 3/13/2020 in the morning time and I advised him I would be making another payment on 3/17/2020 and he said okay. Well fast forward to 9:56pm there was a knock at the door stating "I have your car on my wrecker, can you get your stuff out the car and give me the key"??? I was like, for what? I was never once told that morning my car was on the repo list, nor did I receive any mail or a phone call that afternoon advising me of such. The wrecker driver with srt towing, demanded my key, however I didnt have the key since the mechanic who has been working on my car forgot to leave and took it home with him. The wrecker driver still made comments about why I didnt have my key to give him. Then I asked where is my car going, he said I dont need to tell you call your lender. Well there closed and he goes too bad, good luck on getting your car back. Like wtf, where has customer service gone too? Today I call navy and tried to make the payment on 248.98 to bring the account current (the repoed for that amount) and the collections lady advised me I can only deal with the repo department and to wait till their back in the office. Which is bs. Navy federal is awful!!! They will end up like usaa and have to close there branches if this type of customer service keeps going on.

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