MultiChoice Africa / DSTVunauthorized charges

On 21/09/2019 I requested an upgrade until 26/09/2019 which is my next payment date. There were no additional funds for me to pay since I had always paid a little more on my compact subscription for days when I need an upgrade. I was told that I had R176.00 or there about which was sufficient to cover my upgrade.

Following that I made a deposit of R400 for my normal compact subscription. Since I was out of town I did not notice what happened after the 26/09/2019 but I assumed that everything was going on as normal. On 02/10/2019 I received an SMS that my service would be suspended unless I pay R434, and my daughter confirmed that the service was suspended. I phoned your call centre requesting that my downgrade take place immediately but the service agent on the other side, told me that will only be possible if I pay the R434 which I then proceeded to pay.

On my return I see that the full premium package is active despite my requests on 2 occassions. On phoning again I was then told that the downgrade will only take effect on 26/10/2019..

What is annoying to me the most, is the fact that I was told before that the upgrade can be done up to payment date and once now you see that there are funds available you try to squeeze me for some more. The only reason I did the upgrade was to watch the springbok and since they are playing at times when I am at work, I simply do not need the service and not only that I simply do not think the service is worth the price.

You also need to keep in mind that I make payments around 20th which is my payday, and it would appear that this problem would escalate again. I have been thrown from pillar to post this past few days trying to get this sorted unsuccessfully.

For this reason I need my compact package be restored immediately and the money I paid remain available .

Oct 04, 2019

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