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Good morning

This account has fallen behind because the wrong debt or amounts where taken from my bank account on the wrong dates. Once I got paid I would make the cash payment in at checkers.

This problem all started at thr end of march were a payment of r169 was asked from my bank acc on the wrong date. Once I was out of hospital I then made the cash payment at the bank.

I then made an arrangement a debit or was setup again on tbe wrong date. When I got paid I made the debit or amounts at checkers.

My services was then deactivated and was told by an agent that I needed to pay r2000 first during the arrangement and thats why my services was suspended. Now at this point I am absolutely disgusted to say the least because in non of the emails was this ever conveyed to me or even in a phone call.

To make things worse you guys asked for a debit order amount for r149. Now i. Sorry but as a customer yourself if someone says this is your payment for this month, that's what you'll pay.

I have been treated like a dog by this company forcing me to pay arrears but nobody is willing to take responsibility for the mistakes taken place since march this year.

I have banks statements showing the amount u guys asked for and the cash payments I would make the next day. I am not at fault. I was payi g what you guys asked from my account.

When checking the status of this acc it told me to pay over r5000. R5000 for what? I haven't been able to watch dstv for. Months.

I stopped payment because I had enough of being taken for a fool. Nobody is willing to take ownership for the errors that have been made over the last few months.

I want someone to call me urgently. If you plan on calling me tomorrow I will only be available after 4. Dont not phone me before then and leave a note on my acc saying I was not available when I left specific instructions on what time to call me.


This complaint origin date is march 2018 and they have decided to call me when they want, but iv given clear instructions when to call.

I have asked them to listen to my calls, send me statements and until 2 weeks ago, nothing has been resolved. No body wants to take ownership of the fault that messed up my account. I am at my wits end with dstv. I cant deal with one more call centre agent or anyone on facebook from dstv.

I will be more than happy to email you the thread of messages between the staff and my self. But there there needs to be an end to this crap iv been through with dstv.

  • Resolution statement

    I have called numerous times and asked them to call me bac K at specific times. Iv even gon to social media, but they ignored my request of call times. Iv spent more money phoning then i cant. I need to be investigated im tired of being taken for a joke ny this company.

  • Updated by Lizahn, Apr 05, 2019

    Negative. I have not been contacted once and I am very annoyed that they are not being held accountable for their actions

Feb 28, 2019
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  • Ly
      30th of Mar, 2019

    Lizahn I hope your problem has been solved. I'm sitting with the same issue where they keep in telling me to pay money.

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  • Li
      5th of Apr, 2019

    @Lynn Peacock Negative. I have not been contacted once. Im frustrated that these people are not being held accountable for their poor misconduct.

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