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Complaints & Reviews

Unethical business practices

I visited the AMK Hub branch for the promotional offer of $38 for classic mani n pedi on 22 July 2020 at 5pm. I confirmed the price with the staff. She then asked whether I wanted to put a tablet of $10 in the water to soften my feet as they were dry. I said ok. I chatted with her as I did not want to sound unfriendly. Later I realised it was just their tactic to gather information about you so that they can hard sell you their products.
Before I went to Nail Palace I did not read any reviews or googled them online. I had never encountered such issues with other salons previously and boy was I in for a shock. It was my biggest mistake.
Two nail Technicians Vivian and Leven mentioned that I have fungal and corn on my feet and if left untreated will be very serious. They showed me photos of horrific nail problems and kept on talking to convince me. They talked non stop taking turns. I of course was shocked as so far the nail salons I have visited have never told me that. I came for a relaxing time as my feet were tired but I had to put up with this.
They quoted $388 for fungal and $288 for corn treatment. I was hesitant as the prices were very very high. I said I will think about it. They mentioned that I can use my credit card with sell zero free interest. They were not giving up and kept on pressuring me. They kept on looking at their manager and talking amongst themselves in Mandarin. They then mentioned that today promotion it will be reduced to $188. This became back and forth and each time I said I will think about it, they will show their displeasure. They kept on scribbling on pieces of paper - I should have asked for a price list.
I gave in and said I will do today one time only at the price of $571 which included classic mani and pedi, tablet, fungal treatment and corn treatment. I said ok I will do this one time and if satisfied I will come back again.
Then they started again saying that this price is when I signed up for a 6 month package meaning during the above 6 times. The total would be $3426. I said no I cannot afford.
Showing displeasure Vivian walked off and told Leven something in Mandarin. Leven continued taking to me saying that if not done the condition will get worse showing more before and after photos. I said I need to think and read about it. She then started taking about her family and I too shared about my family - showing my family photo. As I thought the matter was closed as I have said no. Little did I know that these were their sales tactics to put a customer at ease and then harass them again.
Vivian came back with a different proposition she said that her manager is willing to offer the package at a lower price at $488 x 6 = $2928. I said no. She kept on badgering me and mentioned that It is cheaper to take the package as I will be paying $571 today. I said no I will need to think about it.
She then said that she cannot give it the $571 price and it will cost $671 for one time today. I said ok as I had enough.
Leven started on the fungal treatment and started taking about her family in Kedah. I realised that nothing much was being done as she was just cleaning my nails and it does not seem like anything special was done. She then inspected my feet and said that I had corn at least 5 on one feet and two I think on another feet. She took photos to show me and talked about her customers who had similar problems.
After the fungal treatment - just seemed like cleaning my cuticles, before she mentioned that it was deep cleaning. I have visited other salons and know what deep cleaning is. She said that to take out the corns need to do crack heel treatment to soften feet in not no point doing the corn treatment. I said ok as I wanted it to be done fast to get out from there.
I keep on asking her if all the corns will be removed and she said yes. I believed her. Vivian then mentioned that since I find the package expensive - she will reduce to 5 sessions and it will be cheaper and I can pay by credit card. She scribbled on a piece of paper and took out her calculator. I just smiled and said I will think about it.
The heel treatment and corn treatment began. It was almost 7.20pm. My feet were wrapped up and they both left. Leven did one feet and I asked her to show me the corn but she did not. I don't think that any corns were removed.
Another girl Jocelyn came to do my manicure. A nice girl who did not hard sell anything to me. But I find that the manicure was very basic not like what I experienced in other salons.
Halfway through the manicure, Vivian came to do my other feet and to talk about that she understood my situation and to make it cheaper for me I just pay for a package of that just concentrated on my fungal issues and quoted me $1440. They mentioned in state of paying $671 for one session I just top up additional $769 for 5 sessions. I was hesitant but after much pressure as it was nearing 8pm I relented and they both left me alone after that. Vivian then came back and said to pay for two corn treatment at $776 and they will throw in another session free. I said no. At that time Leven has already gone home.

The manicure was done but the feet treatment was still on going. Jocelyn then gave me a feedback form to fill up - I filled up with good reviews as I did not want any backlash or other pressure from them. I filled it up And handed it back. She brought in the NETS Machine and I paid using my debit card. I was really unhappy but to get them off my backs I was forced into buying the package. I asked her for a breakdown and she mentioned it will be given to me. I was asked to make another appointment. I had no intention of coming back to this branch and just mentioned a random date 21 Aug at 6pm.
Another girl came by and mentioned that it will he worth to pay for the corn treatment at $776 and they will throw in another free session. I said no.
I was done. It was already 8.30pm and the staff was cleaning up.
At the front counter it was made to sign the feedback form and receipt and another form - I think it was a non refundable policy form. No copies were given to me except the invoice. I asked if I could go to another branch, they said yes I can.
Leven WhatsApp me photos of my before and after feet.
I even asked why the place was empty as I did not see any other customers. I left feeling cheated and cursed myself for wasting my money. I came back home and goggled and was shocked to see only bad reviews and CASE warning and even CNA article on errant beauty salons and Nail Palace is even one of them. I went to Facebook And bad reviews about them as well. I realised that I was cheated and customers who shared were in similar plight as me - even exact incidents that happen to them. Why isn't this place closed due to many complaints and bad reviews?
The next day I WhatsApp Leven And told her to send me the price list as I believe that I am over charged. Vivian then replied that to explain better I should come down and she will explain to me. Told her that I want to make a complaint and want a refund. She said that to make a complaint n refund I would need to come down. I told her is there any online form I can fill up as I know they are going to force and pressurised me again if I go down there.
I sent a lengthy email to their HQ on 23 July 2020.
I then WhatsApp the main WhatsApp line today 24 July 2020 And said that I would want to make a complaint and a refund. I gave the person my invoice number and date and time of visit. They replied that a office staff will call me. I waited and at 3.46 I called the HQ. A lady Ms Chong answered and I told her my complaint. She said that she has receive my email and will investigate and will get back to me. I told her I want a refund. I told her to look at the CCTV cameras. She mentioned that she will reply to me by email by Tuesday. I said ok.
I hope that it will be a warning to others not to patronise their branches and not to give in to their tactics. It was indeed a tortuous experience.
I went in to relax and come out with lots of stress.
I just want a refund back. I will also lodge a complaint with CASE. Hope that they will take action so that others will not have to go through what I went through. The money was for my son university fees that why I feel the heartbreak as I never expected this to happen.

  • Nail Palace's response · Aug 04, 2020

    Dear Gurjit,

    Thank you for taking time to feedback to us, alerting us of the problem you faced. We are sorry that you have been encountered such an upset experience.

    Kindly note that we have received your email and we will contact you from there, thank you for your kind understanding.

Unethical behaviour and charges @ nex outlet

Date: 15 July 2020

I called the NEX outlet to inform on my mum's demise in Mandarin (considering that this will be to their benefit of understanding), therefore seeking for a change of package (pedicure for my mum) into my manicure. Firstly, the staff who answered the phone did not listen carefully and asked why my mum does not want to continue with the package. I once again told her that she has passed away and is unable to continue with it.

They suggested for it to be converted into credit which I approve of. However, when asked in detail, I was told that I will be deducted off the "Ala Carte Pricing" for that 1 session that was used. The remainder will then be converted into cash for me instead. Their Store Manager called me back and repeated that this is company's policy.

Untactful, unethical and definitely a very disappointing nail palour (I refer only to this outlet because I have had wonderful encounters at AMK).

I have sought for their Head of Customer Service in the HQ to call me back. I hope that I can see some hope to that.

  • Nail Palace's response · Aug 04, 2020

    Dear Charmaine,

    Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. First and foremost, I would like to apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you.

    Kindly note that we have received your email and we will contact you via email, thank you for your kind understanding.

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[Resolved] hard selling

I went to the outlet in JP thinking that i can have a nice treat for myself instead i find myself forced to buy a package which cost me $2900 for 7 sessions! I seriously think that you guys should not hard sell to your customers and please respect your customer's decision on not buying your packages. It is rude to force your customers. One of your staff even requested me to pass my cc to her so that she can do the transactions for me. And me still not done with the treatment yet gave her the card with the thought of her wanting to help me settle while i finish. I was tired from work and i dont deserve all this. Yes your staffs are friendly but with an agenda. And they gave me some cosmetics saying it's complimentary but actually they already included in the bill.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Nail Palace's response · Oct 14, 2019

    Dear customer,

    Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. I would like to apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you.

    As we are committed to providing customer service to the highest standard, we take this issue very seriously.

    Do you mind providing the date of the visit and your phone number or the invoice number and send to our email: [email protected]? So we can check what is included in the package. Also, we will re-educate the staff to provide you with better services with less or no pressure for you to continue to enjoy the services.

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Lost my job...

I came to Nail Palace in order to make a manicure. The woman promised to finish in 30 minutes but actually it took about two hours. I missed meeting in the place I work because of this incident. The worst thing is that now I have this manicure, but have no money to pay for it as I am fired.

  • SKOR Jan 04, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You must have had really awful nails.

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  • Je
    Jesse Xxv Nov 23, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Okay, let me tell you all straight. I had enough.
    Dear nail Palace, I will pay for my following packages which costs me like 1600??! For 10 times. Chaos to a student like me. I'm only 18 and this is the amount I'm paying. Please reflect and teach your staff. I hope this does not happens again. Thank you.

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