MultiChoice Africa / DSTVproof of payment for reconnection of service

On 3rd Oct 2019 when I woke up, DSTv was only on channel 100. I received an SMS stating that I ow you R 314, 83 and then my service will be reinstated.

At 08h30 I made an EFT payment and thought that my service will be connected within the hour as you promise. It did not happen.

I started making phone calls to the service center at
13h28 and 15h23 and 17h01 and 18h00 and 18h59 and 19h38 and 19h41 and 20h25.

I also sent emails with proof of payment attached tp [email protected] on 12h35; 17h27; 18h28; 18h29; 19h23; 20h23.

On advice from the operator, I also send emails to [email protected] and [email protected]

Twice I received acknowledgment of receipt om my mails and I was even given a reference number on two occasions. 2347672 and 2349164.

No success!

After more than an hour on the phone with the call center, they were not able to verify my proof of payment!

How is this possible? What am I to do? I use your systems, your email address, I receive an acknowledgement from your email address, you sent me reference numbers twice but no proof of payment and my service is still suspended!

What must I do te be reconnected?

Clearly your system does not work, or your operators do not know how to use it .

I am totally disgusted. This is poor service

Oct 03, 2019

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