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First I paid in full for a 1 year subscription in July 2019. I am getting notices telling me my subscription...

prevention magazine

I ordered a 1 yr. subscription of Prevention magazine and also would receive 12 health reports booklets sent to my house May 15, 2019 and thus far have not received anything except some articles via the internet. The ad did not specify that it was an internet subscription. If this can not be fulfilled, please refund my money.

Thank you in advance for a response.

Ruth Swart
11747 S.E. 174th Loop
Summerfield, FL. 34491

  • Updated by Ruth Swart · Jun 25, 2019

    I would like a response to my above inquiry

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    Debbie R Sep 24, 2019
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    Verified customer

    Same thing has happened to me

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    Patti Zoellick Oct 10, 2019
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    Same thing happened to me!

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    rdsd Feb 27, 2020
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    Same... seems to be their MO

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prevention magazine ordered in february 2019

I ordered the magazine and was to receive 12 free gifts. Never received them. Called twice and was told they...

billed for prevention magazine which I did not order.

I received an invoice for a 13-issue subscription to Prevention Magazine which I did not order. The invoice states that I subscribed on 4/24/19 and that $20 is due on 5/23/19. I did NOT order this and do NOT want it. Please send me a corrected statement showing that I have a zero balance for this. This shows account number [protected], but I never opened such account.

I did not order the magazine.

For years my mother has been sending me Prevention magazine. Suddenly I am getting invoices of past due. I have not ordered the magazine because my mother has been ordering and paying for it for me as a gift.
Please cancel this so called order immediately. Please stop sending me invoices.

Thank you,
Robin Hennings
1838 Crowley Way
Las Vegas, NV 89142

Acct #[protected]


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    Dean Barber Jun 28, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have recently received an invoice for payment for the Prevention Magazine that I did not order or subscribe. please, do not send me any magazines or invoices stating that I owe on this so called account. Please cancel this account and any further deliveries of magazines.

    Thank you.
    Dean Barber
    3109 South 12th Street
    Marshalltown, Iowa 50158

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subscription mom never ordered

Mom is 88 years old and she keeps receiving bills from Prevention Magazine that she never prescribed to. The...

past due payment

It has been at least 3 years since the magazine has been cancelled, letters have been sent to cancel the...

if you try to leave them they threaten you!

My 85 year old Dad decided that he did not like Prevention Magazine and did not renew the subscription. We sent the renewal offering back with the word cancel on it. We did the same with the second renewal offering. He received a letter from a collection agency yesterday threatening him for non payment of $17.94 for a subscription he was even curtious enough to spend the postage on twice to say no thanks anymore! Unbelievable! I did other research and I guess this is the way they do business, if you try to leave them they threaten you!

  • To
    Too Smart Jun 19, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A collection agency over a subscription renewal? unheard of. Even if it were true, collections agencies are regulated by the gov't and can't do anything except in some situations. Just keep sending everything back, unopened.

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charged for but did not order

Prevention Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, and Shape sent me magazines I did not ask for. It being the end of the...

trying to make me pay for a magazine I never ordered

It seems Prevention Magazine is up to their old scams. I've never ordered the magazine in my life. I just started receiving it one day out of the blue. Every single time I threw it directly in the trash. Recently, Prevention/Rodale has been leaning on me hard saying I owe them money. They're sending me collections notices! Why doesn't any government agency shut them down???? This is a long-time, prevalent, illegal scam. See references:
/URL removed/

After many complaints (both telephonic and emails), I finally received some sort of contact from Rodale suggesting that Prevention would no longer be pursuing me:

Discussion Thread
Response (Diana)
Dear Lauren,

Thank you for contacting Prevention Magazine.

We have canceled your subscription. You may receive one or two more issues, please keep them with our compliments. If you receive further billings, please discard them.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us or you can visit


Prevention Magazine Customer Service

  • Ma
    maxine quick Aug 24, 2012

    I received a rodale book and would like to teturn it. Where do I get the return lable?

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being shakedn down by a collection agcy for a mag I never ordered.

I have never ordered or subscribed to Prevention Magazine. But I seem to get it anyway. Goes right in the...


I have always pay my bills on time. Out of the blue, I received a debt collection company threatening me to pay up for subscription to Prevention Magazine which I never renewed after it expired. This is absolutely scam. Normally, a respectable magazine will stop sending magazine once you expired. When I call them, they have the nerve to tell me that I am "automatically" enrolled into the renewal program which I seriously never sign up. I told them that I will not fear to take up legal actions against them if they will not cancel my future subscription and write off my balance. I am not obligated to pay them just because they kept sending their stupid magazine after it expired. Never signed up with prevention magazine unless you decided to pay them until the day you die. They are just mafia who try to bully you to buy their magazine. I wish some media/news will pick up this new so that they will not victimize others.

they will not send you to collections

They will NOT send you to collections over a $20.
By law there is a minimum charge collection agencies will accept.
I believe this amount is $250, but it could be as small as $100.

Ignore North Shore Collection Agency.
Simply send the envelope back with your request to cancell.
But my goodness, don't pay then expect a refund.

Their purpose is to scare you.
I have (for decades), subscribed to magazines and never paid.
I like to read one or two free issues - and why not.
Worst to get free - Oprah Magazine only sent me 1 free issue.

Keep a file of your endeavors.
And never, ever in your life pay by credit card.

scam artists

While filling out an interests listing on the internet, I checked personal health and diet I believe. Somehow I began getting Prevention Magazine. I then starting getting it in the mail...didn't know why at the time. Then I started getting bills and threatening collection notices. I mailed it back after paying initially...saying CANCEL...but now I'm still getting the magazine.

I looked on line as to how to cancel-but it indicates I must know what company initiated the subcription...GOSH, I don't want it!!!

  • Pe
    pee'd off Nov 05, 2009

    I ordered from PCH and they sent my subscriptions for a while and then they stopped when I called them about it they did not want to talk to me. they were rude and told me I changed the address and it was my fault and they were not going to send my back issues and they wouldn't talk to me I got angry and they hung up. I will never order anything from PCH again. I had three subscriptions and have missed several months issues.

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prevention magazine - north shore agency scam

I received a request for payment from North Shore Agency, Inc. stating their client, Prevention Magazine, had...

threatening letters of collection

I had a subscription to this magazine that expired last year. I have cancelled this subscription several...

don't use a credit card for their magazine!

I subscribed to Prevention Magazine of which I used a credit card to pay for it. Shortly after that the credit card number changed (a whole different story). When the renewal came due, I got a notice from Prevention that my credit card number was no good now and they need me to give them a different credit card number. I called them and told them that I was not interested in renewing. I continued to get multiple notices from them saying I owed for the renewal. I thought they just were slow at getting my subscription stopped. Instead, I got a nasty collection letter from a collection agency for the amount of 2 years of Prevention Magazine!! All because they could not force me to automatically renew for their magazine. This is not a reputable business!!!

  • Du
    Duane Edgerly Feb 05, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I really can’t comment on your magazine, because I've never read it. I've googled it and it seem like good reading for women. I; however, am of the male gender. I do not want this subscription. There is some mistake. In these days of internet tomfoolery I'm painfully aware of these mistakes being made. Could someone please fix this problem PLEASE expunge this account.

    Acc. No. PVN 1666524853

    Thank You
    P.S I thought the 666 was kind of cute.

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  • Mc
    McLovin77 Feb 13, 2011

    I just got a nasty collection letter in the mail from Vincent Maretti at Prevention, demanding I renew my subscription. Thing is, I do not have nor have I ever had a subscription to their [censor] magazine.

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fraud and cheating!

I have been turned over to a collection agency for a delinquent notice on Prevention Magazine. I subscribed...