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my account has been blocked for no reason

I have tried everything to log in to my account and i keep getting the message that it has been blocked.
Who to contact and how to fix this?

I haven't violated any of tourbar rules. I was using my account just fine, then I travelled to Egypt for few days and while i am there i try to log in to my account with no success.

My email address is: [protected]

you've blocked my access to my account!!

Hi guys please help !! I sent a customer complaint because I had 2 accounts registered and they were getting mixed up. Requested you to delete one and keep the other ! Firstly you deleted the wrong one, then I told you, and now you've deleted both accounts and I can't even log in to the system because none of my emails are registered !! Somehow all my data got wiped off your system and you still haven't managed to retrieve it, subsequently you've now deleted both accounts !

The emails to which account is registered are the following


Please delete the gmail one and keep the hot mail account active.

Needless to say I'm paying a subscription but currently don't have access to the app !!!

+91 [protected]

jessa brezo gumahin aka bella je

This girl is on your website and you should ban her from it immediately!!. She is a scammer and your clients should be warned about her.. She is [removed] AKA [removed]- She contacted me one night and said she was in Manila staying in the squatter area and was hungry and wanted to go home to Pilar. I sent her 300 USD.. She went home and sent me these emails telling me she loved me. I wanted to visit her but I am waiting for my doctor to clear me because I injured my foot. See one of her emails below.. (And then a lot of emails after that in which she threatens to kill herself if I do not give her more money)... ( I have given her 900USD in the last month- I gave her another 300USD because SHE THREATENED TO KILL HERSELF in many emails just a few days ago see...since then she has refused to contact me-
THIS IS ONE OF MANY EMAILS FROM HER IN WHICH SHE SAYS SHE LOVES ME!!!--"Hi hon. Have I ever told you, you are my hero, my morning joy, my prince charming, the only one that I love to care and see all the time . Have a good evening my king. I get up 7am honey no worries you can email and sent a message anytime. I slept good last night hon. We Don't have doctor in the island honey. Only health center midwife she give a oral medicine for the itchy . I hope my son getting better hon im worries he is sick. I never eat steak honey. I only ate before hambuger with fries hehe i like that foods in jolibee. Im at home only today honey very hot here today. Western Union ormoc city is better for me honey. Daily schedule from island to ormoc . leaving 7 am in the morning back 3pm in the afternoon. We don't have direct boat to cebu from here honey. In ormoc have boat to cebu city. I pray that your foot is ok honey. Let me know tomorrow after you see the doctor. Have a good night to you hon.
Iloveyou Jessa"
[removed] BEGGED ME FOR MONEY IN THESE EMAILS FROM a few days ago threatening to kill herself over and over:
"If nobody help me now i will kill myself. Its 4:25am. In 5am will start to kill myself because my life is nothing im suffering"...
"No help from anyone"...
"Philippine even die for sick no help money"..
"I will kill myself now i cut my pulse and my stomach knife"...
"If i will not reply after 1hour i am die already i am ready to kill myself"...
"You starting hurt asking them. Im jealous of them. No money no foods. I hold knife now to kill myself. You will be happy if i die."...
"You are happy if i die now i will kill myself i am very depressed"...
"Now i have anxiety and insomnia. Headache i want to kill myself and die. I am very depressed "..
"Bye i will kill myself now"...
"I will die i kill myself"...
"I faint of tiredness and everything"
ABOUT HER RELATIVES:"I tried to close with them but they ignore me."...
"You starting hurt asking them. Im jealous of them.
"How many time we ask help they never help."...
"No money hon . They don't help"...
"No help from anyone"...
"That is enough for their living . cant help. Honesty we are not close family. No money no foods. Thats it . if you don't understand stop asking"..
Jessa's PROMISE TO ME after she got the money:"Good night to you my love. Sleep peacefully. Be safe hon.ok. I love you more. Message me when you wake up . its night for me i promise i email you honey.."
I have not heard from her since she got the money... PLEASE BAN THIS GIRL FROM YOUR WEBSITE!!!

jessa brezo gumahin aka bella je

  • Updated by Brent2019 · Feb 16, 2020

    Please delete this complaint which I have requested many times before: / Travel Community — jessa brezo gumahin aka bella je

  • Updated by Brent2019 · Feb 18, 2020

    I have emailed and sent messages over the last 6 months many times to the Complaint Board to delete this complaint and they have not done so to date.

    TO COMPLAINT BOARD: Please delete this complaint which I have requested many times before: / Travel Community — jessa brezo gumahin aka bella je

  • Updated by Brent2019 · Feb 25, 2020

    I have emailed and sent messages over the last 6 months many times to the Complaint Board to delete this complaint and they have not done so to date.

    TO COMPLAINT BOARD: Please delete this complaint which I have requested many times before: / Travel Community — jessa brezo gumahin aka bella je

  • Ok
    Okenwa Feb 13, 2020

    Shes not scamm okay I know her very well

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  • Br
    Brent2019 Feb 18, 2020

    @Okenwa I have told the Complaint Board to delete/remove my complaint many times. I do not know why they have not done so..

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fraud group

Dear Sir I've been the victim of fraud from a person registered at the site you knew me about the same as a service agent and because he's supposed to trust who they are on the...

automatically subscribing the vip membership with card details given at the time of trial

Hi Guy's,

Tourbar deducted one month VIP fee around 30usd from account without my subscription and acknowledge, when i asked they mentioned they didn't do but when i submitted the email copy from bank and bank statement then without cancelling the subscription they given me one month VIP membership, this has been communicated to them clearly i don't need this but still they are not refunding, please take action on this company

Sapan Kumar
+91 [protected]

unable to log in to my account

My user ID is [protected] I am unable to log into my account. Moreover am failed to access my Gmail to reset password. Please either call me at +91-[protected] or write me at [protected] for guidance. I tried everything but failed. Please help me ASAP so they I could access my account. I have VIP membership for this account Id ([protected]
Thank you

[Resolved] denied the right to permanently delete my profile

Hello, I'd like to raise a complaint about Tourbar's policy and non-existing customer service. I've uploaded the app sometime last year and never used it but have uploaded the...

tourbar monthly subscription.

I am paying for the monthly service, but I have tried and can't contact anyone to resolve my technical problems. Please contact me at once at [protected] or [protected] I have lost the ability to see any photos on the website including my own profile photos. Please fix the problem and notify me before I decide to cancel my subscription and request a refund.

tourbar monthly subscription.

Tourbarthey charged me without my permission

I signed up for Tourbar only to try it and I didn't plan to use it in the future. I heard quite a lot about Tourbar and all I wanted was to try it.
Anyway, after I signed up and entered all the necessary information including my card details they charged me!
I contacted customer service but they did not bother to reply!
Then I went online and found some reviews about Tourbar and only from these reviews I finally found out that was probably a monthly membership fee, but I never agreed to anything!! Since I wasn't able to contact anyone from support team I had to block them from any further charges. Do not use this site and don't give them any of your personal information!


I decided to try Tourbar and signed up for 1 week free trial. Next month they charged me and signed me up for 1 month without my permission. I never allowed them to take my money! When I contacted customer service they said that I did not read the terms and conditions otherwise I would have known about that.
I asked them if it was possible to cancel my membership and they said yes, but they refused to refund my money. I'm so disappointed.
Next time I'll read everything more carefully.

Tourbar — more like a dating site

I wanted to go somewhere, really wanted to see the world, but I had no partner to travel with, so I decided to find someone and joined Tourbar website. When I registered and... — the people mainly denied any offers

The idea of the website is really good, but in reality they charged me for the registration, but my girlfriend didn’t pay for it. Also, we communicated with the...