National Car Rentalillogical policy regarding adding additional drivers

My friend rented a vehicle from the Atlanta Airport National Car rental location on 9/25. As she we preparing to return the car on 9/27, her hip slipped out of the socket rendering her unable to walk or drive.

We live over 1 hour from the Atlanta Airport. I tried to have my name added to the contact so that I could drive the vehicle back to the airport. After 7 phone call, wandering thru endless menu options (many were loops leading back to where I started) -- talking to 4 agents including an escalating customer service person -- I got this answer:
"We cannot add a drive except at our office. "

Is that what you'd call a good customer experience?

I have been using rental cars for 48 years, I have frequently added drivers by faxing and send a copy of the persons drivers lic. (And I was ready to send my lic -- but no one would take it.)

Bottom line. A drive becomes incapacitated. The car is over an hour away from the rental office. The only way to add a driver is to drive a second vehicle to the office to add the driver (3 hours) and then drive the rental car to the office!!

Thankfully there are plenty of other options.

I hope someone will exercise a bit of common sense and realize that when an emergency happens -- the standard policies are not at all responsive to the situations.

Wayne Kurzen

Sep 27, 2019

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