SUBMIT A COMPLAINT Complaints & Reviews / all scam & unauthorized auto renewal

Jun 14, 2018

Girls are living in Ghana or Nigeria and their phone are broken can't talk or video chat, few days after talking they ask for money for an urgent situation or birthday gift lol the website isn't trying to do any about it, they just collect ur money and guess what u signed up for auto... / unsubscribe

Mar 24, 2018

please delete my data from your website, mailing list all data and profile and remove me from your mailing list due to inconvenience and i don't like this site all are not real correspondences, i am not interested in this type of adds. and websites all is not required please remove all... / 90% of the profiles are fake and you will lose your money

Jan 10, 2018

Here's the deal with this website I've been using it for months because I paid for that long upfront. The website owners are a team of scammers, they create most of the fake profiles usually the same usernames that repeat with different pictures, they will send you winks and chat requisite... / taking money out of my card

Dec 13, 2017

I have cancelled my application have deleted my page and deleted everything but today you guys have been taking my money from my card when I have cancelled everything so what's that all about you can't take money out of my card after I deleted my page so please ring me on 07930237331 or... / double charging subscription via bank credit card. (re: dating site)

Jan 09, 2017

Hello, the above, dating site overcharged me the second payment whereas for first paid payment has not expire (Actual expiry date is more than 2 weeks from today 9 january 2017 in my country, malaysia). Expiry date is 27 january 2017. I submitted my notice yesterday 8... / fraudulent user

Jul 27, 2016

I have contacted Muslims4Marriage customer service and reported a fraudulent user. When I just signed up I received a message from a person which seemed nice. About a months later he asked for some money and that moment I suspected something. I said that I cannot give him money because I... / membership cancellation/termination

Mar 05, 2016

I became a member for 1 month. after few days of use, I realised that it is full of fake personalities and scammers and pure defraud. I have immediately deleted my photos and my full profile. I asked for immediate cancellation and termination of my membership. I keep on getting ""pls provide u... / a lot of accounts were fakes and I lost time

Sep 03, 2015

Stay away from the website I have registered on the website and I got so many emails from the girls in the first day, and the number of emails grew up. I was shocked and replied all of them, but no one of the girls responded. It turned out that many of the...

Muslims4marriage Dating Site / scam / rip off - fake profiles

Jan 20, 2015

Site seems very shady, and very expensive - sadly i succumbed to signing up but was bombarded by replies from women from other countries that just wanted to come to the US. Very sad... I got several replies from women who supposedly lived locally only to discover they really live in... / fault info

Nov 09, 2014

Don’t waste your time on the website I joined it recently, but it was total fail. I found a lot of fake profiles and blah-blah on the website. The company is completely useless. So, please stay away from them and post comments if they also tried to fool you. Your... / they took money for the registration and continued to charge me afterwards

Oct 12, 2014

I registered on the website I paid money for the registration, but after that they continued to take different sums from me. I was really disappointed and tried to reach the customer services, but these ### simply ignored me. I want to stop all charges and delete... / these people are complete crooks

Oct 12, 2011

These people are complete crooks. Initially, you receive these enticing winks from supposed members. I'm sure these are generated by the site itself. The most insidious part is that when you request to cancel. They refuse to cancel. They told me that my initial payment was handled... / fake profiles


Customer complaints report receiving many inquiries and letters of interest from females having profiles. However, once a membership is paid, and letters are replied to, no responses are ever received in return. Implications are as follows: 1. Most profiles are company maintained and... / after payment, do reply


Sir I have paid my membership fee as requirment but after one month still i am waiting for single reply after so many mails. I am so confused. Kindly tell me what is the metter. Thanks Ahsan Bukhari / online fraud

Na and its associate websites are mostly scams! and! I was scammed by a so called member on these websites! I sent in so many complaints and I tried to delete him and block him from using the sites but they ignored all my... / scams!


This dating website is all about scams — 68% of the profiles are fake. The administrator of the site himself that alooshy guy is a con, he have like 7 fake profiles and will chase basic members with messages to get u to reply and upgrade. Beware of this messages from lebanese girls. Its all about the $34.95 to upgrade and also its reccuring payment.