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3:22 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Galadari Printing & Publishing - KT ROT

Nobody should scare off the other with threats of privacy law. Yes, without name calling and avoiding character assassination, we (both in KT and outside) need to expose the rot.

And who doesn’t know that Mr. Subhani has kept a full time research person to comment on this blog and make it look like comments by outsiders. This is to fully support them and seek sympathisers at the eleventh hour of the clean-up campaign and the time has now come to “Keep track of change”.

Ever since the rot has been exposed, Mr. Sharma and Mr. Subhani have been moving through various departments in the organisation seeking for sympathisers to help them resolve the issue.

The CEO also decided that all employees should join him for Breakfast meeting on a Thursday every month, this was only introduced after the crooks realised they are being exposed and to save their name from shame, decided to bring the employees closer, so as to get friendlier to them. But all this is too late, you cannot escape in the 38th day, remember the days of a thief are only 40 and hence we are closer to cleaning the rot at KT once and for all.

It is a sad story that the likes of Mr. Sharma and Mr. Subhani can come from across other continents, without any knowledge of the UAE and wreck (or rape) the once flourishing media house by ruining its professionalism.

None of the new recruits have any media background, either they are fresher’s straight from college or have been working in non-media related companies, or were just a bunch of rejects from Hindustan Times. It also took HT quite a while to realise they had employed the wrong people in their organisation and this paved way for Mr. Sharma and his gang to easily sail to KT, because there was a loop-hole somewhere and there is readily available resources that can be misused to the maximum.

Yes and very true, one of the female business reporters does not know to construct a sentence in English, all her press release and press interviews are forwarded to Mr. Subhani’s private email i/d and then he works on all her articles from his cabin. Once it is put together with all the copy and paste stuff, he orders the Business Editor to give the articles prominence even if it is not news-worthy.

This is just to build an image for the female staff so that she looks like she can write some concrete material.
After being dropped from the supplements desk, Mr. Subhani hurriedly deployed her in the Business section, as he has direct control over this department and all work is channelled through him, so it makes the life of the female staff easier. Of course, the woman has no option, but to keep the editor entertained during his needs and everyone is aware of the situation, its nothing new in KT.

The Business Editor Mr. Bruce Stanley himself is a lost person in the KT world and does not have any Middle East experience. On the Business Desk, he has no powers at all and must go by what Mr. Subhani instructs him to do.

In any case, he hasn’t been much of an editor. Prior to joining KT, Mr. Stanley was a stringer with the Wall Street Journal in a South East Asian Country and was brought in by Mr. Newland (Associate Editor) to add colour (white skin) to the department. Not forgetting Mr. Newland served in the same City as Mr. Stanley, but at a fast food outlet as a duty supervisor.

“Doesn’t matter if you cannot construct a story, but you are most welcome on board KT and enjoy your tenure here, ” this seems to be the assurance given to every new staff recruited to the desk through nepotism. It is total disaster, because most of the staff are acquaintances to the charlatans in senior position.

Why should one man bring down a multi-billion dirham investment overnight? Immediate action must be taken, there should be no room left for compromise, because every single day that passes through the hands of Mr. Subhani and his associates is bringing KT down extremely fast.

Mr. Subhani has ruined KT with the powers of nepotism, hoping that he would be using all his might to take control of the organisation. Little did he know that he was ruining the once reputable media house in the region, because he engaged people with no knowledge in journalism?

On closely scrutinising, all the new appointments at KT have been done purely on nepotism. Each and every person currently working in KT has had some association with Mr. Didier Brun, Mr. Sharma, Mr. Subhani, Mr. Newland etc. Sit and observe and ask yourself the same question, who are these chaps and what are their underground connections with the so-called editors.

The sad part is all these new staffers are given top priority with whatever they do, even if blunders appear in the newspaper, which actually does, they hurriedly try to quash up the matter among themselves, some of these problems are damn serious to the public and cannot be overlooked from the professional point of view, but because nepotism works at the highest level, they somehow get away with lots of errors and that is why KT is known to have a daily column for clarification and corrections/APOLOGIES.

Look at the enormous entertain bills being presented to the accounts, besides this there is fuel allowance, what not allowances just to boost an individual’s bank account. We really don’t need to entertain people, because the high quality of KT in the past spoke for itself. The duties of these editors is just to wine and dine with female work colleagues and sending them to foreign trips at the expenses of potential advertisers.

People frequently call KT to complain that the newspaper had failed to publish certain meaningful and news worthy articles or have recycled some stale news that had already appeared in other publications 2 weeks ago.

Why? Because KT lacks the professionals and all that Mr. Subhani has to do his deploy his research person on the Net to copy and paste paragraphs from different sites and build up story database, which has no head or tail and does not make any sense when read in between the lines.

It is a known fact that those who have made comments on this blog protecting Mr. Sharma and his associates are just people from within the circle posing as outsiders and sympathisers in general.
The news features are badly written too many grammatical and factual mistakes, even copy paste jobs cannot be perfect

They are doing everything possible to write comments supporting themselves and at the same time looking for people to give them a back-up, because time has come to “keep track of change” and this is now the eleventh hour for drama to unfold.

Though it is appreciated that the Galadari Group have put on hold the hiring and firing of staff (due to recession), but time has come for a complete overhaul of the entire editorial department, just to save the newspaper’s once reputed image.

The image of KT has to be saved at all costs and time has really come for the big change. All the re-launches have been a wasted effort, both material wise and financially, there has been no improvement of sale, the quality of the Weekend magazine has dropped tremendously and urgently requires a new look all together.

Every single employee needs to go through fresh interview and screening, this way there will be great improvements. The HR Manager, Sevine Ghandour herself has no knowledge in the HR world and just runs about with big files, targeting on who should be dismissed from the organisation. The cleaning up exercise should start from her, as it passes through the editorial.

And guys don’t worry about the privacy law, because we are all here to save a reputable organisation from being totally destroyed. No one is against the other in any way, it should not look like a personal grudge.
We must continue contributing to this blog in one way or the other, and please lets avoid character assassination. Right now, the duty is to clean the ROT at KT, and not name-calling, because this touches on the personal image of an individual and it is not really appropriate.

Yes, we should expose everything from the petty incidents to the top-most level. Lets avoid abuses, but let’s give out the concrete information.

This beautiful investment took 3 decades of hard work and must not be destroyed. There is still hope for salvage, but let the bad boys leave first, none should be spared, because they are all eggs from the same basket, sparing one does not improve the situation, we need to get rid of the bad egg too.

There are many professionals out here in the market, who can bring a big change to KT at the most minimal cost, especially at this time of the crisis. So why can’t we utilise their talents, rather than rely on people who come from fast food outlets and pubs.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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3:49 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Galadari Printing & Publishing - KEEPING TRACK OF CHANGE

This goes to all work colleagues and sympathisers.,
Much has been said about KT, but behind all these there is rot existing and we all got to put our heads together one more time, and put an end to the problems in KT.
And by the way, lets forget the grammar for the timebeing, we need to work on the drama first. We have many white skin persons in KT, who hardly know to speak a word of English, so we can excuse the grammar for now and let’s get to some real work, after all no one is perfect at KT, when we have fast-food supervisors and the like as senior (idiots) sorry editors.

Lets contribute once and for all to this blog, expose all the rot immediately and contribute towards “KEEPING TRACK OF CHANGE”, this is the final cleaning up campaign and should be done immediately with no fear or favourism.

In the previous comments, see also on this site, we collectively disagree with Mirror’s comments that “We are all here to make money” Yes, we agree, make money, but make it in the right way, make it the way the Galadari have sweated it out the last 30 years, .

We are here there and everywhere to make money, but it has to be in the right way and justified, not that because there is a lump-sum of money somewhere, one just has to loot it, it takes many great years of hard work to make the money, but it takes just a second to empty the coffers. And the likes of Mr. Didier Brun (CEO), Mr. Sharma, Mr. Subhani and their associates have found a loophole for easy money with no sweat.

It took KT 3 tough decades to make all the available resources through thick and thin with the then lowly paid staff and here comes a group of charlatans, who practice nepotism, bring in their own people from coffee shops, fast food kiosks and what have you, with no media background to ruin an organisation of high repute.

Those who do not know the inside of KT should not make baseless comments on this blog, there is a lot to be investigated and exposed, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

We invite others to bravely chip in and provide information through this blog, when things are already boiling up, the truth must always be told, not for our selfish gains but for the betterment of KT.

Why should we as employees sit back and watch the greedy selfish charlatan ruin KT, we are all saying enough is enough time has really come to “Keep track of change”, so lets all follow the slogan and salvage KT.

Something should be done and done immediately. KT has many joy riders and ghost workers that need to probed, those who have genuine qualifications and knowledge in journalism should be retained and the rest can join the group at many of Dubai’s fast food outlets, of course don’t expect to earn fat salaries like of KT but you can obviously copy and paste the art of preparing hamburgers from cookery books.
This is Dubai anything works as long as you can change a bun into a burger.

It is not the old employees who are dissatisfied with the low salary, there is totally no job satisfaction at KT anymore, there are aficionados of sports, who are really knowledgeable journalists, but their talents have been greatly wasted either on the rewrite desk or as page makers, yet their proven knowledge in sports would have vastly improved the department.

On the other hand the old timers have slogged their ### out over the years, many are of course lowly paid, did not get comp off’s or overtime for that matter. It is and was working long hours, and sometimes the usual 6 day or 7 day job, and despite all these set-backs, the paper still flourished in its 30 years only to be ruined by self made owners overnight.

Mr. Subhani, though only an executive editor also assumes the role as the newspaper’s owner, he using such immense powers to influence the hiring and firing of staff. Engaging people in the wrong section has become the norm of the day and bringing in people with no qualifications at all.

But sad that after all these rot being exposed openly, the owners of KT can still afford to remain silent over the whole issue. Time has really come for change of guards, otherwise the little repute the newspaper has will obviously go down the filthy drain.
Damage has already been done and therefore whatever can be salvaged should be done in a short spell of time. KT should not entertain drunkards, sex hungry maniacs and people who think that KT belonged to their ancestors.

Everyone in KT is totally dissatisfied as to why immediate action is not being taken, yet the rot is easily noticeable. The DTI system recently introduced is in total mess, white skinned chaps were brought in from abroad to provide the necessary training, which was never the case, they enjoyed themselves in the UAE, dined and wined at the most expensive hotels in Dubai at the expense of KT (even the bills in the account section can reveal) and left for their respective destinations after fulfilling a joyous holiday, leaving the KT staff with no knowledge about DTI.

The other day, Sevine Ghandour the HR manager, released a circular to all the staff, calling on them to take note that the company will not be responsible to provide 2 days sick leave without producing a doctors letter.

One wonders how she accounts for the leave taken by associate editor, Mr John Newland who has hardly completed one year with KT and has twice gone on annual leave, that too, a full month’s plus on both occasions. To add to that he took sick leave for fracturing his leg in a drinking spree and a most recent brawl outside a nightclub. Is drunkenness and hangover considered part of the sick leave, or is Sevine doing a favour just because s she too is part of the drinking team?

The management should also query who brought Sevine to KT and on what grounds did she manage to secure the HR job, yet she is totally incompetent in her duties, making changes without consulting the relevant team and approving employment for people who are totally unproductive.

Take an example of the Circulation, marketing and editorial departments these are the crucial sections and backbone of the media industry, you cannot appoint novices in such senior positions and drop the robust sales overnight, something that was built over the last 3 decades.

It is wrong on the part of the owners of KT to blindly appoint a person from a fast food outlet to a very responsible position of an associate editor. Having a white skin is not superiority, white skins are also brainless many a times, God created human beings equally, black coloured and white, so what’s special in having a skin head with no media knowledge.

Yes, if the white skin can really prove to treble KT sales and improve the quality of grammar in the text, we would recommend KT owners to give the skin head 4 times than what he earns, instead of paying huge salaries and earning no revenue.

Bringing in a person like Mr. Subhani to an executive editors position is also questionable, the man has no knowledge about journalism in the first place, most of his columns are copy paste from foreign magazines and website and that too, he has engaged Aruna Urs, to copy and paste paragraphs from here and there in the name of research.

Most of the columns are meaningless, if one reads between the lines, (including Mr. Subhani ) too will not even understand what is published, such is the column. Putting a sketchy image and a by-line is not everything in journalism it requires the skill and knowledge to be a good writer. There are styles to copy and paste and not only transfer other people’s words into columns.

Then there is the weakness of Rahul Sharman, upon being appointed to the senior position of Editor, he hastily brought in all the rejects from Hindustan Times, A person like Sushmita Bose, who was only a HT Correspondent at the Delhi bureau was made the features editor of KT, the lady can hardly communicate a word of English, leave alone writing a sentence.

Her role is to put pressure on young college girls, (who are still mastering journalism and brought to KT as apprentice) to look for copy paste materials in other publications and website.

Then there is the Irish man, Conor Purcell who has brought down the quality and standards of the Weekend magazine, nobody looks at the publication these days, its all made of crap, just eating out stories and materials from outdated magazines, being recycled with words changed here and there . He sorts the help of his girl-friend - a former air hostess, again a person with no media qualifications but just a flight waitress, and earning a fat salary at KT.

Such are the appointments at KT, its more like operating a fast food kiosk and not a media organisation, because someone has seen the availability of the finances, and decided its an easy loot.

So guys and gals, lets all put our heads together one more time, lets contribute more to this blog, expose all the rot immediately and contribute towards “KEEPING TRACK OF CHANGE”, this is the final cleaning up campaign and should be done immediately with no fear or favourism.

But contribute positively, lets not call out names and lets be straight to the point, its the final verdict that matters. We need to protect KT at all costs, does not matter but it should be salvaged NOW... PLEASE! KT is our father and mother, we should not abandon it, lets be strong, and unite with one great force we can bring the change.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Sep 06, 2009 1:17 pm EDT

Sushmita Bose is a complete ###. She is a chain smoker and drinks too much.
She can't string two sentences in English, and has the gall to think of herself as a journalist.
On top of that she is a gold digger and a divorcee twice. I think the first marriage failed because she hates babies and refused to have any of her own.
She then married Subimal Sen ( who lived in the US ) with the sole intention of getting a US visa. When the chaps at the embassy saw through her plan and refused her a visa, she promptly filed for a divorce listing cruelty.
Subimal was forced to go for an out of court settlement and had to pay Rs 10 Lakhs to Sushmita.
And this woman then promptly invested that money in a flat in Gurgaon ( india ).
She then joined KT and in her last post she mentions the reason as being purely incidental. What was the incident Sushmita?
A romp in bed to get promoted to Features Editor from a lowly correspondent?

May 25, 2009 11:51 pm EDT

Yes everyone knows in the Gulf that Sevine Ghandour is a total ###, she has slept with every known person and had sex to dismiss her fellow work mates in previous organisations.
She stinks awful and loves to smoke weed. She has no grooves left and thats why her flesh has separated with bones, no body can pay her even in fils. By the way she has no knowledge in Human Resource affairs and who ever brought her to KT was through stinking sex, she's rotten dead dog.
She needs to be fired now as she is already creating problems for people in the HR department, thinking that the organisation belongs to her great grandfather, time to move out, Sevine or get kicked forcefully and stop back-stabing your colleagues in HR ok Good luck stinking ###

May 21, 2009 6:52 pm EDT

To my knowledge, prior to joining KT, Meraj (UAE editor) was an animal in the zoo and was fired because she had high hopes for a monkey. Simply speaking, she tried to seduce him but the guy was no taker. Patrick Michael then had sex with her and the end result was the rewrite desk. Keeping track of change, more to come/meraj/fat/suchitra (yes you are next:))

Ironic the same authors that complain that the editors used to run fast food joints are the same people that eat every night in Burger King - Meraj we know you love burgers! Keeping track of Meraj's fat!

May 18, 2009 6:03 pm EDT

To my knowledge, prior to joining KT Sevine Ghandour was a secretary with Impact BBDO and was fired because she had high hopes for her boss. Simply speaking, she tried to seduce him but the guy was no taker.

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2:56 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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