[Resolved] Nail Palaceforced signed package

D May 20, 2019

I want to raised up my disappointed, anger, feel cheated & stressful. All Malaysian including manager very hard sell & forced me signed package. In Feb19, came to do manicure & pedicure, both of them starting chit chat wt you & make more comfortable & relax when do services. They will told me that "your nails & toe very dry need to do treatments like scrub, wax, need put some their best sellers medicine to softener both nails & toes. They will asked me to try 1st time, see the results. So I think that no harm to try. And also asking the trial payment. They will provided original price, initially I accepted to pay to 1st trial. Who know after finished both nails & toes. They started will hard sell to me the sign the package, say that this package suits for your sensitive somemore this price for promotion price & worth it if sign up. I told me that I don't want sign up & I told me I will pay 1st trial only. But they faced turn & starting eye contact wt their manager. After that their talk to me & try to persuade me to sign & will get additional free service, so that I no choice & signed the package.
In May19, I think that I signed new package in 3 months ago shouldn't force me sign package, who know I feel cheated & very stressful . This round they say my foot skin. very dry & ask me try their best sellers mask & wax to smooth my foots skin. That day my foot really dry & no harm to try. I also ask trial payment & accepted to pay. They also told me that my toe got fungals need to put medicine to softener my toe & to clear fungals at my toe. I feel that both of them start eye contact & want me to sign the package again. Nearly to finish soon, they starting hard sell to me again and the package I affordable to sign up. They will prepare agreement/invoice indicates package without price to let me sign. I also ask & confirm wt them that this amount will be pay right? They don't answer my question. They requested me give them credit card for make payment, luckily my credit card can't accept the payment then they show me the actual price which I signed package. I really feel cheated & anger that I asked them again this amount will be pay, initially they don't answer & they told me that ‘just now my colleague which do pedicure told me & somemore explain two times. I say got meh, I knew that you showed me in paper only this amount who know the agreement/invoice showed that double price which agreed. I raise up my voice then thier manager try to explain to me & day that this is mother day promotion price & got 2 new outlets opening, so their boss agreed to provide this kind of promotion to loyalty customers. I don't have enough $$ to pay this package, I want to pay trial payment only but they don't want force me very hard & allow me to pay installments. This is not I not enough to pay but I really happy at the time, feel cheated & stressful, I complain them that every time go do manicure & pedicure, they will force to sign up package. Somemore they not really sincerely. I hope that you all be careful when sign nail package.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

  • Nail Palace Customer Care's Response · May 21, 2019

    We would like to sincerely thank you for the patronage of our company. We appreciate and noted in your feedback.

    After checking all the sales from 18 - 20 Feb and 18 - 20 May, we are not able to find the same customer name. Kindly provide us the following information to our email at cs.[protected] for our further clarification:
    - Reference number/Phone number.
    - Outlet visited

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