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I have booked the ticket from Beijing(China) to Manchester(UK) through skyscanner which directs me to Mytrip. I booked the ticket on 11 Sep 2019. My departure time from Beijing to Manchester is 12 Sep 2019 and my return time from Manchester to Beijing is 22 Sep 2019. I double check it for several time because I have lecture on Tuesday. That is 24 Sep 2019, and I can not miss it. However, when I check in at Manchester airport, I am told my flight ticket is on 22 Oct 2019. It is not possible. I call the MyTrip. It is Chinese number and the staff can not speak Chinese. It is funny. The female staff first says she can not understand my English. So I ask my friend a native speaker to speak to her. The lady still says she can not understand my friend's English. It is funny. When my friend says he is native speaker. The lady say she can understand now. But it takes about half hour to search their system and told my friend it has no flight on 22 Sep 2019. However, I check the website it still has a couple of airlines, such as hainan airlines. So I call again. The funny thing is another female staff pick up the phone and confirm my information again and says her password for system is expired. She needs at least 10 minutes to reset. After ten minutes, I call again. This time a man pick up the phone and ask me to check whether it still has airlines. When I say it has, the man say he is busy now.

So my question is the mytrip company is such a company, why skyscanner still direct me to this website? and when I choose the time, why mytrip changes my time and waste my money and time? Now I need skyscanner to push mytrip return back my money for my unused flight ticket, and also I will report this thing to relevant Chinese Administrative department.

Oct 04, 2019

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