Nail PalaceI am complaining about the service and price

W Dec 29, 2019

I went in to Nail Palace and plan to do a pedicure service to scrub away the dry skin on the foot but after seated down the services staff keep telling me my foot is so dry and my foot condition is so serious. if i don't proceed with a high end full treatment it will eventually get worst and may end up crack and bleed. The staff keep giving me pressure and made me so stressfully and keep hard selling how go the treatment and keep showing disgusting photo's and forced me to take up the treatment. They told me the treatment cost $280 but in the end they are charging extra cost on the scrub which is not included in the so call treatment and end up paying total $320.
At the end of the I feel so cheating with their service and i swear i will not return again

  • Nail Palace Customer Care's Response · Jan 05, 2020

    We would like to sincerely thank you for the patronage of our company. We appreciate and noted in your feedback.

    Kindly provide us the following information to our email at cs.[protected] for our further clarification:
    - Reference number/Phone number.
    - Outlet visited

    We have highlighted this issue to all our staff to avoid such unhappiness in the future. We have also re-educated the staffs to provide you with better services with less or no pressure for you to continue to enjoy the services. 

    We look forward to serving and pampering you again at Nail Palace. Again, we highly appreciate your feedback as it will assist us in making our best attempt in regaining your confidence in our company.

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