MultiChoice Africa / DSTVdstv commercial business application

After being told by our local DSTV outlet that we can only apply for business package on line, my nightmare began. After getting scanned copies of application, this was sent through to DSTV commercial, 2 days later an email received that all pages must be initialed. ??? why, surely my confirmation of acceptance of the package means I agree with your terms and conditions?? Anyway this was initialed and sent through, another 24 hours later, still no activation, I then made contact with DSTV office (Randburg) 011 2893000, No activation had been done, but a reference number was available. Another 40 minutes on hold while the consultant ran around trying to understand my request.
All i can hope for now is that this has been completed correctly.
Very dissapointed in what should be a world class company. Multichoice, Shouldnt you be assisting your customers instead of angering them.??

Oct 04, 2019

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